Fire in Beldangi-I destroys 140 houses

20 Jan. A huge fire  broke out in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Beldangi-1 at around 9:40 local time, Wednesday.  Assumed to have started from Ghataney’s hut from a candle flame, the fire has gutted about 140 refugee huts  located at sector A/3.

Local residents and armed police force from a nearby station rushed to the site to help dismantle the fire and rescue  victims. Armed Police Force (APF) is  said to have played a crucial role in this disastrous incident. According to our correspondent in Beldangi, when the fire extinguisher arrived  the spot  the bigger portion of the fire had already  been brought under control. He told that   50 houses were completely burnt while the other remaining were demolished in an effort  to stop the flame from spreading any further.

Poorly-built bamboo and thatched-roof houses in refugee camps catch fire easily. So far the fire has destroyed lives and a lot of properties in different refugee camps in Nepal.

As an  insult added to injury, at the time of the fire and at the aftermath of it fire victims lost their household items to ‘pretending helpers’ popularly known as thieves.

No human casualty has been  reported though.
(Details to follow)


23 Responses

  1. its really bad to hear that our brother n sister of beldagi camp is suffering from big problem,we cannot control the desaster occured by nature………..its realy bad to hear.

  2. Its such a panic to hear time and again such a bad news for my people.I pray not to have that kind of situation in future.

  3. It is not a good news to hear that there occurs a fire accident in bel1. Indeed, there should be a terrible problem for the bhutanese. I have the self experience of been having fire accident in a refugee camp. Hope that He (God) will renew their’s(victims) properties back again in their life.

  4. iam very sorry to hear about fire in beldangi one.

  5. I am very much shocked by this bad news. May the god help them to recover everything as soon as possible.

    • iam very sad to know this horrible and terrible news.may the god help them by his grace and power to recover the lost

  6. no more poverty for bhutanese,after 3rd C.S. so everyone hurry up………

  7. Really shocked hearing this news.

  8. i am very sad to hear that fire destruction in bel-1.I hope that the victims will get some help to rebuild their hut .Pretended helpers have no worth of living as human now.

  9. I m so shocked to hear that,may fire victim get better living benefit frm everywhere..God help them..

  10. Iam really sad to heard the bad news fire in beldangi one camp.We the bhutanese refugee from Austin Taxes express great sorrow for the victims.It is great lost in bhutanse family.This kind of incident cannot reapet in comming days.

  11. so sad news to hear.

  12. I am very sorry to heard such a bad news.

  13. Socked me, repeatedly in Sector-A??? come on let us do st.

  14. this news sock me. that fire broke out in beldangi one. may god give strength to overcome this incident.

  15. it is really a sad news to hear that the fire broke in beldangi-1.let us relief their pain by helping them.

  16. m sorry to hear

  17. hello, fire lagayko ta taha vayo, thara sector A ko beldangi one ko kaha lagayko, sure huna pahey hunthiyo, as i am also from sector A. i am very sorry to hear about this bad news.

  18. It i s really a sad news.

  19. i am soory to hear abt that fire news recently happen in our community so i wish all them to be safe form that fire rather than their property

  20. I m so sorry to hear about fire destroying the refugees property again. I wish all the victims to be fine and get helped as soon as possible.

  21. I’m very sorrry to hear this bad news

  22. I am extremely shocked by hearing this news.

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