Former camp secy killed in Jhapa.

Feb. 20 A group of unidentified gunmen shot former camp secretary of Beldangi -I, Ramesh Subba, to death at Itabhatta some three kilometers west of Kakarvitta, yesterday.

Subba, aka ‘Kaila Fago’ was shot dead on his way towards his relative’s home from a local market at around 7:30 local time, according to a report from the police. The report also says the deceased was found with NRS 15,000 cash and two mobile phone sets in his pocket. Eye witness in the village said they saw about three people escaping toward a nearby forest.

Subba succumbed to six continuous gunshots on the spot, a local daily, PRATIDIN, writes. His body was taken to Mechi Zonal Hospital, (Bhadrapur) for postmortem.

Late Subba was in charge of different murder cases including the killing of K.B. Khadka and Santi Ram Nepal. Later in his life, he was said to have involved actively in an underground outfit called Liberation Front of Bhutan

Police has started investigation in connection with Subba’s murder.


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  1. it is good hear but too late.

  2. Mr ramesh subba might did many crime . He might have robbed the people but as i know him since 25 years he was not very bad as the people cammanded To be frank he is an ignorant man and straight bullet . He was a foolish but a challenger of any bull force. there was a lot of vague fight among his brothers . he is a bull eye straight furious but silent after a while since i know him he advocates for the poor people
    the questions about santiram and k b is different but the described i gave is the exact how the ramesh subba look like in nature

  3. it is best to take away routen potatoes,such potatoes have been spoiling us from very beggining. speak the fact good to the good once n bad to the bad once then u r great .

  4. I read all the comments published here in website but I am very sad to read those comments made against Dr. Bhompa who quited all royal facilities and intered into Nepal with other Bhutanese people who were displaced from their homeland some nineteen years ago and he has been supporting all refugees in the field of medication with free of cost but in return if refugees comment like that after their resettlement in USA they are people with no heart. I think most of Bhutanese really do have no any feeling of Nationality and faternity and are really selfish indeed.
    Finally, I suggest you all who got opportunity to get resettled in USA to remember Dr . Bhompa ‘s contribution to your community. I am sure that those who love Bhutan will only be able to know who Bhompa is.I still can’t predict that your future will be certain and perfect in USA or some other country in the world because if you want to get success you do need to change your thoughts and attitudes towards your own ancestors .

  5. Hari Poudel Jee,
    You have to come out from the coccon ofyour way of thinking. No matter how bad or good a person, a human being, killing is not the solution.
    If you would like to encourage the killing of people, you may not have any place in the modern world.
    You emotions, how deepely you expressed has no meaning as long as you don’t stop the message of revenge.
    Well done the editors, you have to check between what is presentable and what is not

  6. I welcome Bhutanusa@com’s adminstration’s apology for approving some offensive comments by one of their staff members.

    I am also glad to read the decision made by Bhutanusa@com’s adminstraion that no statement of offensive nature will be published in the future.

    As amatter of fact, after reading a very nasty comment attacking Bhutanese senior leader Dr. Bhampa Rai from Jhapa, in which a reader used profanity and dirty words, I almost decided not to read Bhutanusa@com anymore. I was offended and could not believe my eyes and asked myself same question many times,”How could Bhutanusa@com approve the use of filthy language and profanity on its website”?

    I also expressed my disagreement over Dr. Bhampa Rai’s statement but I would never insult him or personally attack him or any one else because I know it would be wrong for me and others to start attacking someone’s personality just because I do not agree with other person’s opinion.

    I am glad that the administartion of Bhutanusa@com has taken action and now readers can express their opinions without being worried about being harassed or insulted by others.

    I also urge readers to share their opinions with others in a civilized and polite manner and be prepared to read opposing ideas, and be willing to tolerate other people’s different point of view.

    It is OK if someone hates some political figure but it is not OK to harass, intimmidate or insult those who express their opinions in that political figure’s favor.

    I have seen pictures of Mr. Ramesh Subba’s daed body and his bloody face on another Bhutanese website. That man has died already, and what else worse can be done other than dying? This man’s life has been taken away from him in a brutal manner, and nothing is worse than losing one’s life. Death is more sever punishment than being imprisoned or getting injured. Now, it is useless to call him names or express hatred towards a person who is dead already.

    American soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. When they find a body of someone who was firing at them, or already has injured or killed some of American soldiers, they still start showing respect for the enemy’s dead body and pray to God, and then perform rituals according to that enemy’s religion. This is what a civilized society does to dead people, even to their enemies, and this is the way all dead people sopposed to be treated.

    The last thing I would like to mention is that anytime, someone writes a comment on any website, that comment becomes a part of his record and history, and his or her comments can be read by millions of people all over the world, not only by Bhutanese people but by anyone living in this universe. The government agencies like Police, military and intelligence agencies also keep an eye on comments posted on any website. Moderen technology makes is it easy for government agencies to find a reader’s home address.

    I have heard about an Arab man living in USA, who used to post comments on website favoring killing of Israelis. This man came from Israel as assylum seeker and had applied for a green card. He went to immigration office for interview, and was surprised to learn that American immigration officials had copies (Print out) of all of his comments that he posted on website, favoring killing of Israelis and encouraging and promoting hatred and more killings. His application for a green card was denied and he was ordered to go back to Israel. They told him that favoring killing or any acts of violance and terrorisim is just as supporting terrorism and whoever supports terrorism, can lose his/her green card and the United States Government can deport him/her immediatetly. This poor man is now spending thousands of dollars to pay for his lawyer’s fees to fight his deportation order.

    I do not mean to scare Bhuatese refugees resettled here in America, but I just want to help them by letting them know that thanking killers and asking killers for more killings can get anyone in trouble because supporting and encouraging killing is a crime here in America. Any refugee or any green card holder can be deported if he/she commits serious violation of law. In 2009, a Bhuatanese refugee who came to America just two months ago, and was arrested for committing a serious crime, was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

    Someone currently living in Jhapa, Beldengi, Dhamak, Pathari, Khulnawari or other parts of Nepal can post any comments he / she wishes but someone living here in America needs to be very careful when posting comments on website. I am friend of Bhutanese/Nepali people and I do not want to see any of them getting in trouble with law.

    Let us not hate others and start loving eachother. Bhutanese community members living in USA need to focus on acheiving success and their bright future, not on more killing like Mr. Ramesh Subba’s in Nepal.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield,Massachusetts, USA 01085

  7. it is not the reader who blame n investigate and again laugh upon by stabbing own is the echo or boomerang which comes after what you have thrown usually.i m really confused y people living in advanced countries are not writing constructive comments which will drag the attention of reader towards love,peace n harmony.

  8. Dear valued readers and visitors,
    We are extremely sorry that a few of the comments carrying some offensive and nasty statements were unfortunately approved by one of our members cum moderators. We will not repeat such blunders. Thanks to those who sent mails, comments or made phone calls reminding us of the very statements.

  9. I am so glad to read new comments made by “MADZONE”, who thanked the killer of Mr. Ramesh Subba in his previous comments. Now, this person is sorry for thanking the killer of Mr. Ramesh Subba. This shows that this person is a great person and is willing to accept fault after realizing his/her fault.

    I also thank other readers for supporting my opinion. I felt sad reading comments made by some readers who criticized me for speaking against acts of killing , violance and terrorism, and have accused me of being a partner of Mr. Ramesh Subba, in his so called criminal and inhumane activities against innocent Bhutanese people.

    How could I be a partner of Mr. Ramesh Subba when I have never seen him and have not even heard of him until his death? I have never visited Bhutan or Nepal in my entire life, and some readers are calling me a partner of Mr. Ramesh Subba???

    I have never blamed Bhutanusa@com for promoting terrorism. However, I felt I had to criticize Bhutanusa@com for allowing offensive comments that encourage and promote further killing and violence. I am very much confidant that the staff memers of Bhutanusa@com welcome any constructive criticism made in a good faith. I still support Bhutanusa@com 100%, and will continue supporting Bhutanusa@com because I firmly believe that Bhutanusa@com is doing a great service to Bhutanese community.

    If every one of us starts taking law into own hands, and starts killing whoever they do not like or agree with, none of us, no man, no woman, no child will be safe anymore. Killing promotes more killing and who wants more killing and bloodshed?

    Now, a senior Bhutanese leader, Dr. Bhampa Rai has blamed Bhutanese Governement for the killing of Mr. Ramesh Subba. What evidence does he have? Dr. Bhampa Rai has spent many years in Dhaka, Bangladesh, studying his MBBS, and now he suddenly has realized that the Bhutanese governemnt is behind this killing and many other killings, apparently just to gain some publicity.

    May be, in near future, some other leader will come up with some new idea of blaming American C.I.A, or F.B.I. for being responsible for this killing, just to gain publicity.

    I would like to make clrear to all readers that I have never supported or advocated and will never support or advocate Mr. Ramesh Subba, because I do not know him. I just do not support killing and any acts of violence and terrorism committed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

    If Mr. Ramesh Subba has been involved in acts of violence against innocent people, of course, he was wrong. But I need to know all the facts about him and his activities first, before I criticize him.

    I repeat what I said in my previous statement, “May be Mr. Ramesh Subba was responsible for the murders of Mr. K.B. Khadka and Mr. Shanti Ram Nepal, or may be he was not.” I do not know.

    Today, one of my Bhutanese friends told me that Ramesh Subba helped his family in nepal just as his own family, and he was sad over the death of Ramesh Subba. And on the other hand, I have read many comments here accusing Ramesh Subba of not being nice to his own wife and children. There is so much contradiction here. Some Bhutanese people are saying Ramesh Subba was a bad guy and some Bhutanese people are calling him a nice guy. Who should I believe?

    I am not a Bhutanese or Nepali, and I am just an outsider , and I have nothing to do with Bhutanese or Nepali politics. Being a law-abiding citizen of the United States, I just cannot support killing and any kind of violence and terrorism.

    I aplogize to any one who felt offended by my comments, but I must assure all of Bhutanese/Nepalese readers, especially the ones who have resettled here in the United States that all I want and hope for them is, well-being and happiness of all of them.

    God bless all of Bhutanese and Nepalese people.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  10. I just couldnot understand the comment writers, feel like laughing when each one tries to be a judge while they do not know that they are going to be judged for judging others because they are not given the authority under heaven to judge any one except the one who has the authority and HE is the Lord only.

  11. remesh subba and santi ram didn’t do good to the society and always ran after money but k.b khadka was a honest person who always work for people.k.b was only the honest person among the three guys who were killed in between six months.

  12. Dear Reader
    Once again i am here to post a comment. I am sorry cause i wrote bad comment about mr subba. I have not seen him before and don’t know much about him. But after the death of him what i heard is that he was the bad guy,underground don, garganda hero, involve in killing of KB khadka and Shanti Ram Nepal and so on. I really appreciate second comment posted by Mr shahid pasha that the police were unable to find any evidence against him in their investigation of Mr KB khadka and shanti ram’s murder case.Actually in the eye of law he was not found guilty of these two murder case. If he did what he had done to shanti and KB khadka i want to ask the murderer of subba the reason of killing him and if this was the revenge taken by you is not the final solution. There is court who will punish him . Because killing one another will not makes you happy all the time. Lastly, dear reader let’s not celebrate if you don’t like Ramesh subba because everybody should leave this beautiful world one day. So do good and be good all the time. I appreciate the last sentence written by shahid from piece of poetry that never celebrate when your enemy dies. once again thanks to shahid for his positive thinking

  13. Thats is a bad news fr bhutnese redfugee

  14. i think parsu and shahid pasha are also a part of ramesh subba ,,,, otherwise why are you advocating in support of this man , who had never ever done even a singlel good thing for himself , his wife and his children. i like to ask both of you one thing. DO YOU KNOW WHO WAS RAMESH SUBBA? if you are talking and writing all this in a drunk mode than plz go and ask to those who had suffered a lot lot lot by Mr. ramesh subba when all are happy , , from where appeared to write in support of him ,,, rather you suggest the editor or other people and the murderer ,,not to kill innocents , and also ask and suggest police and politicians to play a good role .
    hari poudel

  15. रमेश सुब्बा एक कुख्याथ र आपाराधिक मनस्थिती भएको मानिस थियो। आज जुन गतिले उस्को मृत्‍यु भयो त्यो उसैले रोपेको फल हो । सधै मै मात्रै ठुलो र मैले जे गरेपनी हुन्छ भन्ने भावना को प्रतिफल हो यो । र उ कुनै देस्भक्ती पनि हैन बरु एक राम्रो दाकु हो । राष्ट्र र राजनीतिको नाममा गलत धन्धा गर्ने धेरै छ यहाँ । यदी कसैले रमेश सुब्बा राम्रो मान्छे हो भन्छ भने त्यो पनि रमेश भन्दा काम लाग्ने मान्छे चाँही हुँदैन । सचिब पद सम्हाल्न नसकेर कोइला खानि छिरदा खेरि मज्दुर को पैसा नदिएको कथा सिबिर भरी छ । बाँकी खाएको त कती हो कती । भारतको बस्ती बस्तिमा करनी गरेको र लुटेको त कसैलाई थाहै छैन होला शायद ।

  16. Mr. shahid M pasha has not only blamed for publishing the comments but also fully supported a big criminal,,, and a terriost who terror the whole refugee camp for the last few years.hereby i really would like to make you clear that there is no need to support this criminal . he has done nothing good for even his wife and children . go and ask hut to hut and camp to camp about ramesh subba . no body will be saying any words in support of him . i bet this . .. i like to suggest mr. pasha one thing , plz you better say not to kill innocents , instead of blaming media and supporting criminal .
    bikash , beldangi ,3

    • Bikash Ji from Beldangi 3:

      I am sorry if my comments made you upset. But please be assured I never meant any offense or disrespect to any one especially the ones who are living in the camps in Nepal.

      I have never supported Mr. Ramesh Subba or Dr. Bhampa Rai’s political views. I just want refugees living in camps in Nepal, to be happy, because they have suffered a lot, and they do not need to be sufferd any more.

      I accept your “invitation”, to visit huts in the camps. I would love to visit you in Bedangi-3, and will try to go to hut to hut to meet with other refugees there to find the facts.

      I also would like to visit other camps like Beldangi-I, Beldangi-II, Pathri, Damak, Goldhap, Khudunabari and Timai situated in Jhapa district of Nepal and the Sanischare refugee camp in Morang.

      Will you welcome me in your hut?

      Please send me your letter to my following mailing address:

      Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts,
      01085-2451, USA.

  17. Dear friends,
    I appreciate the comment posted by Mr. Shahid. One should not encourage violence and killing of human being. should follow the guidelines of journalism and avoid posting comments that raise bitter feeling among the people.
    Evil should be punished but it also has the right way. Murder is not a justice to murder.
    Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  18. Dear friends,
    I appreciate the comment posted by Mr. Shahid. One should not encourage violence and killing of human being. should follow the guidelines of journalism and avoid posting comments that raise bitter feeling among the people.
    Evil should be punished but it also has the right way. Murder is not a justice to murder.

  19. I support a reader (Parsu)’s comments /suggestion that comments supporting any human killing is against human ethics. However, I also support the freedom of expression. Bhutanusa@com, of course, has a legal and moral obligation of not supporting any kind of killing and terrorism, but I think readers should be allowed to express their true feelings. does not have to ban readers’s comments suggesting disapproval for Mr. Ramesh Subba’s activities, but definitley, it should not publish some readers comments who thank murderes and ask murderes to commit more killings like this.

    I always have been supporting Bhutanusa@com in the past, but now I must criticize Bhutanusa@com for publishing thankyou messages for this killing. I have reason to believe that Bhutanusa@com has made a big mistake by publishing that kind of comments that support terrorism and invite more acts of violence and terrorism.

    I think now there is no need to delete or remove all of those thankyou messages that already have been published, because the damage has been done already and that damage cannot be undone, but Bhutanusa@com must stop publishing that kind of messages and comments in the future.

    I do not mean to support Mr. Ramesh Subba but truth of the matter is that Police were unable to find any evidence against him in their investigation of Mr. K.B. Khadka and Santi Ram’s murder cases. May be Mr. Ramesh Subba was responsible for these two murders, or may be not. However, in the eyes of law, he was not found guilty of these two murders.

    I have talked to many of my Bhutanese friends about Mr. Ramesh Subba’s murder and almost everyone told me that Mr. Ramesh Subba was a good man. And even those Bhutanese freinds who told me he was a bad guy, they still did not support the killing of Mr. Ramesh Subba.

    Here is a piece of poetry written by a great Indian poet/ thinker/ philosopher (I cannot think of his name at this moment), who once said,” Never celeberate when your enemy dies, because your loved one also will die sooner or later”. And he was right because death spares no one, and it can take anyone away at any time, young or old, enemy or friend, healthy or sick, rich or poor, and sooner or later, we all humans will die, evetually. So, why should someone celebearte someone’s death?????

    Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  20. hi i m ran from america
    i m very happy to heared the death (mudder) of remesh subba.i know that he is very bad person in our community
    he kill lots of inconent people inculuding KBsir
    i pray to god that goes on killing such bad people of our community

  21. Hi Editor,
    Can I suggest that please do not allow the comment who supports any killing. It is aganist any human ethics and ethos.
    If your website encourage people write the celebration of death, then we are no different from the killers.
    No body can justify this in the name of freedom. Freedom is not celebration of the death of a country men.
    Please remove the celebration of death article support many here .
    This is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

    • i am quite not satisfied about the the statements made by mr. parsu ,, you are not known about his bad deeds. yes ofcouse you have the rights to expressions .. ..but mind it one thing .. your suggestions are not interesting . people have the rights to express whatever they like .and you should know one that it was his own result.

  22. We are very much sad to listen the news of Ramesh untimely death,the former camp secretary of beldangi 1 camp. Day by day the criminal events is taking more often which is saddening news. Why this is happening?Let his soul remain peace in the heaven.Let the family members gain courge to regain relaxation from this unfortunate moment.

  23. it is very bad too listen this news .we all bhutness pray to the god .that his soul rest in haven

  24. Mr. Ramesh you don’t say like that. But you can say that New Generation never want to peace they did not know about Mother Land. Camp is the majority of No work guise. So make that peoples of majorities who can change them features and keep also peace. we just prey for them.


  26. I am shocked to read comments made by some readers who felt this was a good news. Some readers also have expressed their sorrow over this murder.

    I do not know Mr. Ramesh Subba, and I cannot pass judgement on his being a good or bad guy. All I know that his family and friends must be mourning at this time. Losing a family member or someone very close is never easy and no one should celebrate someone’s death, regardless of his/her actions that caused others pain and suffering.

    I suggest Bhutanusa@com to educate its readers by publishing a documentary or feature on this well-known political figure. Mr. Ramesh Subba was good or bad, he still is a part of Bhutanese politics.

    I am surprised that Bhutanusa still has not published the picture of Mr. Ramesh Subba yet. Obviously, they do not have a photo of Mr. Ramesh Subba. I urge readers to send Mr. Ramesh Subba’s pictures to Bhutanusa@com as soon as possible.

    Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

    • hey Mr Paswan , if you would like to see the photos of late Mr subba just type http://www.tito piro mitho .com…..

  27. Thank you god!!
    Listen to the prayers of all and give justice to the minds of people who wish as such by killing others of this category, iff thou Exist!
    Yes , what has been written in fate shall one day be made to happen. What he did, is what I, you, we and the world came to know. He was a blatant murderer, whose for his sake has got several allegations of murdering other people including that of Santi ram Nepal and K.B Khadka, under his brutal belt.
    Secondly he was a bastard who was involved in the mass torture of people. I still could remember the hard days while at camp, where brothers had to get afraid of brothers in social converse, in meetings and so on. Wasn;t it their plot to create such an environment to defile the lives of what so called We, the grassroot people conspiring the ploy of divisive decisions of Repatriation and TCRP.
    I dont hate those who want to repatriate, but what I opine just is not to conspire, hence to make people through the irreverent floods of threat and insecurity. I do know still some innocent people who in their ( influence of Ramesh and their bastard group) bad ploy, are lingering in the camps, yet aspiring to settle in resettling countries, but are compelled not to express to opt so.
    Not only was this what in bad activities he was supposed to get indulged, he was ofcourse one of those heroes of Garganda, know? What do you think other guys who were in that group? oh let it be many were there?

    My solemn question to the dear murderer is not ; why do you kill Ramesh?’ but my humble question is Why did you leave most of the waht so called netas, and are you finishing the remaining thutey netas? Bichara baraa, after all these guys were to die.

  28. Wow! shocking but sounds Great.
    Phago for what? He is for boosting terrorism.There are many Phagos,Aka, badal Abiral,,tiger,lion ect who do not be worthy’s.They were still spilling blood from the Innocent.
    So everyone join to help to find out such Phagos Phagos,Aka,badal Abiral,tiger,lion from the Camp so that remaining giraffe, deer, rabbit can get better chance to go in greens.

  29. It was so sad and expected events. First i express my sympthy to his family. It was his wages for his hard labour to innocient bhutaness people. we still homeless because of those kukura(dogs).and try not do any political activity in camp. Do you know what is politics? To kill innocient, to make away of their liberty, thats not politics. Try to learn one good thing and make your future thats the good way. i wish all the bhutaness people get their right and live in peace…..missing all ….aakal, pravasi, aakhil

  30. As a saying goes “Blood demands blood”. So it was a known fact that he will be killed very soon. He is not a good person for Bhutanese.

  31. I know Ramesh Subba from my childwood and he is muderer.Thanks god !!!!!!!please god muder other people[muderer] like ramesh Subba.

  32. Dear Reader,
    As you sow so you reap.Everybody get what he/she deserves.The destiny of Late Ramesh Subba was not destined only by him.we need to blame the architech of pro- democratic movement of 1990’s .Also life in the refugee camp and Moist Movement in host nation played important role in giving birth to Faago Kaila .Let us all Mourn on the untimely death of late Ramesh Subba.Let his Soul rest in peace.
    I have questions to all reader of this column-whom do you blame for the following-
    – Increasing numbers of suicide of our innocent people in USA and Australia.
    – Muder ,roadside accidents, and harresment ( as our people are resettled in bad neighbourhoods.)
    -increasing number of joblessness resulting future insecurity.
    Thank You

  33. I still remember the shit speech this creep gave in beldangi one camp where he not only abuse people,but also curse those who choose the Third Country Resettlement.All of these crook deserve horrible and inhuman death.No investigation and no justice is needed regarding the death of this shit.I hope our general Bhutanese fellow in the camps who are still waiting either to resettle in the third world,or waiting for the repartiation with non-violence are in ease by the death of one more boar.Let our fellows in the camp live in peace.

  34. I am not in favour of terrorism. You guys are not doing right things. You do politics in your personal favour and use innocent people.

    Whatever you do, do not terrorise the innocent people of the camp. Let them live peacefully. Donot pollute the environment of the camp. Let them breathe a fresh life.

  35. i do not know what to say about the murder ,,, but it was right justice given to such a notorious person .. in view there are some more people like him who are roaming around.. i hope they will be recieving a reward like this .

    • This is so bad news to hear that mr ramesh subba was killed by some one.he was nice person,he did not do any thing to harm people.

  36. Its what it is…Phaago Kaila(Ramesh Subba) was killed & its good even….Hope His soul,KB’s soul & Santi Ram’s soul will discuss more about the Bhutanese future in heaven….!
    Mero aankha ma aanshu aayena Uniko mrituma tapai aafai soichunuhos..Ma nirdahi Ki Uni aparadhi??????
    Please post a comments !

  37. i am not very sad to hear about the death of Mr. ramesh subba . it was already aspected by me and other people . i never cry as i alredy cried for many months . i thank the murderer ,,,, but i also request the murderer not to kill innocent people . now i have to some more things … still there are many so_called boss and leader like Hasta grg gurung, S.B subba, who destroyed the life of many innocents and earned millions . i think the murderer will give right justice .

  38. I extend my heartfelt condolences to late Mr >Bhago Kaila(R Subba)..Its fact. Nothing in life is to fear Its only to be understood..Its what it should it be ! IMAGINE, No sympathies till the date on His Murder..So what U think was He..A rascal …..Or ( Your Opinion)……
    Hope terror in the camp will reduce drastically!

  39. i read it .. and only one thing i like to say is, there is no any necessity to investigate about his murder. we all and even police and human activist know that he was such a dangerous criminal . he died because of his deeds . we are very much thankful to the murderer.
    today many many people are happy in the camp to hear this news . they said me they all are goingt o have party in usa also people are happy to hear this . people like him should be rather killed like instead of taking in the prison . but one thing … the murderer should kill the innocent .

  40. It is said that “Result of bad is alys bad”.Its the same thing happened on him …. everybody should know that … life is short and precious why to waste this precious life doing all evil deeds ……after evil deeds come upon u oneday …..
    He deserved it ….. and there are some who are to be killed like him

    • i like to say one thing . remesh is not a good person . he was not a bad even but you know one thing ,, he was a worst person …. he was shot dead ,, i don’t mind with this … but at same time i dod not support the killings … . he must have been caught by police already but police in nepal was also supporting this man …if he would have been to prison ,, we could have known many new things .
      bye ,, naina

  41. i was really happy lishing the death of late ramesh subba

  42. यो डिल भी phather का था jub बड़े भाई, जब उन्होंने गोली मार गया था और थार remash कि गिरोह के लिद्दर था he and his pattenr shoul be done like that shoot and kill by those gay

  43. Sad to hear but not a unexpected result for me. little late but he deserve to die. He should be killed before he ruined too many life….. but i am happy in behalf of his death and even i don’t like to have a sympathy for him, and i don’t think there is some place in heaven for this dogs… this news was the victory of all bhutnese refugees….no crime, no death and no fucking poltics in camp any more because it will be done with subba death.

    thanks for killing him.

  44. we did not want the arms revoulation in bhutan. that is y this is the good news from every bhutanese who want the peace in their mother land. good to listern the good news

  45. camp is full of terros man let the god bless for the peace in camp

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