I Supported them;You?

By T.P Mishra
January 21, 2010: Often Bhutanese refugee camps are victimized from fire–be it intentionally from some one or unintentionally. The 20th of January was a bad day for almost 600 Bhutanese refugees in eastern district of Nepal. The fire that started from candle light in Beldangi-I camp in Jhapa Nepal turned around 100 ramshackle huts into ashes thereby leaving some hundreds displaced. The news at a time when refugees have hard times to spend freezing cold really made every one of us (Bhutanese refugees resettled overseas in seven different counties including the majority in USA) to think for it; this is moral obligation and responsibility too. Bhutanese refugee under fire

Since refugee huts are almost-attached to one another, it is always difficult to prevent speedy fire spread once it breaks out. Fire brigades and experienced extinguishers are often delayed from reaching the spot to control the fire. As a resident in such huts for almost 18 years, I can now feel how victims might have been feeling. I remember one incident sometime in 2007 when I had rushed to the same camp, probably in the same sector, to provide financial support (around 30,000 Nepalese rupees), and a huge number of clothes, which were collected from Bhutanese and their wel-wishers in the capital city of the host country, Nepal.

I still remember the scene when the victims lent their hands to the “envelop”, that contained some financial aid to individual refugee. Especially pregnant women, children and elderlies will be the most suffered groups. By now you might have started to feel that “why not I can be a part of support?” Is that? THANKS, THANKS and THANKS on behalf of victims.
I feel this is the right time that we render possible support to them. For those residing abroad, there could be two kinds of support–cash/moral. Many of you might be wondering about the ‘channel or way to make the support reach at victim’s hands.’ If you fall in this category, you could proceed either directly through this blog or that can also be done through this website. The support through both of these channel, for sure, will be transparent. In case of your wish to extend support, the blogger will update your name in the list of finance contributors as under.
You might have started to think ‘how much the blogger/TP contributes’.
Yes, here is my promise:
1.TP Mishra/USA= 25 USD
2. ???
3. ???
Thanks for standing on the side of inferno victims in refugee camps in Nepal.

Note: For more authenticity of the news story and detail/further updates, you can browse the following websites;

(Mishra is the president of Bhutan chapter of the Third World Media Network,TWMN)


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