साहित्य शनिबार

Don’t listen to political leaders
By Jiten Muskan
Drag you near
Give you conflict and despair
Speech will take your ear
Take your mind
Take your eyes
Take your heart

And take your body part
Close your brain lid
Make you stupid
Make you cad
turn you mad
Treat you as a cat
Lure you with money
Rob your peace and harmony

Near or far
Push you into battle
Count you as cattle
Steal farmer nettle
Politicians knows only war
Without war
Politics is not strong
Without strong politics
Presidents and premiers are not possible
In peace politicians become mad
Mentally sad
Politicians make you machine
Not a men and women
Take your remote controller
Press you to kill each other
Turn you almost mad
Kick you as football

Gather crowd
Encourage you to shout
Please don’t listen
Politician speech

Make love every moment
Create valentine day every moment
I will offer token of roses
Lovely kisses
And tell you
I love you too much


4 Responses

  1. Great job!
    keep it up !

  2. There are hundreds of peoples in the world..ur only the one who create the wonderful poem. Any way keep it up!

  3. nice poem.try to make it rhythmic so it sounds great


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