Virginia Bhutanese form their social organization.

By Dadiram Antim.
Resettled Bhutanese in Richmond city of Virginia state have  announced the formation of a social organization, Richmond Bhutanese Society (RBS) on  saturday  amid a  function organized at Virginia Council of Churches Hall, West graham Road, Richmond.

Nine member executive body under the president ship of Bhupendra Baral was officially elected that constitutes Vice-president Mr.Thakur Ghimirey, General Secretary,Mr. Chandra Dhakal, Treasurer, Mr.Amber Bhattarai , Employment Secretary,Mr. Bhim Kumar Kadel, Cultural Secretary,Mrs. Kanchi Maya Monger, Public Well-fare Secretary, Ms. Thagi Maya Chamlagain,  Out-reach Coordinator,Mr. Dadi Ram Antim and Education Secretary, Mr. Dhruva Mishra.

Newly elected President Baral, speaking at  the function said,” for overall development and prosperity of Bhutanese Americans resettled in Virginia, we ought to be in one platform of RBS’. He further added, ‘It is our primary duty to serve our community in every aspects enriching people with different qualities’.

As a chief guest of the function, Mr. Jon Domiano from Virginia Council of Churches  congratulated the newly elected members and the Bhutanese people for being united for the betterment of community. Meanwhile, Mr. Warren Pierce of Richmond’s First Baptist Church wished for the future success of the organization.

The program was chaired by an elderly Bhutanese intellect, Mr.  Bhim Bahadur Magar and anchored by Mr. Thakur Ghimirey.
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23 Responses

  1. Hi guys…
    what i personally feel is that…. people are fed off of such organizations in the camps in nepal and some cunning people are continuing the same trend in the US. And when read the few lines…. the secretries r of the same row…. or they are from the branches of the same family tree…. IS THIS NOT WHAT WE CALL NEPOTISM???? Else what?? The idea of getting benifitted from the name of refugee is very good…. How long will u survive vampires???

  2. It’s good to be united and I am more than happy to listened that. But it’s very easy to open the small community since we have practice more than 100s of such community in the camp… It’s very hard to gain the goals that we have set upfor the betterment of community because. Our mind is full of greedyness ….I wish yo sanstha kasaiko magikhane bhado nabbanos

  3. I wonder how u guys can claim to be Bhutanese…there is already an existing citizenship act in Bhutan and according to the law of the country, you guys must have been immigrants that left the country. Now u guys are resettled as Bhutanese refugees and again you are forming such a organization, without your identity as a Bhutanese. If u were genuine Bhutanese then, you would have been living in Bhutan and not in places like that. So sorry guys but identity is what makes a difference…whether you form organizations anywhere but at least for God sake, do not claim to be Bhutanese when you all do not have Bhutanese identity and citizenship.

  4. it was great job but it is bad now……….

  5. Well done virginian bhutanese!!this is really a great job.
    Thir Thapa
    Hobart Australia

  6. that is a good job,united we stand divided we fall .but in our california there are two party and they against each other ,so plez dont give the chance to divide .

  7. Hello Friends of RBS! Congratulate for having formed an organization for the social causes and emancipation process. Keep it up.

  8. well done virginian bhutanese!!this is really a great job.
    hope to hear more and more good news of your community in future.god bless you all.

  9. Great job guys !
    Wish u a very great success in the days to come. Let your limit be the sky and destination be the horizon.
    You know, ” United we stand”…so u did it. Congrats !

    • hi pardasi tara, do u think that these guys do betterment 4 society? who do u think the best guy having social feeling?

      • I believe in actions and not in words. I like the idea of forming a social organization in the verge of being deformation. It requires a great deal of support to unite together that also in the mist of uniqueness and bio-diversity.So, to be frank-all those guys are great who were involved in creating this racial (Bhutanese) social organization.
        I trust upon your work. I can tell you ” who is who” only when they start dealing with their responsibilities.
        Hope ! good gets going.
        Thank you.

        • hey pardashi tara,dont build the castle in the air! i suppose u judge these guys frm very far.

          • I would have appreciated you if you had provided your comments with a verdic of juridiction coz you know how to judge the people.
            Thank you your honor.

  10. Ramro lago thank you

  11. Thank you very much Dadi Ram Bhai.
    oh You are there in Verginia, i didn,t know.
    You have good skills to scribing the news, Keep it up.
    CONGRATULATIONs, all of you, it is a good news, hope you together will be able to do some thing for the community.
    Monarath Adhikari

  12. Mr Dadi Ram( Antim) is a nice reporter hey! nice to see you daju. I know how constructive articles you used to publish when you were back in Nepal! well done….for this peice of information…..thank goes to you…..! keep on rocking….

  13. This is really a great job. This is the only way how we could be together. United we stand divided we fall. We all know this very well. We ought to stand being together. We are not yet done. Our goal is our land. I urge this good organization and personnels to come ahead with good future prospects and deeds to make our wishes and longings come true.
    all the best.

  14. good! keep up with good services

  15. Good job guys. Go ahead with good service.

  16. Hi Guys,
    Nice to hear that the organization was finally formed in there and above all I am impressed by the members who are qualified and able in their respective areas. Forming an organization doesn’t matter though, all it matters is the execution of their goals and objectives. Lets hope you guys do nice job ahead and meet the need of every Bhutanese resettled in this frizzing state of Virginia.
    Thanks reporter for informing the world about this good job. Well, its nice if we can see the piks of some of the members there.

  17. Glad to know this wonderful news, Any way the president is from our camp and the same sector with same line of same unit.

  18. Bhutanese guys are doing best around the world

  19. Wow………….wonderful task of bhutanese…………. keep on rolling.

    Dear reporter could u mind to send some photos of the name listed in news.

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