साहित्य शनिबार;_


By Thugten Dorjee Drukpa
If we don’t meet again,
You be a lady of age-
Bird-like free,
Smile a joy of your life,
And marry a man of your wish,
And be glad and live ever,
If your love is great,
And so do mine;-
You won’t scorn my orison,
I beg your word,
Let I not hear you cry,
Say me, ‘I will’,
Promise me,
Oh! My coy ladylove
(Nykobing Mors, Denmark)


5 Responses

  1. Hi thukten dai your article is really cool i like it

  2. wow ! what a masterpiece dude ! How could you visualise such a plot of scene ? It looks like a love of true heart brusting out in the form of speechless words. Whatsoever,your poetic knowledge and decorative art of writing is very much appreciated. The potientiality,ability and enthusiastic caliver of writing lies in good thought and that is what you guys deserve.
    Do write about we people and our cause of resettling in the foreign land. It would definitely provide you a big volume of concerned in the international level.It is you guys who has the power of creation,can summit the documents of our nearly burried history.
    I hope,I do find you again with sensational but interesting art in the near future.
    This is Pardeshi Tara (Tara Tiwari) from Buffalo,NY,USA.

  3. I am your friend Hom Nath Bajgai and now I am in United States of America and I would like to give good thanks for your
    article .The Article was really wonderful and it contains full of Meaning I suppose.

  4. I appreciate the motion of your pen. Do you know,a person who doesen’t have anything; has everything…
    Don’t worry about your creation will be negleted by the public, make your heart stupid and keep on continueing to make ur interest sharp and remember what i did, do and will do is all well unless it is not well ok.
    Your often visiting fren


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