A Bhutanese wedding-subject of curiosity for Tasmanians.

Devi Ghimire and Guna Majhi
The huge  crowd  in a congested apartment was as exotic as the ceremony itself  for most of the native Australians here in Hobart, Tasmania on Sunday. It was just a marriage ceremony of two Bhutanese love birds but the local community folks and foreign invitees took the event with great  interest and curiosity. Many of them spent the whole day watching the unique culture and capturing every moments in their cameras. They didn’t only taste the traditional Bhutanese/Nepali  foods but also wished the couple for the happy conjugal life.

The bride/groom being put Tika by a foreigner

Dhiren Khatiwoda, 23, was tying nuptial knot with another resettled Bhutanese lady, Swostika Sharma, 23, on Feb. 07 amid an elaborate Hindu ceremony.  Nearly two Hundred people including volunteers, case workers, officers from various agencies, teachers attended the ceremony.

The ceremony being new and  extra-ordinary to this new land, became the center of attraction and  subject of talk for most of the folks in the neighborhood.

” I had a great time, it was the first ceremony of that kind I’ve ever attended, I was sweating, dancing in typical Nepali folk Music”, a Foreign attendee shared his ecstasy at the end of the ceremony. Like this man, a number of local community members in traditional Nepali dress- Dhaka topi and Daura Suruwal, could be seen dancing in Nepali Panche Baja music,excitedly,  the whole day. While a few were so interested in the Puja that they needed interpretation of each of the actions of the priest, Harihar Acharya,hired from Sydney.

The Bhutanese  in Hobart feel that this ceremony hasn’t only made our culture and tradition known to the foreigners, but, has  also, to a greater extent, helped merge the distance that had been there between their newly settled community and rest of the locals.

Nearly 60 Bhutanese refugees from Nepal, including Khatiwoda, are resettled in Hobart with 180 more in Launceston, another city in  Tasmania.


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  1. ‘HAPPY MARRIED LIFE ‘to my daju n vauju .It was great job n really a wonder ful example for all of bhutanese who had settled in abroad .ON my own behalf and on behalf of khatiwada family i would like congratulate you n wish u happy married life .

  2. The marriage is good relationship. anyway ,hONEYMOON IS EVERGREEN .

  3. happy n prosperous marriage life 2 u guys (DHIREN+SWASTIKA).swastika is my class mate and friend 4m my childhood.my best wishes are alz wid u.1s more u guys have a wonderful life in australia.,i desire ur success in every moment of ur life.

  4. Hello! Great concept, but might this really perform?

  5. I wish both Dhiren Khatiwoda and Swostika Sharma, a very happy married life.

    Readers must notice the fact that it is “Bhutanusa.com”, that brings news regarding Bhutanese community, not only from the United States but from Euorope, Asia and all over the world.

    I appreciate Bhutanusa.com’s hardworking staff for bringing intersting news like this to readers.

    I hope “Bhutanusa.com” will get a video of wedding ceremony for its readers to view and enjoy.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  6. good job man and also wish u hve good honeymoon

  7. I am very proud to be associated with the Khatiwada family who I believe are a great asset to our community and the wedding was proof that you can keep your culture and assimilate into the community.

    The wedding was held in the garden in true Bhutanese style on a beautiful sunny day, it will be one of the best memories of my life feeling all the love in one garden.

  8. Wish you very happy married life…..

  9. Awesome news ! hands up for your good job, guys !!!

    Wish- let the couple live a happy life!

  10. This willing be the one of most memorial thing all the Bhutanese. and it also shows that Hindu has not changed their culture and tradition as they changed the country. i was super exited when i complete this post.
    Thanks For Posting

  11. Good job Tasmanian Bhutanese! It helps to keep our culture alive where ever we go. I would be happy to see some of the snaps of the ceremony, if posted in Bhutanusa.com.


  12. Nice news. Seems like the Bhutanese haven’t forgotten their culture even though they are in this strange land. Thanks god.

  13. This was certainly a great time for us(Bhutanese) to demonstrate our culture to wider Australian Communities.I thank Khatiwada family in arranging this first ceremony in Hobart with total cultural procedures .

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