साहित्य शनिबार;

I will never become an autocrat

By Jeetan ‘Muskan’
My heart desires for peace
My mind inspires to please
My lips prey for bliss
Hands flourish friendship
Words stop pains and weeps
I desire to fight for liberty
Sow the seeds of humanity
Let desperate and discarded
Heart rests on my chest
Let there be happiness twinkle on face
My heart desires for peace


In my garden-
I have pilgrimages of love
Carrying loving cup
Greed has not poisoned my soul
I have not decided to conquer and rule
Never apply the tips of push and pull
Never reduce people into access

Never shot ignorant masses
Never rape women
Never offer torture and pain
Never kill intellectual brain
I love to treat people with love
Not as cattle and apes

I want to break the chains of slavery
In minds and hearts
I see only love and humanity
People are living with dignities
I don’t want to

Drink the blood of people
I don’t want to
Seize the fertile mud of people
I don’t have a lion’s heart
Which tears faith into pieces
I don’t have tyrant legs
Which kicks roses and lovely kisses?
Sorry, sorry sorry sorry
My dear
I will never become autocrat

Mobilize my words with pens of dexterity
And send into battle against the dark night
And drop the twinkling moon
On my native land
Smile happily on golden sand



5 Responses

  1. wow what a bloming mine keep on running…….realy touch

  2. muskan ji really great compose keep on walking u will reach to the destination of ur thoughts.I salute towards ur compose.

  3. Superb man ! It is mindblowing !
    you did a great job. Congrats !!
    Thank you so much for bringing such a masterpiece for we like readers. carry on Jeetan.
    May you be always blessed with all His blessing.

    Pardeshi Tara ( Tara Tiwari), USA

  4. u r poem is really fantastic,muskan ji, keep on writing,i m ur well wisher n progress a lot hai,

  5. wow…………………!!!!!!.
    Good creation. Wonderful compose.
    Keep on writing. Keep it up. All the best.

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