Dr. Bhampa Rai Blames Bhutan in a Press Release for Late Subba’s Murder

Senior Bhutanese leader, Dr. Bhampa Rai has blamed Bhutan of spinning a plot to murder Ramesh Subba, the former secretary of Beldangi refugee camp. Issuing a press release yesterday in Damak, Jhapa Nepal, Dr. Rai notified that the death of late Subba was at sole nothing more than a direct mastery, a ploy of Bhutan Regime against a descent leader for repatriation.

‘The foul plot of murder incidence of former secretary late Subba, has terrorized and menaced the leading circle of long time by-passed imbroglio of Bhutanese Democratic and Human Rights movement’ stated the press release. The press statement has bold-faced to cite Subba, lately bringing into light the Bhutan Government’s fully framed spin-plot to slay down the sentinels of repatriation.

He has long been raising the voice for the cause of democracy and Human Rights movement in Bhutan since the onset of the southern Bhutanese saga for search of identity, Establishment of Democracy and Human Rights in Bhutan since early years of 1990 and has been from time to time speaking against the despotic regime of Bhutan.

Dr. Rai has also lined to express agitation and solemn pity for Nepal Government, as a host country of refugees and the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), for being unconcerned and speechless in the press statement.

Dr. Rai, who is the chairman of the Bhutanese Refugee Repartriation Representatives Committee (BRRRC) resides in Damak Jhapa and is said to have served the Bhutanese Royal family as a loyal surgeon. Rai is an owner of MBBS from Guwahati, India and fellowship of Doctorate from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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  1. I have read a reader, Suraj’s interesting comments.

    I do not feel I have supported Bhutanese Government’s actions, nor any other reader has supported Bhutanese Government’s cruel and harsh treatment given to many of its thousands of residents. I have read and heard reports of imprisonment, beating, torture and rape of innocent residents by some of Army and Police officers of Bhutan, and no civilized person can support that kind of inhumane treatment.

    Suraj ji complains that no one came to their help when Bhutanese refugees were living a miserable life in the camps for 17 years. I think that is not true because many international agencies including Red Cross, did provide necessary help to over 106,000 refugees living in Nepal, and they are still providing help to the refugees. Suraj ji I also complained that local Nepali people used to call refugees as Bhotangay and Shirnarthis. Suraj ji feels that nobody should support Dr. Bhampa Rai because he never lived in a refugee camp.

    I do not mean to support or advocate Dr. Bhampa Rai but to the best of my knowledge, Dr. Bhampa Rai sacrificed his job as “Special Surgeon to Royal Family”, in Bhutan and left Bhutan to show support for Bhutanese refugees, and started to live in a small hut in a refugee camp in Nepal. Later he moved out of the camp and started to live in his own house outside of refugee camp, because he does not want to go to USA or any other third country, but wants to go back to his motherland, Bhutan. At present, Dr. Bhampa Rai has a clinic in Damak / Jhapa, and provides medical care to Bhuatnese refugees free of charge. Dr. Bhampa Rai is a rich man, and he knows being a Doctor, he can earn a lot of money in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, USA, or anywhere else in the world. But I think, he still wants to go back to Bhutan because he loves his motherland.

    When Indian Border Security Force officers used Laathi Charge, tear gas and guns to stop thousands of Bhutanese refugees from marching towards Mechi bridge, near Indo-Nepal border on May 28, 2007, and killed a refugee Mr. Saha Bahadur Shewa (Darjee) from Sanichare camp, it was Dr. Bhampa Rai who was there to support and help refugees, and took the body of Mr. Shewa to Mai River to pay respect to the departed soul. And many of readers are calling Dr. Bhampa Rai a criminal? I want to ask those readers who call Dr. Bhampa Rai a “Criminal”, what crime has he committed? If Dr. Bhampa Rai is a criminal indeed, why local Police are letting him walk free? Why Police never arrested Dr. Bhampa Rai, if he was responsible for the killing of Mr. R. K. Bhudathoki, Mr. Shanti Ram Nepal, Mr. K. B. Khadka and others?

    Obviously, living in a refugee camp is never easy and no one should expect having facilities of five star hotels. I terribly feel sorry for those Bhutanese refugees who lived almost 18 years in camps and for those who are still living in the camps, but I must remind them the facts that they have been very lucky for not experiencing the same difficult conditions many other refugees around the world have experienced or are still experiencing.

    About 1,70,000 Bihari refugees are still living in 66 camps in Bangla Desh since 1971 (Almost 39 years). Thousands of Palestinians are still living in refugee camps in Israel, Jordan, Egypt and other araes since 1949 (Almost 61 years).

    On September 16, 17, and 18, 1982, with the help of Israelis, Christian extremists entered two Palestinian refugee camps called Sabra and Shatila, and for three days, they continued killing and raping men, women, young girls and kids and babies. Israeli army officers closed all the exit doors and fired on those Palestinians who tried to flee. This campaign of killing and raping stopped only after the United States gave a strong and stern warning to Israelis and Christian extremeists. Thousands of men and children were killed and thousands of women and girls had been raped already.

    And Suraj ji is complaining about being called Bhotangay and Shirnarthi?

    To the best of my knowledge, none of Bhutanese refugees living in Nepali camps was ever hurt, raped or killed by Nepali Police or Army. Thanks to Nepal Government.

    Nepali Prime Minsiter, Mr. Koirala has made a statement recently that third country option is not a permanant solution to the refugee crisis. I think he is right , because almost 20% of Bhutanese refugees still do not want to migrate to any third country. I think by the end of next year (2011), all of other 80% of refugees will already be resetlled in USA and other countries. The remaining 20% of refugees will become a problem for Nepal, Bhutan and the International Community. I have feelings that International community, especially the United States will put pressure on Bhutanese Government to allow those remaining refugees to return to Bhutan with dignity, honor and respect. I think the Bhutanese Government will be pressured to offer Bhutanese refugee leaders, high rank positions as compensation / reward so that former Bhutanese refugees feel safe living in Bhutan, their beloved motherland.

    I guess Dr. Bhampa Rai will be appointed as Bhutanese embassador to the United States and Mr. Tek Nath Rizal will be appointed as the new Prime Minister of Bhutan.

    Mr. Rizal held high-rank positions in Bhutan Government. He was member of Royal Civil Service Commission, Royal Advisory Councilor, Member of the Cabinet and Coordinator of Nationwide Investigation Bureau. Mr. Rizal spent 10 years in jail in Bhutan. I think Mr. Rizal desrves to be compensated for all the torture and difficulties he experienced after he left his high-rank positions in Bhutan. He sacrificsed all of his wealth, luxerious life, poer and authority and everything because he loved his motherland Bhutan.

    I hope other senior Bhuatnese refugees leaders like D. B. Rana Sampang, Tara Mukarung, Narad Adhikari, Dasho Thinley Penjore, Balaram Poudyal, and all other leaders and oridinary citizens, who have been suffered and have sacrifised for their motherland, Bhutan, should be compensated by the Bhutanese Government.

    I agree with Suraj ji with the statement that , “We do not have to live in a refugee camp for ever”. I think all of those who chose to come to USA or any other third country, for a better future, did the right thing. Chosing third country resettlement does not show that thy do not love their motherland. As a matter of fact, those who resettled in USA or any other third country, some day will become a power that will not be ignored by Bhutanese Government, and after becoming citizens of USA or other coutries, they will be in a better position to help their Bhutanese brothers and sisters, living in Bhutan. These restllers will turn Bhutan into a rich and developed country, in a matter of few years.

    I hope every single Bhutanese refugee, currently living in Beldangi, Khudenbari, Morang, Pathri, Damak, Goldhap, Sanicahre, and other areas and camps in Nepal gets whatever he/she wants. Those who want to go to USA or any other third country, should be able to go there. And those who want to go back to Bhutan, should be able to go back to Bhutan with dignity, respect and honor.

    Let us hope that nothing bad comes to any of current and former Bhutanese refugee because they already have been suffered a lot. I hope only good things come to them.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085

  2. why the people are dump,specially those who support the bhutan gvt and the terroist leader,why u r so against the third country resettlement??when we live 17yrs misarable ,poor life in refugee camp u guys cannot come to support us,instead nepali people used to called us by different nick names like bhotangay,sanarthi,refugee etc.that words still touch our heart,instead of supporting us .nepalese people around refugee camps are always of jelous and they always dominate and critize us.no one can understand the real refugee life,pain,sorrow,family seperation,lack of desire ,wants etc . living with other dependend is really hard life
    It is not wise idea to express ur feeling to support those leader who never live in refugee camp.people gain hope of living after resettlement,like a sunshine after long heavy rainfall.We do love our motherland,but we are not accepted for long time back,so it dosent mean that we r always have to be refugee.
    parsha ji tapai pani refugee bhenara camp me besara hernuhos,than u know what is re..life..” work as a labour and live as a noble men”

  3. I admire comments made by Raju from Texas, USA, “…. I wonder if u r really concerned about Bhutan u will not be resettled in third country……”. This is the point I was trying to make in my previous comments. I think the ones who have left refugee camps in Nepal and have resettled here or in other countries, should respect those who have refused to trade their beloved motherland for all the gold in the world.

    Dr. Bhampa Rai could be the worst person on earth, but I must admire him for showing his love for Bhutan by refusing America

    Many people living in third world countries and other poor countries, would give up everything in order to come to America. I have learned about some men who dumped their wives for some other women with green cards or US citizenships just to resettle here in America. Some young women do not think twice marrying any man with green card or American citizenship. And there is a man living in Jhapa, Nepal, named Bhampa Rai, who has bravely said NO to America. It is not easy to say NO to America, and it takes a lot to decline offer of permanent resideny in the US.

    I have been told by someone that Dr. Bhampa Rai does not charge fee to his Bhutanese patients for consultation, but charges double for selling medicine to them instead, to cover his loss, and then brags about treating them free of charge. In other words, Dr. Bhampa Rai is a big cheater and knows how to kill two birds with one stone. I laughed when I heard that from one of my Bhutanese friends , because I found that was very funny.

    I do not know Dr. Bhampa Rai is a good man or a bad guy, but all I know is that he deserves a big reward for saying NO to America and for saying YES to Bhutan. I have a great desire to visit Jhapa as soon as possible to meet with Dr. Bhampa Rai at his clinic.

    I also have heard that Dr. Bhampa Rai never registered with UN as refugee, and does not even live in a refugee camp, and always tries to convince Bhuatnese refugees not to leave the camps for a third country because he believes that if refugees wait a little longer, Bhutanese government will eventually allow them to return to Bhutan. So what is wrong with that idea?

    I think there is a great possibility that all of the remaining refugees will be allowed to return to Bhutan, after all of those who chose third country, leave the camps.

    All the refugee camps will be empty probably in a matter of one or two years and only a handful of Bhutanese refugees including Dr. Bhampa Rai left there, probably, will be asked to get out of Nepal, and Nepali Police will take them to Bhutanese border and will force them to cross the border into Bhutan. Or probably things will not get that ugly and the king of Bhutan will send a special plane to Nepal to bring Dr. Bhampa Rai and other real Bhutanese back to Bhutan.

    I have feelings that Dr. Bhampa Rai will be offered some high level position like Bhuatnese embassador to the United States or something.

    I have feelings that good things will come to those refugees who refused all the gold in the world and chose Bhutan, as their only option.

    In my view, those Bhutanese refugees who have said NO to third country deserve tremendous respect and big rewards for not selling or trading their love for their Janam Bhumi (Birth place / motherland) for America or any other wealthy country. I call them real Bhutanese, and I hope these real Bhutanese some day will enter Bhutan as heroes, and all of them will have a better life in Bhutan.

    Bhutanese refugees who accepted third contry option also have done nothing wrong by saying NO to Bhutan and by saying YES to third country because they were tired of living in difficult conditions in Nepali camps for almost 18 years.

    All the refugee camps will be empty probably in matter of next two years.

    I just want to visit Jhapa, Khulnawari, Beldangi, Damak, Gold hap, Pathri and other camps in Nepal before they are empty.

    Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  4. I m one of the resettled Bhutanese refugee in Texas USA . I wanna say we don’t have any right to comment about the situation tha is going on inthe camp .we everybody is resettled and most of them got American green card and we have surrendered on the American flag now .if we have really concern about Bhutan and and Bhutanese people we did not come here. Please don’t try to bea hero in America doing sensess act .it’s America not a south Asia guys…what we can do here is earn a money by doing entry level job n pay for apartment rent only…. I wonder if u r really concerned about Bhutan u will not be resettled in third country……

    • Hi Mr Raju, you are right to the wrong point.
      Earning money and paying rent for apartment is not only the task of of human being. Dynamically human being must have to do numorious things.

      And logic is that try not to forget motherland(Bhutan). After your green card you will get citizen. In your citizen you will see Bhutan as bith place till your citizen expire.

  5. I already have posted many comments and I decided not to write anymore comments, but after reading more comments condemning Dr. Bhampa Rai, I just cannot stop myself posting another comment on Dr. Bhampa Rai issue.

    I visited three states over the last weekend, and I visited many Bhutanese friends in different cities. Again, almost each and every Bhutanese friend I talked to, praised Dr. Bhampa Rai’s services to Bhutanese community, except one Bhutanese friend who told me he did not like him because he was not man enough to produce a baby, and that Dr. Bhampa Rai is incompitant (Khusra / Naa Marad).

    I think this Bhutane friend was just joking, and even if he was not joking, nobody can say for sure Dr. Bhampa Rai is not man enough to produce a baby, and that is the reason he still has no children of his own. If someone is incompitant (Naa Marad / Khusra), so what, it was not his fault. Only one in a million are the ones that cannot be treated.

    I personally know someone who never had a child until 9 years of his marriage. Many people said different things about him. Some of them said that he was incompitant (Khusra/ Naa marad), and some of them suggested him to dump his wife and find a young teenage girl to produce a baby. He refused to dump his wife because he loved her. After 9 years, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby. Those people who called him an incompitant, now were ashamed, embarrassed and sorry.

    This example shows that some people just like to criticize Dr. Bhampa Rai just for fun, and they do not have solid rock evidence to prove that he is a bad guy.

    Some readers have claimed that Dr. Bhampa Rai has cheated Bhutanese people but never offered any details to describe how he cheated Bhutanese people.

    I have learned four good things about Dr. Bhampa Rai:

    1: He quit his luxerious life and left his job as a special surgeon to Bhutanese royal family and left Bhutan to move in a small hut in a refugee camp in Nepal to show his solidarity with his Bhutanese community.

    2: He treats Bhutanese refugees in Nepal free of charge.

    3: He lived many years in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Ghuwhati (India), and served people of Bangladesh and India.

    4: Dr. Bhampa Rai refused to accept offer of better life is USA, Canda, Australia or any other Euoropean country, and decided to stay in camp hoping some day he would be allowed to return to his beloved country, Bhutan.

    Can someone deny these facts? Probably not, because facts are facts.

    I want to ask those Bhutanese friends who were living in refugee camps in Nepal, and are now living in America.
    Will you accept the offer to return to Bhutan if Maharaja of Bhutan today allows you to return to Bhutan?

    Will you quit your current luxerious life here in America for Bhutan?

    Do you love your Janam Bhumi (Place of birth), Bhutan or do you love America?

    Dr. Bhampa Rai left his wealth, large home, good status and everything that Bhutani Government awarded him. Nobody forced him but he voluntreley left Bhutan to make a point. This is what make me respect him. Not that I am supporting him or his political ideas, but based on what I have learned about him, it appears that Dr. Bhampa Rai has some good points also.

    Only those people who dealt with him know for fact Dr. Bhampa Rai is a good man or bad guy, I don’t, because I never dealt with him. I never heard of his name until last few days.

    Readers Suraj and Chandabangsi were right criticizing Dr. Bhampa Rai for not making his statement and condemning Mr. K. B. Khadka’s murder. Dr. Bhampa Rai was totally wrong by keeping his lips sealed when Mr. K. B. Khadka was brutally murdered in Beldangi in September of 2009.

    I am not a Jotishi (Palmist), and I cannot predict Dr. Bhampa Rai’s future. However, I have feelings that in near future after all the residents living in Beldangi, Damak, Jhapa, Khulanawari, Gold hap, Pathari and other camps will leave Nepal, except few hundreds or few thousands of those refugees including Dr. Bhampa Rai, probably, Bhutanese Government will invite them to return to Bhutan. May be the Maharaja of Bhutan personally will make phone call to Dr. Bhampa Rai and appoint him as Bhutanese embassador to the United States and will send a special plane to Neplal to bring him and his friends back to their beloved country, Bhutan.

    America lovers got America. Canada lovers, got Canada. Australia lovers, got Australia, and now Bhutan lovers should get their beloved Bhutan.

    I do not oppose migration to other countries for a better future, and I welcome those Bhutanese refugees who have have arrived recently or in a process of arriving here in America. However, I have tremendous respect for those who love their country, Bhutan and do not want to trade their beloved Bhutan for all the gold in the world.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  6. yes,every body should know who is good and who is bad,mr bhumpa doesnt show his opinion on kb khadka and santiram’s death.he is supporting the killer and he him self is involving in such anti-social elements.becareful bhutanese people this type of leaders are dengerous,and they are creating illusion on the innocent people in the guise of social services.

  7. As we know that when K.B khadka was murdered september 8 2009 Dr. Bhumpa didn’t shows his opinion and syampathy to him but now in case of Ramesh Subba he is fully supported to him,Why he is doing so?or is he also a part of that leader who plays bad vital role in Bhutanese Refugees camp being a Doctor.

  8. Suraj jee:

    To answer to your questions that how do I know all Bhutanese history, and how could I judge them (I assume Suraj jee was referring to Bhutanese political leaders), either they are good or bad?

    Let me expalin to you and other readers why I know so much about Bhutan and Bhutan history.

    First of all, Bhutan’s politics and history is not some kind of rocket science that would be too complicated to understand. I read Bhutanusa@com every day. I also study other meterial on Bhutan and Nepal on Internet almost every day.

    Secondly, I spend a great deal of my time with my Bhutanese/Nepali friends, and I always talk to them about their social and political issues. Sometimes, I talk to Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal on phone also. And this is how I learn so much about Bhutanese issues.

    I do not pass judgements on Bhutanese political leaders if they are good or bad. I have ever declared someone being good or bad in my comments posted here on Bhutanusa@com.

    Mr. Ramesh Subba is dead now, and if I suggest others to leave him alone and stop celebrating his death, it does not suggest I am taking his side and supporting his political ideas.

    And if I suggest in my comments that Dr. Bhampa Rai has right to express his opinion and his old age or profession should not make him disqualified to express his opinion, readers should not start looking at me like I am supporting his political ideas.

    As a matter of fact, I have criticized him for blaming Bhutanese Government without presenting any evidence. Bhutanese Governenment also can strike back at him by blaming him for the murdering Mr. Ramesh Subba and others.
    I have been called a supporter of both Mr. Ramesh Subba and Dr. Bhampa Rai, when in fact that is simply not true.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  9. pasha ji,
    How do u know all Bhutanese history ,and how can u judge them either they r good or bad.

  10. I wouldlike to express my appreciation over the comments made by “Bhishnu”, in which the reader states, “…every human being has the right to love his motherland regardless of his profession”. However, I do not agree with readers’s opinion that some readers are a great disgrace to Bhutanese community. I think they are simply expressing their true feelings in their own way.

    Bhutanusa@com is doing a great service to Bhutanese community and visitors to get together here and express opinions. We need to understand the fact that not all readers are professional journalists, but are common people and they should be allowed to express their true feelings in their own way and in their own words. If Bhutanusa@com starts editing every word of every commentator, it will not be an expression of that reader, but it will become Bhutanusa@com’s editors personal opinion.

    Bhutanusa@com, surley has an obligation of providing its readers a harassment free environment but it does not have to impose a “Martial Law” or strict censorship. This website is the voice of people and common people should be allowed to make comments like, “I hate Dr. Bhampa Rai”, or “I love Dr. Bhampa Rai”.

    Bhutanusa@com must intervene and step in only when some readers start terrorizing others and use profanity.

    Some readers have criticized me harshly, and some of them have expressed their support for my comments and opinion. Honestly, I enjoy both the criticism and appreciation equally. I want to thank all of those readers who have expressed their support or disapproval of my opinion and comments.

    Now, I would like to remind Dr. Bhampa Rai of the riots in Kathmandu in December, 2000, in which 5 protesters were killed and dozens were injured after thousands of protesters took the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal.

    A Nepali Muslim, Mr. Jamim Shah, who owned a Nepali TV station instigated these riots through his media channel and by accusing an Indian movie star Hrithik Roshan of having said, “ I hate Nepal. I hate Nepali people”.

    This person (Mr. Jamim Shah) , the head of the Space Time Network, was gunned down by two masked men on motorbikes near the French embassy in the Lazimpat district, on February 7, 2010.

    I do not mean to scare Dr. Bhampa Rai of any possible violence against him, but surely I want to suggest him that he needs to be very careful when making accusations, and he must present evidence to support his claim. May be Dr. Bhama, apparently just wanted some attention and publicity by accusing his former masters (Bhutanese Government, and Bhutanese royal family members) of killing Mr. Ramesh Subba.

    Who killed Mr. R. K. Budathoki, Mr. Shantiram Nepal, Mr. K. B. Khadka, and Mr. Ramesh Subba, none of us readers know for sure. Even Chief of Area Police Office, Jhapa, Kakarbhitta Devi Prasad Fago appears very confused and sometimes he says he suspects that Ramesh Subba’s murder was the handiwork of dissenting rebels in United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB), and sometimes he says he suspects a group of four persons linked to the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) of India having a hand in the murder.

    Jhapa-Beldangi Police Department should take some responsibility for failing to prevent these killings and failing to find and arrest the killers.

    Current situation of law and order in Nepali camps is very serious and residents do not feel safe there.

    Thousands of Bhutanese refugees living in the camps in Nepal already have received approval of their applications to migrate to the United States, and these people are now holding the status of “potential permanent residents / citizens of the United States of America”. I think US Embassy’s public affairs officer Nicole Chulick, in Kathmandu, Nepal, should remind the Nepali Government of its moral and legal obligation of ensuring the safety of those potential permanent residents of America, currently living in Beldangi, Morang, Jhapa, Gold hap, Pathari, Khulanwari, and other refugee camps in Nepal.

    I hope all of those potential (Future) American citizens will be able to come to the United States safely.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  11. I know, Dr Rai is a man of high reccomandation. He is a reputed physician. His work in medical area has been florished far and wide. However, A good doctor can’t be a good politician and a leader. A leader needs a political knowledge and a doctor needs medical. These two subjects never match.So, If I was Dr. Bhumpa, I would be satisfied by being a good surgeon. I would have better stretched my helping hands for my communities as a surgeon inorder to build up my respect over my society.

    I don’t know, why Ramesh Subba was shot ? What I know is that- it was his misfortune to be fallen into prey of somebody. I wish-Let his soul rest in peace in heaven.

  12. Dr. bhumpa rai is not a good leader he always cheat the poor bhutanese and thinks himself as a good leader. He is not Dr. bhumpa but Dr. ghampa.
    I personally request bhumpa to be patience and do your own work otherwise you would also face the difficult situation

  13. Dear Editor ,
    I found this websites is playing important roles in Bhutanese media. i thanks all . But, i think nowadays this websites is worsening day by day because of THE memoryless reader’s opinion published here.The baseless ideologies makes the reputation of this sites a bad rumour.SO, I request you to uproot this sections “Leave a comments”. thanks.

  14. I am mad now reading the press release of Dr. Rai I personally count Bhampa as a selfish leader as he never made any kind of releases in future when other refugees were killed . like our friends they died in US he never wrote any messages so I request Rai to be fair to every body.

  15. whatever the terrified situation leading in the camps due to the black-politics of our immature leaders who run themselves for their sake not for folk. Now it is going on by referring the history of 1990s who were suppressed or ruined their future by selfish leader as Tek Nath Rizal, D .B sampang and others too.i really hate those leaders who does not touch the heart of people.Becareful leaders ,whatever you planted gives its own fruits.simultaneously ,may the turn offer you.

  16. I don’t understand fully why people are making immature personal remarks here. I read a few of the above mentioned heaps of nothing but expressions of self-centered boastful remarks and would like to make a humble request to everyone here to understand his own position before making any biased,baseless,ignorent, prejudiced, remarks targeted to an individual aiming to defame somebody’s reputation. May i request you all to understand that every human being has the right to love his motherland regardless of his profession? It is a great disgrace to the entire Bhutanese community to make rude, savage remarks attempting to harm,hurt,terrorize or defame others. May i request to all concerned to do a voracious learning and awaken to the contemporary world???

  17. Responding to comments made by “BLUE”, I offer my apology for not making an effort to try to understand what that young Bhutanese girl (Miss Mohinee Gorshai) was actually trying to say. I read her comments few times and now I understand that apparently she did not mean to give Dr. Bhampa Rai a warning or shut him up. It appears that this young Bhutanese girl was unable to find and use proper words of English language and used the words like,”You better”, and “OK???”, and I took those words as if she was ordering or giving warning to Dr. Bhampa Rai.

    I apologize to Miss Mohinee Gorshi and to the reader “BLUE”, and to whoever who felt offended by my previous comments.

    Now, I fully understand that this Bhutanese girl was just requesting Dr. Bhampa Rai that he should convince Bhutanese refugees iving in camps in Nepal to agree on coming to USA for a better future.

    I was trying to say that Bhutanese refugees living in the camps in Nepal should be able to decide without being pressured by others, and no one should try to force them to say YES or NO to migration to other country.

    How could I be a supporter of Mr. Ramesh Subba or Dr. Bhampa Rai? I never knew any of them until last 2 or 3 days ago. I just suggested that no one should be celeberating death of anyone. I also suggested that every individual including an old man named Dr. Bhampa Rai, should have righ to express his opinion. This is what all I did, and look so many of Bhutanese redaers have become angry with me for saying that.

    On September 8, 2009, I learned the news of murder of Mr. K.B.Khadka, and the following day I read so many of comments posted on Bhutanusa@com admiring Mr. K.B. Khadka. Bhutanese people living in America and all over the world were expressing their sorrow and grief over Mr. K.B. Khdka’s death. This is how I learned the fact the Mr. K.B. Khdka was great man and everybody loved him. But now after the murder of Mr. Ramesh Subba, so many people are expressing their hatred towards Mr. Ramesh Subba. Of course some redaers have expressed their sorrow over his death also. Now I have learned the fact that no one hated Mr. K. B. Khadka, but there are some Bhutanese people who hated Ramesh Subba, and still hate him even after his death. I wonder was Mr. Ramesh Subba really that bad guy and what bad actions he has done to make some people hate him so much?

    I am terribly sad to read comments made by some readers living in camps in Nepal, in which they have expressed their anger over my statements.

    I think I need to visit Beldengi, Jhapa, Goldhap, Pathari, Khulnawari, Dhamak and other camps to meet with Bhutanese people living in those camps to find the facts. I am a friend of Bhutanese/Nepali people and I do not want to make any of them angry.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield,Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  18. Hi Mr.Shahid Phasa
    I wonder whether you are a good supporter of Ramesh and masterminder Bhumapa? You are making such a comment over a small girl’s opine and concluded your article ridiculously.
    Your article seems maturely written because you pretended that you had understood Bhumpa’s right but didn’t you understand Ghorsai’s (little girl) right? For instance, you mention, “In my opinion, Dr. Bhampa Rai has right to express his views and no one should tell him not to get involved with Bhutanese politics or to shut up”
    Why doesn’t a little Bhutanese girl have right to express her feeling?
    She uses such an appropriate word “convince” to request Bhampa and she says ” I want to tell him”,Do you mean that this is a warning statement to Bhampa?
    You say “I respect Bhampa” it is your personal matter whether you respect,love,hate, regard, disregard etc, but nothing to do by Ghorshai.You mention “no one should tell him” How dare you say this?
    You know the ” right” but you need to learn “freedom” they come always together.

  19. In response to Miss Mohinee Ghorshai’s comments, I would like to say that no one should pressure or force anyone to choose options. If someone wants to remain in Nepal or wishes to go back to Bhutan, or wants to come to USA, it should be OK. Miss Mohinee Ghorshai needs to understand the fact that a person should not forget, and should not stop loving his/her birth place, no matter how dirty or bad that place was. A Bhuatanese now living in America will always be a Bhutanese. He /she can change his/her dress from Shalwar Qameez, Kurta and Doputta to jeans and Tshirts and other American outfit, or can change religion from Hindu to Christian, but cannot change his/her identity and Bhuatanese/Nepalese roots.

    I also take issue with her warning to Dr. Bhampa Rai by saying,”Do not mess with Bhutanese politics, OK?”. In my opinion, Dr. Bhampa Rai has right to express his views and no one should tell him not to get involved with Bhutanese politics or to shut up. I have a tremendous respect for Dr. Bhampa Rai who has served so many Indian and Bandladeshi people for many years. I think Bhutan’s Maharaja selected Dr. Bhampa Rai to treat his family because he was a great doctor.

    Some readers have commented that Dr. Bhampa Rai should not get involved in politics just because he is old or he is a Doctor, but I I think he has right to get involved in politics and being old and being a Doctor should not be a problem.

    I also have read Dr. Bhampa Rai’s statement in which he has accused Bhutanese Government of killing Mr. Ramesh Subba. With all the respect to Dr. Bhampa Rai, I would like to ask him if he has any evidence to prove his claim, or he is making this accusation just to gain some publicity?

    Some day, I would like to visit Jhapa, Nepal to meet Dr. Bhampa Rai because I admire him for taking his time out of his very busy schedule to help Bhutanese community. I also admire him for loving his birth place. Probably, he has chosen not to come to America just because he loves his birth place. Millions of people want to come to America because they love money more than their own country.

    Dr. Bampa Rai also reminds me an old Bhuatnese refugee resettled here in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, who once said to me,” If you ever give me option to choose between all the gold in the world and my birth place, Bhutan, I would gladly refuse the gold and I will choose my beloved Bhutan, because I love my Bhutan more than all the gold in the world”.

    I asked him why he has chosen America, and why he has come to USA, he told me he just wanted to be with his family but he would love to go ack to Bhutan whenever possible.

    Some Bhutanese refugees resettled here in USA think they will be able to go back to Bhutan soon after getting green cards or US citizenship. I think it is not possible for any Bhutanese with green card or even with American citizenship to go back to Bhutan if Bhutan Government refuses to give them permission to enter Bhutan.

    I think Bhutanese Governemnt will never allow any Bhuatanese refugee resettled here in USA to return to Bhutan because the Bhutanese Government believes that about 70% of these people (Bhutanese refugees, who lived in camps in Nepal for 17 years, or still living in the camps) are actually not from Bhutan, but they are from Nepal, India, Tibet, Bangladesh or other neighboring countries and have lied just to become refugees.

    I admire Miss Mohinee Ghorshai for having intelligence and courage to post her comment on this website at this very young age.

    Bhutanese community should be proud of this little young Bhutanese girl.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085

  20. i request dr. bhumpa to be patient regarding this sorts of matter .., better be careful about your own life ,,, you had also given birth to so many criminals … mind it plz .. or else you may have to bear the same fate as subba .

  21. completely a baseless evaulation that Dr.Bhumpa Rai did as he knows what we knows not .and i feel sorry for the death of three corners of triangles in the field of politices Santi ram ,K.B Khadha and Ramesh subba.be not be happy with the past, feel always what u never want after ur death.

  22. Thanks for the comment given above. Death is fact and the way of catching death is completely different for all. some may die before death and some may live after death.Try not to count ur life by ur age and by how much u earn but try to count ur life by how many hearts u win in ur life.same thing happen above all know ramesh subba that is positive point if u and me die no one will know abt us.we may not be subject like santi ram,k.b khadkha and ramesh subba.i heartily thx Dr bhumpa rai that u did good judge.that is fact that i know

  23. Most of our so called leaders are going mad and keep on saying anything they like. If our people want to live in peace in the camp there should not be the BRRRC, Which is the hindrance for the people to express their views regarding resettlement option.

  24. It sad to hear and read the news of murdering bhutanese refugees often. Sometime in the camp and sometime out side the camp. I think it is all because of our leaders with vested interest.Some of our leaders are not allowing our poor people to choose the re-settlement option and giving futile hope of return to Bhutan which is NOT possible.
    Dr.Bhumpa is not right person to give the judgement regarding the murder and he is not right to blame the bhutan government. I suggest him to do his duty which is to look the patients.

  25. iam a little girl but i want to tell bhumpa better convince all refugees to come to usa, don;t mess them in bhutaness poltics ok

  26. O no bhumpa, you didn’t feel the condition of bhutaness. You were only born in bhutan thats all you didn’t have any patrotic feelings. You only want to be as safe on the water. You talk but never do.

  27. Mr. Rai is scared now bcoz he may think next is he. He is no better than late kukhayet subba

  28. dr bhumpa rai is really a onsocial and unwanted elements of bhutanese refugee.he is not a co-operative man ,he mis behave to the people.i dont like him,if someone likes him that is their problems.he is against or US repartation to bhutanese refugee,he dont want to see their good lives and happiness.almost people who settle in us have started to enjoy their better life after a ruin life in refugee camp for 17 yrs.again he is suporting the culprit and a killer,everyone should becareful of tui zebray (two tounge)…………………………….??????

  29. It is great to hear that one who has to die, have been killed, the so called leadres in camps are ensecure coz guilt minds are suspicious,if they do good dont have to get afraid. any way loss of life is not good.

  30. Now Dr. saab is going mad. This old chap thinks he is a great leader which is ridiculous. He can condemned the killing but cant create confusion by saying that subba was a great freedom fighter or patroit….LOL Dr Rai.

  31. i donot think bhumpa has understood the factual thing . better i request mr. bhumpa to think of his ownself ,,, donot think you are a leader .,,,,your works is to check the patients ,,,not to talk about politics.. and also do not support these types of criminal . ..

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