Relief package for fire victims roaring up

By Vidhyapati Mishra
Beldangi-I, Jan 21: Immediate relief package to fire victims is coming from various sectors from this morning. World Food Programme has supplied 300 kilogram of bitten rice and instant noodles to the displaced fire victims.

Similarly, teachers from Tri-Ratna Secondary School, Beldangi-II contributed 1081 rupees to fire victims. A fire relief committee comprising representatives from various sectors and headed by Camp Supervisor, Harka Gurung, has been set up to channelize the relief package.

Camp management committee has recorded of 27 huts turned into ashes while 35 have been vandalized to bring fire under control. More than 600 people are displaced from these huts, and are taking shelter in various places including Green Vale Academy, the camp school.

“We appeal our friends and relatives to support the fire victims,” said TB Gurung, camp secretary, adding, “We have lost everything except our hopes.”

Uncontrolled fire that started from sector A-3, hut number 473 yesterday was brought under control after three hours of extensive efforts from Armed Police Force, camp residents and fire extinguishers.


8 Responses

  1. im very sorry to lesten this incident which was fire distruction in beldangi 1 n also we are ready to suport the victim

    but which is contribuite like fincnes n other food items should not be store in room where as the reporter write in quical paper

  2. Hallo Resettled,
    If we are climbing up a ladder,we should know,where we have started from. Right? Turn behind and analize how we were.Obviously,we would say, plz don’t remind us our bygone days because we want to see our future.It is just because we don’t want our miserable life again.Now, imagined that how it would be if our hut where we have been staying for almost two decades is turned into ash because of fire. Certainly, our heart vibrates faster with fear of being homeless and helpless. We would even curse ourselves believing to be unlucky. Isn’t it?

    Then, how about our people in beldangi who have been the victim of fire? How about the lives of displaced people? I believe,they are in need of helping hands from we people who have been resettling in foreign land for a little bit of our help from here is of great value over there and that also in the time of necessity.So, let us help them a bit of our income in the name of fire victims of beldangi-1.

    At the end,i earnestly do appriciate the reporter who wrote this article inspite of whatsoever the comments are because the ” appeal for help and support ” to the fire victims is
    appealed in the right need. I too salute and thank to those fighters who were involved to bring the fire into control.

    Pardeshi Tara.(changed name)
    Buffalo, Ny, USA.

  3. Wow…we all have strong sympathy to them. I really appreciate for that but words and sympathy are not enough to share their pain, it’s not good sense to have a words for them who need world. ……Articles is not bad but i will believe in work.

    i am ready to make contribution to those victims, does any body like to join me so our small contribution may makes big changes……let’s show the world how we Bhutanese are?

  4. Vidhyapati Mishra jee
    please correct the news of on 21st jan. 2010, 300 kilogram bitten rice and instant noodles are given by CARITAS NEPAL SUB OFFICE DAMAK BREP not WFP.
    Thank you

  5. i am very sorry to listen the bad news of beldangi camp. plz help them as much as you can to all the agency of all the camp

  6. Dear Reporter, I am so sorry to tell you that 300 kilogram bitten rice and instant noodles are given by CARITAS NEPAL SUB OFFICE DAMAK BREP, it was kept in WFP store, please do not write with out knowing.
    Thank you

  7. Everybody got shocked to hear fire distruction of belcity 1.Now it is the time to show generious ,those who already resettled in many different countries.hey…..hey…….. ur $1 is equal to 65…75rs. let us show our kindness…………..

  8. i am very sorry of hearing badnews of fair victim of our community in beldagi1 and i request to the different agency to helpthem and keepthem away from that fire.

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