UNHCR to discuss refugee registration with Nepal government

Feb. 12 UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Nepal has  announced that it will discuss with the government of Nepal the issue of  those who are in Bhutanese refugee camps but are not entitled as refugees.

Speaking  in an interactive program with refugees here in Khudunabari camps yesterday,  new head of UN Refugee agency in Nepal, Mr Stephen Jacquemet said that the agency is deeply concerned about those people who are living in camps without being registered as refugees  for years now.

At times when the decision for those who filed applications in 2009 for refugee identity cards is pending, Jacquemet assured those non-registered refugees that Nepal government will issue Ids with  evidences whether the concerned is a refugee or not. He further said the agency is working out possible measures to find a just and durable outlet to this protracted refugee crisis.

In this connection, Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Committee has appealed the head to help them pave way for those who want  to get back to Bhutan. According to the local media, BRRRC  representatives have stressed that repartition should be equally  addressed as resettlement and refugees should not be compelled to assimilate in their host country.

This is the first week-long visit made by Jacquemet to Bhutanese refugee camps a month after taking his office as a new head of Refugee agency in Nepal.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the UNHCR representative”s good plan to discuss withNepal government about Bhutanese refugees who are in great problem.

  2. Thanx for UNHCR representative tht he has having plan to discuss the matter of bhutanese who are still in camp but not registered as refugee.It is the matter of good luck for those who are in camp but not refugee,so that they can create their interest in resettlement for third country.

  3. thanks for following all the functions of marriage as we use to do in the past n showing all to the people of newland n such has to be continued in the days to come as it is our great custom n culture that we have have been following since the time immemorial, or to state the fact it is the custom of hindu religion being followed from the time of our ancistors .

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