Bhutanese Community in Melbourne, BCA forms sub-ordinate committees

Guna Majhi and Devi Ghimire, Melbourne

The executive members of Bhutanese community in Melbourne alias Bhutanese Community in Australia, BCA, on behalf of the resettled Bhutanese in Melbourne organised a meeting here at the Migrant Resource Centre, North-west Belfast Street, Broadmeadows on the chairmanship of Mr. Dhan Prasad Siwakoti, General Secretary of BCA inc. and discussed about the future plan and prospective of development to be achieved in the near future so as to cope with the mainstream Australian community, forming on its part different sub-ordinate committees.

BCA, which is also the first registered community of Bhutanese in Australia,  translated Verbally its originally English written constitution into Napali in the motive of availing each member understand the objectives of the community and its constitution. Mr. Dhenu Acharya, a member of the community briefed the constitution amidst the meeting where, focussing to children of the community, it was also brought into light an initiative to run a Nepali –English language class every first Saturday of the month.

Shouldering the responsibility voluntarily, Mrs. Ganga Acharya, Mr. Krishna prd Acharya and Mr. Bishnu Acharya will be helping preserving in their young generation the identity of mother tongue Nepali script and language. Similarly English help classes for the elderly people will be handled by Mr. Som Nath Bhattarai, Mr. Tara Dahal and Mr. Khara Acharya.

In the motive of preserving culture and heritage, a committee of four members was framed to collect and buy the traditional instruments for the community cultural show Where, Mr. Guna Majhi, Mr. Puspa Acharya, Mr. Tara Dahal, and Ms. Rupa Adhikari will have a shared responsibility to work as a cultural committee. For games and sports Mr. Shekhar Acharya, Mr. Prem Siwakoti, Mr. Khagendra Acharya, and Mr. Devi Ghimire were nominated to conduct a communal effort to bring out the best in their field of division in the committee.

The Community which has already succeeded to publish a community newsletter labelled ‘Spectrum’ has also decided to publish a quarterly/trimonthly community newsletter. The articles received through to Mr. Devi Ghimire and Mr. Guna Majhi will be submitted to Mr. Teju Chuwan, The spokesperson of the BCA Inc. for further reading, selection, edition and final publication.

Reportedly with an aspiration to help members of the community to following the busy traffic in Melbourne, the crowded city in Australian state of Victoria, Mr. Khara Acharya briefed about the road safety rules and transportation regulation of the state.

The meeting encoded in their list of sub-ordinate committee the names of Ms. Radhika Luitel, Mr. Dhenu Acharya and Mr. Ganga Adhikari for media communication and community information dissemination.


13 Responses

  1. I am happy to see the arguement of the illegal so called Bhutanese,You all have ruined Bhutan and still more.Guys please dont spoil the name and flame created by Martys.

  2. hey guys goog job and m proud of you all. Go ahead with other great things and rock Australia, Gud luk.

  3. I am very much inspired by your deeds.Keep going with all successes.

    Thir Bahadur Thapa

  4. food, stamp, eat and talk are not only the part of life,..
    Utha bashi, u look like a bhutanese still in somewhere around the eastern part of Nepal..
    Grow up, Grow up ur mind sets, and learn to appriciate someone doing progress and doing good…

    u all hav done the gr8 u hav successfully registered bhutanese cummunity in australia at frist.hope you all will do better in comming day.wish u all the best of luck.keep it up..

  6. Good job guys!!! Keep it up and make our society a united, integrated and strong so as to preserve our culture, tratition and identity. CONGRATULATION!!!

  7. Iam very glad to read this news and it could be the first example for those bhutanese resettled in other state of Australia as iam in cairns.I wish BCA will come in reality rather than lost in future.besibe this,a guy who left the comment seems to be deing of jealousy and i think BCA should donate some dollars for him.As his comment says, he is tired of holding stamps and lingering for food

  8. Hi
    This sounds good that the bhutanese community in australia are as one.And thanx for reporter for updating this sorts of news.But about the meeting,it would be better if the agendas are also mentioned.Hope to see other in future.


  9. I heard that bca is not the first registered bhutanese community in aus …there should be other one guys….other thing who is this utha bashi to comment like this….you slave mind that they wont get food stamps like ours(here) and they need not have to go here n there holding stamps like biu ox….you are jealous of them buddy….

  10. Hi BCA members,
    This is a good news and a inspirational information to all the Bhutanese here in USA. We have around 100 of such organizations but still people don’t sit together to discuss on some important matters, forget about forming committees like theirs.

  11. Good

  12. you gyes have no work as yet???????????????food stamp eat and talk?no good

    • hay utha bashi, try to be a man of yourself….your lookin on other is not good,,,this is your eagle eyes on others’ progress. You where you cooked the word food stamp in your mind, we people can’t get like that you gettin or got and have to beg from door to door. To what you mentioned as no good in your comment; remember one thing, the people here are doing a great thing and you can get 75% of Engineer, Doctor, Nurses, accutant, Healrth care worker and pathologist in near future from Australian bhutanese community. is that not a progress of bhutanese?? you liece of panty…………….

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