NFD requests India to pressurize Bhutan

National Forum for Democracy, Bhutan (NFD), a common platform of the political and non-political organizations of the Bhutanese in Nepal has appealed India to give stress to Bhutan for the repatriation of its citizens who are languishing in Nepal. NFD president Balaram Poudel has sent a letter, addressed to Indian prime minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, requesting this southern democratic giant to pressurize Bhutan in repatriating its citizens, at time when Jigme Kheshar Namgyel Wangchhuk, the King of Bhutan is on his 6-day visit to India.

Sent on behalf of the organization and the refugees, different six-point demands have been mentioned in the letter.
It is mentioned in the letter that India should request its tiny neighbor to respect sentiments of those refugees from Bhutan who are wistfully longing to get back to their country. The forum, in its letter, has also suggested the fifth king to understand the present socio-political conditions of the nation and to rule accordingly. Further, it is complained in the letter that people in Bhutan do not seem to be satisfied in the type of democracy its ruler believes to have existed now. Below is the letter the organization has presented as it is:
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