साहित्य शनिबार

By Thugten Dorjee Drukpa
An angle in my dream came and said;
You are in the land of freedom, peace and liberty,
In the land of dignity, glory, and equality;
In the land where none are worthless,

I thanked her and looked around.
I saw none bad,
Every flower I was seeing around was blooming,
Every stone I was seeing around was shining,

I was merely spellbound,
My little heart filled with joy
And my eyes with tears of joy
Wow! What a wonderful land…..

But When I lost the world of my dream
And came to the world of my reality,
Then I found here still missing something,
Something very special;
Something very rare and dear to my heart;
The land of my own;
The land of my right and dignity;
The pretty land of my birth and identity

And the sweated land of my forefather.
So I felt empty with everything around.
I know my love
And longing towards my land never dies.
And I wish  I die and my land awake and live.


6 Responses

  1. Thugten, Very nicely and SIMPLY expressed. I haven’t experienced the way you have had but could feel what you meant. Keep on writing…..you are really liked…you know that from the responses.

  2. i like the poetic feeling for the country and i love my country,bhutan but hate to say that the country is for us.coz it is like a leftover child after birth.is is not……..?

  3. this peom express feeling of all Bhutanese who are out of the camp. loveing home land and care about it is very great things in this present situation so it is so beautiful and joyful peom

  4. i dont think that bhutan is land of peace which country had evicted somany inocent nepali bhutanese,which people had never thought about other than their country.a crual king and stupid gvt ,thousand of refugees suffer a horrible problems.thanx usa gvt which give new hove to the inocent people.

  5. It is really a wonderful poem.You have address the feeling of all bhutanese in abroad.Nothing is greater(worthy) than nation and nationality.Your poem is characterized by simple words wirh lucid language. thank u very much Thugten Dorjee Drukpa for your beautiful poem.it s resourceful which can intesest,entertain and inispire all bhutanese.

  6. OH! great poem. It felt energy to my body. I like it so much that sweetness in this poem is very much more. i would like to give thanks to Thugten Dorjee Drukpa for poem
    and Bhutanusa community for publishing this poem.

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