A Resettled Bhutanese family driven out of their house.

(Jan. 06) A resettled Bhutanese family in New Zealand have been forced to leave their apartment by their troublesome neighbors. Girdhari Kadariya who reached this Island country in the south west Pacific ocean some 18 months ago with his family from Pathri refugee camp(Sector F) in Nepal, has been living in his parent’s one bed room apartment in Christchurch city since December, having found  their neighbors’ acts  have crossed all limits.

Mr. Kadariya

According to a local news agency, the Kadariyas have been abused by their neighbors. The neighbors children pissed their lawn, threw dog food at their house and even hit their kids with the water bombs and put meat in their pockets when they were out for playing.

“They come up to our gate and write bad words..like ‘f*** you, migrants’ and when we ask their parents why they are doing so, they simply say ‘oh they are children'”, 3news.co.nz quoted Mr. Girdhari as saying.

One of the children’s parent,  Rochaine Eyles, has refuted the allegation and says that there is no need to be scared with the little kids. “They’ve made up a whole lot of lies and they don’t need to be scared of nothing” she says.

With the Housing New Zealand expressing reluctance to assist these helpless migrants citing lack of space to put them, the Kadariyas are now left between the horns of dilemma.
(Click here for detailed story with a video)


6 Responses

  1. I was bitterly shocked by this unbearable act of the new neighbors in new place.As we all know the migrants are not the burden for country. It is obivious that for acculturation it takes time but taking the advantage of it and playing smart definately does not work.

    It is the thing happen in New Zealand but who knows that it may happen in our place and via this message i want to ask for the assistance for them to the related concern.

  2. kids do the mistakes every body knows that but it is not only the kadarya’s neighbour family kids that do those in tolerable stuffs on them .cant those guys control their kids from wrong doing instead looks inspiring according to if the news is not a fake deal.

  3. It is ignorance to treat any human being unkindly. There is a God in heaven who see’s the deeds of man. I pray the unkind family will have an encounter with God who will show them the error of their ways and reveal to them how cruel they have behaved. I pray the family that was so unkindly hurt will find kind and loving people who will come along side. My prayer is God will protect and guide all refugee;s trying to make a new life. If these neighbors had taken the time to meet and hear the story of what this Bhutanese people have been thru, they would have understood and perhaps their hearts would be soft towards them. Shame on that family, God bless all refugees…may I always be one to show love..

  4. Hi Mr Kadariya
    I felt pity upon the act of your neighbours. It is inhumane to do so. We live united, we are human being.
    You have to knock the door of concerned authority for security. If you are feeling insecure or if they donot hear you report to human rights organisation. Donot harm others; if they do, TOLERATE not.

  5. The world(Earth) is full of living beings and non-living things but we are human beings(advance and social beings).If we can go on doing the bad things to the human beings who will be going to do good things. Neihgbour! try to make positive attitude like coated saying “‘WE ARE THE WORLD AND WE ARE THE ONE'”.

  6. This is disgusting and underestimating act of the neighbours. why don’t they think that they were refugee in the past. This nighbours have to think as if they were in the position of the newly immigrants and were to be treated harshly as they did.These refugee are strugling.If you cant respect them and consider them as trash,just leave them alone, don’t have to help and dont make their lives more miserable. they will find their way.Think nighbours, you have become popular by your bad deeds.

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