Rongthong Kuenley freed to travel

Dec, 27 The Delhi High Court has passed a verdict in favour of the freedom of movement for Rongthong Kuenley Dorji.
Political activist and the president of Druk National Congress, Dorji had not been allowed to travel outside Delhi until this December 21. The court had issued a stay order on Dorji on December 10 while the extradition proceedings were in progress in the District Court against him.

Upon this decision of the court, Dorji expressed his happiness and said that he is willing to travel to Nepal to talk with refugees in Camps and to work for democratic struggle.

“We challenged the extradition proceedings and the Indian government failed to substantiate its allegations on Dorji and extradite him to Bhutan.” his lawyer V. H. Ohri said. Ohri is hopeful that this freedom of movement granted to Dorji will fortify the determination of those who are in the struggle for the past two decades for a democratic change in Bhutan .

Next hearing regarding the petition against his extradition proceedings will be on April 7, 2010 in the Delhi High Court.

He was arrested in 1997 in Delhi by Indian police on charges of treason in Bhutan after the High Court issued a warrant of arrest and the Royal government of Bhutan requested his extradition.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks to the Indian court system at the end. It is better to be late than never.
    Many in Bhutan should see the history of democracy in India where British has played the same game with the Indian leaders, including Jawahar lal Nehru who the RGOB knows has played a key role to Bhutan’s development today and its relation to India.

    The democratic history of Nepal is no different. Everyone knows the Koirala family spend generation in India. Then, the koirals were the number enemy of the Kings and people of Nepal, like we have some fanatics in Bhutan who will always please the bosses to get favour, either promotion or training and ill advise the King that they are ngolops.

    Why should anyone doubt Bhutan will be different from such changes.
    All the best of luck to thE KHOTKINS and MATHANGS of East Bhutan and Khengpa of CENTRAL Bhutan. The court order has quashed the prayer of RGOB for more than 15 years to squeeze RKD in the jail of Bhutan.

    For the lovers of democracy in Bhutan, frustrated Sharchops who are treated like slaves, poorest of the Khengkpa who struggle to fight for one meal a day but are forced to say we are HAPPY NATIONALLY, it is your time to make the base and be prepared to see the real freedom on your own, not the so called freedom given to you by sweet mouth of the few who take a monthly salary that you will never see in life time.

    It is time to come up, show courage like RKD, you may be ngolop now in the eyes of RGOB but you will be the freedom fighter of real Bhutan. Bhutan today is the window dress of few fools and, fooling few blinds who are from the west who supports the GNH policy because they are wined and dined with every choice of theirs at the cost of poor in the east and central Bhutan.

    Bhutan is/will be no different from India and Nepal in the process of achieving real democracy. The other option is, if the present King breaks the barriers and invite the inclusive democracy, he will be prayed for generations as lord Vishnu as we did to JSW which turned to be feeding milk to black Cobra.

    The choice is up to the people of east and central and frustrated ngalons from the west.
    Palden drukpa ha geylao Rongtong
    Ap chencho

    • It is a matter of great joy that Mr. Rongthong Kinley Dorji is finally legally free to move around. Our Tashi Deleg and Tashi Monlam for him. I would like to join my hands with Ap Chencho to stress the areas of work to be done by the Bhutanese freedom fighters.
      “Gross National Happines” is something that looks appealing to every ear. “Will it be achieved?” is something that we have to look into if the present state of affair goes on, particularly when the rights of the women are grossly violated in the name of culture.
      To what ever the development work it be, women constitute a major work force, particularly in the districts of Zhemgang, Trashigang, Mongar and other eastern districts. It is good that they are seen as having equal participation with the males. However, are they given equal wages like men? Females are considered as merely sex fulfilling entity of the males traditionally. Each time they come to the project works as labourers, many of them return pregnant. Females are often sexually abused at time of festivals and other important occasions in the name of dancers and other recreations. No one knows the father of the to be born child. But she has to bear the burden. The fathers, often the employers, their supervisors and the co workers, remain free and happy. It is good that they enjoy social respect even when they have a child without being married or without a husband, but who really takes care of their mental trauma and the difficulties that she has to bear when raising the child. It is a matter of sadness that female are often sexually abused in the name of culture or tradition. The poor women simply bear it because it is a culture. When will this practice come to end? Will Gross National Happiness be achieved when majority of the females are suffering? Will the Bhutanese leaders and the so called democratically elected peoples’ representatives look into it? What do the ministry that deals with the women got to say about it?
      Majority of the people in the aforementioned districts are poor. Females constitute half the population. Are they happy? Mr Rongthong Kinley Dorji, there are a lots to do. Are you ready?

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