Resettled Bhutanese siblings meet with fire accident.

One of the victims, Hema.(

Three resettled Bhutanese siblings were seriously  burned on Tuesday Morning at 2.0am in North Carolina. Hema Ranapailee and two of her brothers,Bhuwan and Suman suffered critical burn when their apartment located at 1215 Asheboro street, High Point, caught fire and were immediately rushed to the hospitals.

The fire believed to have been triggered by the electric short circuit from the bathroom had  burned down almost all their clothes and other stuffs when the fire fighter reached the spot.

According to their neighbors,the health condition of Hema who is being treated at the High Point  Regional Hospital, is seen to have  improved but,with second degree burn, her brothers are still in serious condition  at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

They were resettled in High Point by the World Relief resettlement Agency. Hema arrived there in October 2008 while one of her brothers joined her in August and the other in December this year.

The Ranapailees lived for 19 years in the refugee camp in east Nepal at Beldangi-1, B/1 after the Government of Bhutan evicted them following the revolution of the early 1990.
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21 Responses

  1. its reaily sad news
    i hope they will recover soon
    and we pray for god to bring them
    in their origlinal position

  2. no one can take away from my and the heart of all GVA family because he is the active teacher of the same school and iam missing him very much.may the health b good soon and relief the good health and happy new yr 2010 to bhuwan

  3. No one and nothing can win to looose my frens and sis heart….. the blady smoke …. my fren ( Gantey ) and Good boy will smile as ever … they are always genius ……..
    hoping u will be alwasy wih the film unit (Rahasya AA..) and club (AAB)… love u ,,, ur palllllll

  4. really scared by heard that
    Pray for their Health will be good

  5. This is bad news for all bhutness . i pray to god for their quick recovery.

    North Carolina (Charlotte)

  6. This is bad news for all bhutness and i am pray to god for their quick recovery.

    North Carolina (Charlotte)

  7. I am realy shocked to know this accident and still we are fire victim in USA too. I pray to god for get well soon.———-

  8. hello n hi all bhutanese frez n my bro n sis my all preant Happy New Year 2010 n good bless u all people in camp.

  9. In this hard time, our hearts are for you. May God gives you guys the strength and courage to cope up with this situation

  10. I am extremely sad to know that Hema, Suman and Bhuwan are victimised by fire and hospitalised. They are my friends and neighbour in the camp. They were the victim of fire in the camp too. Yet we are still not free of such incidents.
    I pray for their early recovery and may god grant them the power to resist this situation.

    North Dakota/Fargo

  11. Hema,Suman, and Bhuwan lost a lot. May God boost recovery, morale,strength and courrage.Thanks for support from everybody.I am Goldhap fire victim.

  12. I pray for them and i continue to pray for their good health

  13. Iam shocked to know that MY FRIEND FROM CHILDHOOD are admitted in hospital .I pray for their quick recovery.

  14. shocked to hear the unfortunate incident. my prayers for their early recovery.

  15. i am praying for them. i hope they will get well soon..

  16. i am praying for them

  17. I pray to GOD for their soon recovery and sound health.

  18. It is really unfortune incident.I am very sad .I pray for their(Hema+Suman++Bhuwan) quick recovery..!

  19. I was very sad to heard that my beloved friends (Suman n Bhuwan) as well as sister(Hema) were caught by fire, and admitted in the hospital.I pray to GOD for their soon recovery.

  20. I am very sad to know of this unfortunate incident at this time of the holiday season. May Santa bring good health and quick recovery to those in serious condition.

  21. I am shocked to know that Hema , suman and Bhuwan
    are admitted in hospitals when their apartment caught
    and they are seriously burnt. I pray for their quick healings.

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