साहित्य शनिबार

मैले गर्नु
थिर थापा

कठोर कर्तव्यको भूमरिबाट
संसारलाई आज हेर्नुछ।
अध्यारोमा दियो जलाई
आज सफलता चुम्नुछ।। Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

Thugten Dorjee Drukpa
(Nykobing Mors, denmark)

The end of the world
21st December 2012;
The end of the Mayan calendar,
The ancient Mayans foretold of earth’s final day;
The end of all the earthly creations,
With the natural disaster like;-
Earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

“तिम्रो समृद्धि आँखामा ”
(जितेन मुस्कान )

म डुबदै डुबदै

तिम्रो समृद्धि आँखामा

कतै जिन्दगीको मोती टिप्न

कतै जिन्दगीको ज्योती टिप्न Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार;_

राजु सुब्बा
आज आएर मलाई तिम्रै मौनताले मार्यो
विश्व जित्ने विश्वाश तिम्रै सामु हार्यो

जूनझै खुल्ने मुहार बादलले ढाकेको देख्दा
तस्बिर तिम्रो नाच्ने नयनले सीत झार्यो Continue reading

BASCO introduces Emergency Assistance Card.

Considering the vulnerability and the weakening safety and security situation of the Bhutanese in the SF Bay Area, the Alameda,CA based Bhutanese non profit organization, BASCO in collaboration with the Oakland Police Department and the Office of the Council man,De La Funte, has introduced Bhutanese Emergency Assistance Card(BEAC) recently, according to the organization’s press release issued here on Wednesday. Continue reading

भूटानविरुद्ध धावा बोले नेताहरुले

माघ १५, एकीकृत नेकपा माओवादीका सचिव सिपी गजुरेलले भुटानी शरणार्थी समस्या मानव अधिकारको आन्दोलनबाट समाधान नहुने बताउनु भएको छ । उहाँले भुटानी शरणार्थी समस्या राजनीतिक मामला भएकोले राजनीतिक तहबाटै यो समस्या समाधानमा लाग्नुपर्ने धारणा व्यक्त गर्नुभयो । Continue reading

BAF- Europe meets EU Officials.

BAF delegates with Mr. Jean Christian Remond and Mrs. Rensje Teerink(photo: Ram Karki)

A five member delegation of the newly formed advocacy forum of the Bhutanese in Europe, BAF-Europe, met with the EU officials yesterday in Brussels. The delegation led by its chief co-ordinator, Mr. Durga Giri that included forum’s  representatives and coordinators  for Netherlands, Belgium and Germany held an hour long meeting with Mr. Jean Christian Remond and Renseje Teerind, Head and deputy head of the Unit for India, Nepal and Bhutan at the European Commission respectively.

According to Forum’s press statement, they discussed issues concerning 1985 Citizenship Act, Right to Equal protection of Culture,Costume and Tradition, Language and Script, Religion, Establishment of Human Rights Commission, Ratification of the UN Convention, Inclusive democracy and Governance, release of political prisoners,  dialogue and repatriation,EU Aid and Human Rights in Bhutan with the officials in the meeting. Continue reading

Australian Day- Bhutanese as a new cultural ingredient

photo by Mohan Subedi

Dom N. Kafley, Adelaide, Australia

Resettled Bhutanese here in Adelaide, the south Australian state of this island continent startlingly participated in the celebration of Australia Day-multicultural parade that heralds every year on the 26 of January commemorating the pride of Australia and as being an Australian, adding their rich cultural enigma enhancing significantly the vibrant cultural life of south Australia as a new cultural ingredient. Continue reading

PM suggests corporal punishment to students

Speaking at the education conference in Phuentsholing earlier this month, Corporal punishment to students as a last resort in bringing them into the disciplinary track is what the Bhutanese Prime Minister Jigme Y. Thinley suggested to educators.

The premier has urged teachers and principals to discuss truly viable and effective measures against discipline in schools at times when teachers in the urban schools have complains of the students going out of hands when it comes to discipline. In his judgment, “Children are growing waywardly and it might not have been right for the schools to do away with corporal punishment without finding an alternative.” This right on the part of teachers should be, according to him, exercised by only one designated person like principal. Continue reading

Bhutanese in Europe Form Advocacy Forum

Munich, Germany, January 22: Europe-based Bhutanese including those who participated in the Geneva campaign last December have declared Bhutanese Advocacy Forum Europe (BAF,Europe) to raise the issue of human rights and democracy in the international forums. Continue reading

I Supported them;You?

By T.P Mishra
January 21, 2010: Often Bhutanese refugee camps are victimized from fire–be it intentionally from some one or unintentionally. The 20th of January was a bad day for almost 600 Bhutanese refugees in eastern district of Nepal. The fire that started from candle light in Beldangi-I camp in Jhapa Nepal turned around 100 ramshackle huts into ashes thereby leaving some hundreds displaced. The news at a time when refugees have hard times to spend freezing cold really made every one of us (Bhutanese refugees resettled overseas in seven different counties including the majority in USA) to think for it; this is moral obligation and responsibility too. Continue reading

Relief package for fire victims roaring up

By Vidhyapati Mishra
Beldangi-I, Jan 21: Immediate relief package to fire victims is coming from various sectors from this morning. World Food Programme has supplied 300 kilogram of bitten rice and instant noodles to the displaced fire victims. Continue reading