Hindu organisation’s Head office opened in Bhutan

Dec, 27 A Hindu religious organisation of Bhutan, established in 2007, has finally opened and inaugurated its head office in Motithang on 26 December, 2009.

Hindu Dharma Samudaya Of Bhutan (HDSB), according to one of the online news portals of Bhutan, kuenselonline.com, is now registered with the commission for religious organisation. As understood, the organisation has a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental foundation and is entrusted with performing all the religious rites associated with Hinduism.

HDSB banner reads in Dzongkha & English

HDSB banner reads in Dzongkha & English

Its members said through a press release, “The organisation aims to promote peaceful co-existence, compassion and reverence for all sentient beings in all segments of Bhutanese society,” adding, “HDSB shall also promote the spiritual practices and traditions of Sanatan dharma in harmony with the national ethos so as to foster and strengthen human values”.

HDSB is believed to play a pivotal role in maintaining and strengthening Sanatan Dharma (Traditional Religion) and religious institutitons, mandirs and other sacred sites of Hindus in Bhutan. Learned from the executive director of the organisation, Dipendra Giri, its other functions will be to co-ordinate and conduct prayers, religious discourses, meditation, yoga classes; anual celebration of Durga puja and other festivals, research and studies in Sanatan Dharma on themes common to Hinduism and Buddhism as well as organising religious workshops and seminars with the aim to developing general guidelines on Hindu religious practices as required in harmony with national ethos.

There is a need of pundits and purohits in perfrming religious functions in the community. The organisation will aslo work to solve the need of these personnel while facilitating higher studies on philosophical aspects of Sanatan Dharma and Buddhism and extending assistance to disadvantaged groups in the society.

It is noteworthy whether the ruling dynasty will help Hinduism grow in this tiny himalayan nation whose ruler has declared Buddhism to be the one and only state religion of Bhutan. The world has witnessed a gross violation of religious rights in Bhutan and now there is no alternative than to wait and see what the time brings forth in the realm of religious telerance and religious freedom in the nation.


5 Responses

  1. i totally do agree with idea of shiva. its like movie shown in big theatre. if were that the hindu org, why not the flag written in nepali. if can tht be written in dzongkha and in english.

  2. its like drama. more than one hundred thousands are split into different fractions where dominant is of Hindu. they were banished like as if they are from the next planet. now opening such organisation makes all is confussion to the bhutanese. ofcourse, it is good to have such organization to be established but can be there no future if ownself is casaulty. no prosperous religion can be in autocracy. so all the bhutanese who are inside the country revolt against the dictators and establish your mind. that can be the good idea.

  3. I agree with the opinion of Kamal.

  4. i wonder if they can write the banner in nepali intsead of writing in Dzongkha. or is it all wangchuk becoming hindu ? .any way great job HDSB.
    hope to hear some purans and chanting gita’s.

  5. The recent registered hindu Organisation in Bhutan is completely trying to keep the world in illusion and it is not trusworthy.The authority of Bhutan is Playing the feelings of Bhutanese people and trying to show world that they are giving rights to people. Infact it is not real,,,,,,,,,The mentality of bhutanese authority was not transparent and will not try to be clear in future unless there is drastic change in BhutAN.

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