Senior Citizens Group (SCG) Completes An Interaction Programme

Feb 26.The Bhutanese refugee Senior Citizen Group (SCG) interacted with the refugees in all camps who are willing to head homestead in a peaceful humanitarian basis through repatriation process organizing an interaction campaign program for almost a month. Continue reading

Bhutanese Maoists to meet Chinese officials.

Feb. 26 The Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) is trying to meet and discuss its issues with the officials of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal according to Nepali news portal, Ghatana Bichar. BCP (MLM) has been trying to arrange an informal meeting with the Chinese officials, the portal quoted the Chinese embassy as saying. The embassy told the news media that the party attempted to meet with the officials two weeks ago but the embassy source made it clear that it has no direct link with the leaders or cadres of the party although indirect relations have been established . Continue reading

Virginia Bhutanese form their social organization.

By Dadiram Antim.
Resettled Bhutanese in Richmond city of Virginia state have  announced the formation of a social organization, Richmond Bhutanese Society (RBS) on  saturday  amid a  function organized at Virginia Council of Churches Hall, West graham Road, Richmond. Continue reading

Dr. Bhampa Rai Blames Bhutan in a Press Release for Late Subba’s Murder

Senior Bhutanese leader, Dr. Bhampa Rai has blamed Bhutan of spinning a plot to murder Ramesh Subba, the former secretary of Beldangi refugee camp. Issuing a press release yesterday in Damak, Jhapa Nepal, Dr. Rai notified that the death of late Subba was at sole nothing more than a direct mastery, a ploy of Bhutan Regime against a descent leader for repatriation. Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

By Thugten Dorjee Drukpa
An angle in my dream came and said;
You are in the land of freedom, peace and liberty,
In the land of dignity, glory, and equality;
In the land where none are worthless, Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

Don’t listen to political leaders
By Jiten Muskan
Drag you near
Give you conflict and despair
Speech will take your ear
Take your mind
Take your eyes
Take your heart Continue reading

साहित्य शनिबार

केही रुबाइहरु

प्रकाश आङ्देम्बे
(दमक, झापा)

पछ्यौरीले मुहार नछेके हुन्थ्यो
ब्यर्थ रुबाइ नलेखे हुन्थ्यो
आफुलाई सधै भुल्छ यो मन
बरु तिमीलाई नदेखे हुन्थ्यो ।


गध्य पनि लय भयो
जीवन यात्रा तय भयो
कलम कसम त्यसदिन देखि
जव तिमीसँग परिचय भयो ।

Continue reading

Former camp secy killed in Jhapa.

Feb. 20 A group of unidentified gunmen shot former camp secretary of Beldangi -I, Ramesh Subba, to death at Itabhatta some three kilometers west of Kakarvitta, yesterday. Continue reading

BASCO and BACC work for community

With double digit state unemployment rate, several Bhutanese who are resettled in two of the cities of SF bay area-Oakland and Alameda, are having hard times pay their rent, bills and survive. The cost of living is pretty much high here. So,with no job on hand, many of them have to depend on the assistance provided by the government. Continue reading

A Bhutanese refugee kills his wife

FEB. 19 – A Bhutanese refugee attacked  and killed his wife with khukuri  in Sanischare refugee camp located in  Morang district of Nepal on Friday morning. Continue reading

Refugees appeal Maoists

Feb, 14 A representative group of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal has submitted a letter addressed to the Communist Party of Nepal (United Maoists) requesting the party to take initiation towards forming a high level executive committee that will work towards finding solution to the refugee crisis. Continue reading

Gajurel’s California show-old wine in new bottle.

Nepali mimic master Mr. Manoj Gajurel performed stage comedy at the Kofman School’s auditorium in Central Avenue, Alameda yesterday.The program organized by Motherland Nepal as a part of its Fifth anniversary celebration, saw a huge turnout but apparently failed to find a defined success. Continue reading