Bhutanese in MA attend Xmass party

Hundreds of resettled Bhutanese in West Springfield, Westfield, South wick and other adjacent cities attended a Christmas celebration party at a local church in West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA on December 27, 2009.Organized by the West Springfield chapter of the Lutheran Social Services, the function was held in Emmanual Baptist Church, located at 38 Front Street.

Prayers were sung,speeches were delivered by the pastors and other distinguished guests, various hymns and religious songs and dances were performed by the Bhutanese artists at the program.

Senior leaders of Bhutanese community including Mr. Hari Khanal, President of the Bhutanese Trust of Massachusetts( BTM), Mr. Hari Ghourshai (Westfield) and Mr. Ram Koirala (West Springfield) also attended the party. Apart from these, Mr. Ram Rai who works for Lutheran Social Services, Pastor Ashok Rai, Jassu Rai and Pastor Dhun (of Boston area) were among the attendees.
Invitees were served with food, drinks and fruit at the end of the three hours long  function. Transportation was provided to those who needed it.

It was the first Chrsitmas party celebrated in the area by resettled Bhutanese/Nepalese community. click here for Videos

(Contributed by Shahid M. Pasha , Westfield, Massachusetts)


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