Manoj Gajurel to entertain Bay Area Bhutanese/Nepalis

The most notable Nepali Comedian,Mr  Manoj Gajurel  is entertaining the Bay area Bhutanese and Nepalis here in Alameda, California on the Valentine’s Eve.The program is being organized by a Nepalese non-profit organization, The Motherland Nepal on the occasion of its 5th glorious anniversary, as a fund raiser event. Motherland Nepal is  also going  to felicitate and honor  Mr. Gajurel for his invaluable contributions to the contemporary Nepali entertainment Industry on the same day.

According to the organizing committee, the felicitation program and comedy show will be taken place at the Kofman Auditorium, Central Avenue in Alameda for which the ticket price has been rated as $25(VIP), $ 20(advance purchase) and $ 25(at the spot). The program is expected to begin at 4:30 pm on Saturday.

Students with a valid ID will have to pay fifteen dollars as entrance fee where as children under 12 years of age will have free access to the show. The newly resettled Bhutanese of Bay Area have been offered a special discount. Tickets are available for them for just $ 10.

Members of the Bhutanese organizations(BASCO and BACC) are selling the discount rated tickets to their fellows. With this affordable tickets rate, a considerable number of the Bhutanese population is expected to attend the show.

Graduated in Mass Communication, Mr. Gajurel has gained immense national and international fame with his unique ability to mimic important Nepali political figures. Apart from entertaining the audience with his already popular  humorous caricatures, Mr. Gajurel  is going to spice up the show this time with new flavor, according to his interview with the Nepalese media persons in Nepal.

The comics, jokes, caricatures and humorous  performance of Gajurel are equally informative. He  doesn’t only make the audience laugh with his acts but also propagates message through them.  Most of his performances  wittily poke at the  weak spots of the responsible leaders and try to remind them of their roles.

Mr. Gajurel is the vice president of Nepalese Comedy Organization, Sishnupani Nepal and director of My Dear Events and Creation.


3 Responses

  1. I miss programme. But then also happy to know that our bro win the world today.

  2. me too yar, i really miss couse i am in PA. once i saw his programme, it was so funny…don’t try to miss it. If you didn’t have dollers i will pay, simply mail me.miss you all Bhutaness American and nepless guy’s…

  3. Being in USA myself,i can’t be able to attend the concert of my best comedian Mr Gajurel. Miss you guys.
    Guys of California– Don’t miss this like me. Manoj is simply superb and awesome character in Nepali film industry.
    Hi Manoj, let you be blessed to produce more than what you are. I am your fan.

    Pardeshi Tara, a buffalo man,

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