कारको ठक्करबाट पुनर्स्थापित भुटानिको मृत्‍यु

photo courtesy/BNS

अप्डेट:ठक्कर दिने गाडीको चालक २२ बर्षका रोमन नेर्ल ओलिया रहेको थाहा हुन आएको छ भने उसले रक्सी सेवन गरेको गन्ध आएकाले प्रहरीले उसलाई परिक्षणको लागि अस्पातल लगिएको थियो। अत्याधिक गतीमा कार चलाएको स्थितीमा कार नियन्त्रण भन्दा बाहिर गइ मनी राइले चलाईरहेको गाडीमा ठोकिन पुगेको थियो।मनी राइले चलाएको गाडीमा पछाडी बस्नु भएका टिकारामलाई गम्भिर चोट लागेको थियो।
टेनेसी राज्यमा पुनर्स्थापित भुटानि टिकाराम कोइरालाको द्रुत गतीमा आएको कारको ठक्करबाट मृत्‍यु भएको छ। वहाँलाई आफ्नो कामबाट घर फर्किने क्रममा गएको सताइस डिसेम्बर राती कारले पछाडिबाट ठक्कर दिएको थियो। कारको ठक्करबाट ढाडको हड्डी सम्पूर्ण रुपमा छ्यातबिछ्यात भएको साथै हात र खुट्टामा गम्भिर चोट लागेको अवस्थामा कोइरालालाई तत्काल अस्पातल भर्ना गरि आइसीयूमा राखिएको थियो। मृत्‍यु सैयामा लद्डै गरेका कोइरालाको उपचारका क्रममा भिन्डरविल अस्पातलमा आज दिउसो १२ बजे मृत्‍यु भएको छ।

ललाई भुटानका कोइराला बेल्डाङी ३ स्थित सेक्टर ए-३मा १९ बर्ष लामो कस्टकर शरणार्थी जीवन बिताएर पुनर्बासको कार्यक्रमबाट अमेरिकाको टेनेसी राज्यमा पुनर्स्थापित हुनुभएको थियो। आफ्नो शरणार्थी जीवन समाजसेवामा समर्पित गर्नु भएका वहाँले सिबिरमा प्रतिनिधिको रुपमा काम गर्नु हुन्थ्यो।
वहाँको पर्थिब शरीर हाल अस्पातलमा नै रहेको र वहाँको दाँहसन्स्कर यही बिहीवार गर्ने वहाँको छोरा याधव कोइरालालाई उद्ति गर्दै भुटानसमाचारसेवाले लेखेको छ। भुटानयूएस्ए परिवारको तर्फबाट दिवङगत आत्माको चिर शान्तीको कामना।

26 Responses

  1. I dont think it will happened but sudently it occur but i pray to the god his departed soul will rest in peace in heaven and i want positive response to his family

  2. मृत आत्माले चिर शान्ति पाओस अनि कोइराला परिवारलाई धैर्य धारण गर्ने भगवानले शक्ति दिउन |
    हत्यारालाई अमेरिकी कानुन अनुसार कारबाई होउस्

  3. Tika koirala is my father.I love him very much because i never forgot him.

    • My dear Yadhap Koirala: You have sent your message to bhutanusa.com. This shows you are a very smart young boy. You are only 12, but you have written beautiful words, and have expressed your true feelings. . Yes, we all know you loved your father so much. Your brother Narayan sent me pictures of all the family members, and I have seen your picture too. Your other brother’s name is Shahrukh, and this is a very well known in the world.

      Your father was a great social worker, and people loved him so much. Bhutanese people from all over the world are still sending their condolences to your family. Millions of people are sad over the death of your father, because he was special. Look at me. I am totally starnger to you. I am not even a Bhutanese. I am sitting here at least 1000 miles away from your home, and I have gone home to home of Bhutanese people living here in Massachusetts, telling them to help your family.

      My dear, God is very kind to all of us and He loves us all. But sometimes He takes someone away from us whom we love so much, and nothing we can about that. We just have to accept His way.

      I cried so much when my father died. My friends told me to stop crying. I could not stop crying because I knew that now I would never be able to talk to my father and would never be able to hold his hand ever again. I cried and continued crying. Now , after 5 years, I do not cry anymore. But every time I see his picture, I always say, “Abba (Dad), I love you. I always will be loving you”.

      So, take it from me, because I know how it feels like losing someone very very close to you. Be strong: You have to take care of your sister, Januka and other brothers and sisters. Never stop loving all of your sisters and brothers. Find your beloved father’s face in your elder brother, Narayan’s face or in your other brother, Sharukh’s face. And never let your Mata Jee (Mom) feel sad. Always try your best to keep her happy. All of you brothers and sisters, Mrs. Madhavi Sharma, Mr. Narayan Koiral, Mr. Shahrukh Koirala and Miss Januka Koirala, must do your best to keep your mom happy.

      All of you family members have to take very good care of your Mata Jee.

      God Bless You and all of your family.

      Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  4. I dont think it will happened but sudently it occur but i pray to the god his departed soul will rest in peace in heaven and i want positive response to his family

  5. I was shocked to learn the sudden and tragic death of Tika Ram Koirala in a fatal car crash. Late Koiralla was a true social worker and committed community volunteer. His death is an irrepairable lost to the bhutanese community. At this hour of immense grief I on behalf of bhutanese community in Durham, North Carolina and myself, express our profound condolence to the grieving family members. We pray to the god to provide peace and tranquillity to the bereaved family. May the departed soul rest in peace.

  6. Today, January 1, 2010, I contacted Mr. Tika Ram Koirala’s son, Mr. Narayan Koirala who is only 18 year old. He requested me to appeal to Bhutanese/Nepalese community to send him donations. He has a 20-year sister who got married 3 months ago. All other sisters and brothers are under 14.

    Mr. Narayan Koirala gave me permission to give out his phone number and other personal information so that people can contact him directly.

    Here is his address:

    Mr. Narayan Koirala
    Apt. # 286
    Turtle Creek Apartments
    121 Hickory Trace Drive
    Nashville, TN 37211-7102
    Phone: 615-753-8153
    Email address: narayan_koirala@yahoo.com

    I appeal all the readers to help r. Koirala’s family as much as they can.
    Thanks a lot.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha
    Westfield, Massachusetts 01085, USA

  7. I was lucky enough to establish a direct contact with Mr. Koirala’s family. I did talk to the family over the phone, and it is my understanding that this family needs a lot of financial, emotional and social help and support. I wish I had millions of dollars to give away but unfortunatley I do not have that kind of money.

    Here in Massachusetts, Bhutanese community members are celebrating Christmas and new year night, and there, about 1000 miles away, at “Hickory Trace Drive, Nashville, TN”, a Bhutanese family members are mourning the death of Mr. Tika Ram Koirala.

    Probably, Mr. Koirala’s family will recieve a large sum (may be $50,000) in compensation from auto insurance, or may be they will not recieve any money because the driver of other car was an illegal immigrant and probably had no auto insurance. But at present, this family does need financial support from Bhutanese community members all over the United States and all over the world.

    I suggest all readers to donate at least $1 to help this family. I also suggest bhutanusa.com to lead in helping this family by setting up a help center. bhutanusa.com has ability and resources to reach victim’s family, collect donations for this family from Bhutanese community and then send donations to the family.

    I am not a Bhutanese but I will be the first one to send my donation check to bhutanusa.com. Who says I have to be a Bhutanese to help a Bhutanese???

    By the way, I personally know some of Mr. Tika Ram Koirala’s relatives living here in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield,Massachusetts, 01089 USA

  8. A true social worker who sweated a lot for Bhutanese community . We missed him a lot but we all from Harrisburg city PA in USA pray almighty to give power to his family in Tennesse & Bhutan. We knew that his (Tika Ram’s ) old parents are still awaiting for Human Rights in Bhutan & longing to see him. The whole Bhutanese community feels a lot to this tragic scene. Let us not hope to see such scenes in 2010. YP Acharya.

  9. मृत आत्माले चिर शान्ति पाओस अनि कोइराला परिवारलाई धैर्य धारण गर्ने भगवानले शक्ति दिउन |
    हत्यारालाई अमेरिकी कानुन अनुसार कारबाई होउस्
    तथा शोक सन्तप्त परिवार प्रति हार्दिक समबेदना बेक्त गर्दाछौ !
    गौतम परिवार, सोंदेर्बोर्ग डेनमार्क

  10. Can someone in Tennessee please send me the address of Mr. Tika Koirala’s family and their phone number?
    My email address is:

    I also need the address and phone numbers of Ms. Moni Rai and two other passengers in her car who were with Mr. Koirala in the car but fortunatly survived. I want to reach out to them to offer my help to secure their rights. I also want to make sure that illegal Spanish immigrant who hit the victims, gets punished and does not get a green card.

    Mr. Tika Koirala ‘s death is a great tragedy. I offer my condolence to his family. It is so sad to see someone losing his life who came to America after suffering in refugee camps for 18 years.

    Mr. Koirala was hit by a car driven by a Spanish who was illegal in this country and was drunk.

    In Nashville, Tennessee, so many innocent people have been killed by those Spanish drivers who came to America illegally. They do not have a right to live in this country even for one minute, let alone driving around and killing innocent people.
    Immigration officials have put that Spanish man in jail but probably he will be out soon on bail and probably will be driving around again endagering other innocent people.

    Please read this news report on the accident that was published in Tennessee’s local newspaper:

    A man believed to be in the country illegally has been charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication in connection with a fatal Christmas morning wreck.
    Ramon Nerl Olea, 22, was northbound on Haywood Lane at 8:30 a.m. when he lost control of his car and crashed into a vehicle driven by Moni Rai, 22, police said in a news release.
    Tika Koirala, 46, of Hickory Trace Drive, a passenger in the back seat of Rai’s car, was critically injured and died Tuesday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
    Officers reported that Olea smelled of alcohol and a blood sample was taken for testing. He was treated at Vanderbilt and released into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
    ICE placed a federal immigration hold on Olea, saying he is suspected of illegally entering the country.
    Rai and two other passengers in her car were treated and released at Southern Hills Medical Center.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts 01085

  11. It is so sad news to all bhutanese and other too. may his soul remain in peace in heaven.
    Newyork. rochester

  12. It is sad news to all bhutanese and other too.may his soul remain peace in heaven

  13. it is horrible to hear the news of death of Tika Ram Koirala . we all bhutanese resettled in usa are in great shock and like to grent a heart felt condolence to the departed soul.

  14. I am so sorry to hear about such an accident.I expressed my heart felt condolence to him.may his soul reach in peace in heaven.

  15. oh shocking news (obviously). he was been working as a good social worker . we lost one of the good people from Bhutanese community. it saddened everybody’s feelings. may his soul gets peace in heaven. heartful condolence to his beraved family & relatives plus to all his well wishers.
    haiTika ram Koirala !
    you will always be remembered.

  16. its really shocking news for all of us Bhutanese peoples who are resettled here to have a new life, prosperous life. i myself as a resettled refugee would like to express heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family. may god give them to tolerate such great loss. let the departed soul rest peacefully up in the heaven.

  17. I’m again fell in anguish to hear abt death of our community in USA.Hope this kind a awful death never be heard.My prayer for almighty may his soul rest peaceful in heaven.

  18. This is really bad for him and family. May he rest in peace and god give courage to bear the pain for the family.

  19. we the acharya family of rhode island state of u.s.a are really shocked to hear the untimely demice of mr.tika nath koirala who is really selfless social who worked as sub-sector head of my unit for 13 years long time in nepal.the news has came me just like the bold from blue.the untimely demise makes in deep shocked and we from inner core of heart would like to express our heart felt condolence and pray to almighty to give strength to bear the situation and let his departed soul may rest in peace heaven.

  20. he is really helpful and simle and hardworking man with heart to love and help other who serve as social worker as sub-sector head of my unit in refugee camp in nepal. im shocked to hear the untimely demice of mr.tika nath korala .the news has came me like the bold from blue.l and we all acharya family who is presently in rhode island state of u.s.a would like to pray for almighty to give the strength to bear the situation and may his departed soul may rest in peace heaven.god bless all the family member.

  21. I on behalf of many Bhutanese refugee in Charlotte would like to express deep sympathy for his beraved family for this untimely demise of Mr Tikaram koirala who is the former resident of Tennesse nasvaille.i would like to pray for god to rest his departed soul in heaven.

  22. It is really sad to hear that news. I would like to share my heart felt condolence and sympathy to his family for this unbearable loss of life. may god help to gain strength.
    i think, US government has to take a prompt action why lot of accident are occuring in different states. We have been hearing from different states that people are becoming victim of accident. Especially Bhutanese refugee are victim of car accident. Further, we have to be careful and always follow the traffic rules.

  23. It is really a shocking news.I with all his relatives to gather courage to resist this irrepairable loss.
    Thir Thapa

  24. so sad news , may his soul remain peace in heaven

  25. I am so sorry man,

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