BASCO introduces Emergency Assistance Card.

Considering the vulnerability and the weakening safety and security situation of the Bhutanese in the SF Bay Area, the Alameda,CA based Bhutanese non profit organization, BASCO in collaboration with the Oakland Police Department and the Office of the Council man,De La Funte, has introduced Bhutanese Emergency Assistance Card(BEAC) recently, according to the organization’s press release issued here on Wednesday.

BEAC is a wallet size card,which, according to them, is to be carried in person at all times. It has types of emergencies written and translated both in English and Nepali. In the event of any attacks, medical emergencies or accident, the person who knows no English or has no access to 911 call, will look in the vicinity and finds a “Safe House for Bhutanese” that displays Bhutanese flag or poster of the flag that has been agreed to be displayed by the willing business merchants and individuals as a gesture good will to our community. The victim will show the card pointing to the types of emergencies in the card so that the merchant will call appropriate authority and inform the community members to attend to the victim.

Their press release states “It is expected that this kind of community help and collaboration will bring down the crime rate targeted specifically to the Bhutanese people because of their vulnerability.

This card system was first introduced in the East Oakland areas- Fruitvale Ave, Coolidge Ave, School Ave and Nicole Ave as a pilot project and based on its effectiveness, the organization hopes that the same project will be made available in other parts as well.

BASCO has been showing high  concern towards the safety and security of the resettled Bhutanese in Oakland, Alameda and its neighboring areas since its establishment.

In May 2009, the organization sent a letter to the Oakland Police Department(OPD) requesting the latter to speak directly to the new Bhutanese people and reassure them safety and security, share with them the  ideas, precautions, tips and other useful tools at their disposal to help them establish a normal life.

It also has been encouraging the Bhutanese to attend Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Meeting which takes place every month in community centers across the city in the presence of the police officers patrolling the neighborhoods.


13 Responses

  1. I am pretty much surprised why people are criticizing what Dick and the group is trying to do. It’s a is very good initiative. our people need help.
    To criticize , make comments is good – it’s accepted and appreciated in democratic practice but to criticize for everything is demotivating. I think it’s good to learn to use freedom in proper ways.

  2. I am pretty much surprised why people are critisizing what Dick and the group is trying to do. This is very good iniciate. our people need help.
    To critisize , make comments is good – it’s accepted and appriciated in democratic practice but to critisize for everything is demotivating. I think it’s good to learn to use freedom in proper ways.

  3. Hallo Bhumiputra,
    I haven’t seen anything done by you in action. Just words are not enough.
    ” Matta ko gagro ma mike lagayera ma bhumiputra hu bhannuhos na boru, that would have a lot of sense for you.
    You would be appriciated very much if you bring the spoken words into action. I salute you if you try for that and I would be the first person to garland you for your victory. But, your motive and idea sensed like so called heroic and patriotic. A loyal patriot appreciates good things done either in the country or outside.
    Do something better to be called as BHUMIPUTRA.
    Hi BASCO guys, This is outstanding idea to help people. We are here to support you and salute for your good job. Carry on. God bless you.

    Pardeshi Tara.

  4. I work with the Bhutanese community in Rochester,N.Y. and was impressed with this idea could you send me a copy of card so we could also use it here my address is
    Bill Wischmeyer
    1961 Dewey Ave
    Rochester, N.Y. 14615

    • Hi Bill,
      Please contact Dick Chhetri directly at for the card and rest of the information you need to help other Bhutanese in other states.
      Thank you for your help
      Dick Chhetri

  5. Hi guys
    Good job. Keep it up!
    This will be a base and good example for other states too. This is a good start for the well being of Bhutanese community and a good response towards us.

  6. O A so called Bhumiputra!! what have you done for Bhutan…. jungali!!!

    • Dear Mr/Ms Enemy
      May I know what you have done for the country being extremely socialised and modernized??????????????? you sound ……………………. let me not tell what………..

      • It is a great job, Safety and security first and the rest comes next. It proves that you are all doing something much needed for the innocent people.
        Luckily we are safe and secured here in Norway.

        Hats off from Norway for your wonderful social service

        Chandra Chhetri

  7. You could not do any thing for Bhutan and the Martys.Now what ever you are doing in helping assimilationt .You are real enemy of patrotic.

  8. This is a good starting. But, I think the organisation had to think about having picture of the holder in the card for more reliability. Nice job guys.

    • Those cannot Do,
      Will try to Undo
      or simply critisize.

      Face the crime or at least face the Police and make a comment. It is great that OPD and the local politicians are with us on this important issue.
      Cheers to those who see it in a right perspectives.

      • Hi Dick,
        You must be very shameful on yourself for putting your filthy name in this program. I think everyone who attended the monthly meeting of neighborhood crime prevention program know that it was not BASCO’s idea and neither you collaborated with OPD. To make you very clear, it has been done in collaboration with Bhutanese community as a whole with OPD. Just by you, attending the meeting doesn’t mean that you take credit of the situation. Shame on you. If you want to be highlighted, do one thing that is create your own program independently. We all will support you but don’t mix your filthy name on something that you did not do. It will be a shameful moment all the community members.

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