Toy Drive for Bhutanese kids in Oakland,CA

Oakland, California,
Today the Bhutanese American Community Center (BACC) in partnership with the Sahayeta.Org organized a toy drive event for the newly resettled Bhutanese children living in Oakland and Alameda.
Mr. Jain Thapa, Community Bridge Liaison staff for BACC and Ms. Nisha Thapa,President of Sahayeta.Org organized the event in close coordination with Mr. Ananta Gurung, Executive Director of BACC and sister Kathy Ahoy, a senior health nurse of Alameda County.

About 40 children from ages 3 to 13 years old received toys and books etc., which were donated by residents both young and old of Alameda. The toys were collected through a Toy Drive spearheaded by Mr. Jain Thapa and his friend Ms. Sydney Lee, who offered her helping hand to spread the word to her friends to help with the effort.

Also at the event snacks, pizza and hot chocolate were served to the children and parents (guardians) who accompanied them. Other 25 volunteers were provided cultural food for lunch. The president of the BACC Mr. Bir Thapa and his wife Mrs. Shibo Rai, sponsored both the snacks and lunch, that were provided at the event.
This is the second consecutive year that BACC has coordinated the toy drive event during the holiday season.(Hamrosamaj)


2 Responses

  1. Nice but I don’t even know about this programme I wish I could also bring my brother …….., any way thank u for all u guys

  2. That is mindblowing.

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