Gajurel’s California show-old wine in new bottle.

Nepali mimic master Mr. Manoj Gajurel performed stage comedy at the Kofman School’s auditorium in Central Avenue, Alameda yesterday.The program organized by Motherland Nepal as a part of its Fifth anniversary celebration, saw a huge turnout but apparently failed to find a defined success.

A scene of Gajurel's caricature

‘Gajurel’s show  had a very little power in it. Audience were forcefully made to laugh. Every thing was just the repetition’, a Nepalese community member, emerging out of the hall, said right after the program ended. More than 350 audience including Bhutanese, Nepalis and foreigners who reached there sparing a little time out of their hectic schedules, had expected some of the most humorous mimics and caricatures of Gajurel at the show but were just compelled to listen to his philosophical speech instead. Dances and Shastriya sangeet performed by other local artists were far interesting and impressive than Mr. Gajurel’s performance.

Mother land Nepal’s effort to felicitate and honor some of the prominent figures of the Bhutanese and Nepalis society including Gajurel at the program was praiseworthy but their program as a whole didn’t turn successful in entertaining the audience to the fullest.

Mr. Gajurel attempted twice to keep the crowd under control, but failed. His first attempt came forth as a mimic of Nepali Premier Madav Nepal,which was, in no way, new to the  audience  since they had already watched it innumerable times in Youtube. Each words he spoke were just the replays.Shortly after his first appearance,a 15 minutes break was announced by the organizer. Expecting Gajurel back on the stage, the crowd desperately waited for half an hour, but to no avail.

Finally almost 50 minutes later, when half of the audience had already made their way home, Gajurel showed up on stage  and opened his speech. It was just normal. A few general jokes and jests. Nothing new.

Gajurel didn’t seem to be fully prepared for what he had to perform there. Indeed, many blamed the organizer for this failure. The audience would not have yawned that way had the organizer started the program according to what they had stated. The show that was expected to kick off at 4:30pm took two more hours to actually begin.

This program didn’t only bore hundreds of bay area residents who were present there, but also taught a good lesson to the organizer that if things are not made to go according to plan, its always chaotic. Comedy king Gajurel also needs to learn that repetition of acts onstage would breed nothing but boredom on the audience.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I read this news for many times but did not spot out the reason why you publish such stuffs. Is that coz some Bhutanese were there as audience? Editor ji, please be specific on news related to Bhutanese issues. Forget about commedians. see the name of ur website, its not
    Thanks for taking it posititively
    Mr. Bhatij,
    We publish any news that is related to Bhutan and the Bhutanese. Since one of the sponsors of this event was BACC, CA based Bhutanese organization and almost 60% of the attendees were the Bhutanese, we feel the news deserves to be in the site. As you are in NY you might not know it. Any ways thanks for the feed back.

  2. ‘Gajurel’s show had a very little power in it. Audience were forcefully made to laugh. Every thing was just the repetition’, a Nepalese community member, emerging out of the hall, said right after the program ended. THIS IS WRITTEN IN and next on same topic मदरल्याण्ड नेपालको पाचौ बार्षिक उत्सव यहि फरवरी १३तारिकमा अलमेडाको कोफमान हलमा भव्यताकासाथ सम्पन्न भएको छ! लगभग चार घण्टा जत्ति चलेको उक्त कार्यक्रमको अन्तमा समेत जब गजुरेल आफनो कार्यक्रम सकेर स्टेजबाट जादा समेत एकैजना दर्शकपनि उठेर हिडेका थिएनन् जस्ले के देखाउछभने दर्शकहरुलाई मन्त्र मुग्ध पारेर एकै स्थानमा बसाउन सकेको सायदै वे एरियाको कार्यक्रममा पहिलो पल्ट होला !!THIS NEWS IS FROM NOW WHICH NEWS CAN I BELIVE,,,PLZ GIVE A REAL NEWS ONLY !!

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