Bhutanese Maoists to meet Chinese officials.

Feb. 26 The Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) is trying to meet and discuss its issues with the officials of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal according to Nepali news portal, Ghatana Bichar. BCP (MLM) has been trying to arrange an informal meeting with the Chinese officials, the portal quoted the Chinese embassy as saying. The embassy told the news media that the party attempted to meet with the officials two weeks ago but the embassy source made it clear that it has no direct link with the leaders or cadres of the party although indirect relations have been established .

According to the source, the Party has been split a couple of years ago due to minor conflict among the leaders and now they are separately led by two of their leaders-Birat and Bikalp. There are traces that the Bikalpa faction has its affiliation to Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) and Community Party of South Asia (COMPOSA) while the group led by Birat is trying to build its ralation with the people’s Republic of China. Also, the assumptions are that the Birat faction of BCP is stronger in regards to its organisational foundation but ‘Bikalpa’ has strong international communist hold.

Both these party secretaries have been actively serving their terms anonymously and are in good standing with their Nepali counterparts. There are evidences of intimacy between the Maoist parties of these two land-locked countries. Cadres of Bhutanese Communist Party were conferred trainings in war arts in the eastern region of Nepal during the revolutionary movement. Also, Moni Thapa, a Nepali Maoist leader attended the anniversary of the BCP (MLM) while he was assigned to serve the party ordinance at the Indo-Nepal border. The leaders of both the parties pay regular visit to another Nepali Maoist leader, Mr. C. P. Gajurel.

Meanwhile, one of the top leaders of the MLM has been reported to have reached Australia through third country resettlement program.

The Party believes in resolving the crisis associated with Bhutanese refugees through armed revolution in Bhutan. The party manifesto reads their primary focus is to knock down the Wangchhuk oligarchy and establish people’s republic in Bhutan.

The Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) is a recently established and banned political party in Bhutan. Formed in UN refugee camps in Nepal and largely composed of Bhutanese ethnic Nepali refugees, the BCP (MLM) calls for a New Democratic Revolution and the overthrow of the Bhutanese monarchy.


7 Responses

  1. I can remember bikalpa talking with me a month ago that lets play with this politics till we have some means to get well settled somewhere. So be like dedicated till it happens. So be careful what he says and acts.

  2. Dear reporter,
    This is another good news to Bhutanese who want human right and real democracy. This gives power to Bhutanese to raise voice against the autocratic government of Bhutan. It always act nepali speaking southern Bhutanese as dog and other drukpas as baby and feed government property. I encourage two moist party leader to work hard for the union of two moist party. This is the wants of Bhutanese who wants rid of autocratic rule. All bhutanse are tired of autocratic ruler who try to drink blood of citizen. Work hard to reach in your goal and follow the peaceful means.

  3. Dear news writer,
    Your news article can make serious problem to your editors/reporters in Australia and youself through FBI.
    You guys don’t know what is the reality and what works in west. How can you prove that MLM senior leaders is in Australia???
    If you are asked to justify that you will risk the whole resettlement in Australia.

    Just remember that no one bothers in the west except terrorism. This so MLM of Bhutan will be seen as terriost organisation since US is still observing whether to completely remove the Maiost of Nepal from such link.

    So you fellows when you write news, please make sure you don’t bring other people in risk.
    All the best
    Deal Mr. Luitel,
    We got this piece of information from “Ghatana ra Bichar”(It has already been mentioned in the news). Several Nepali news sites included this piece a few days back. Some of them have even stated the name of the Bhutanese leader who sneaked to Australia. For your reference you can click and have it in detail. Thank you for the comment. We didn’t publish your comment not becoz it was inappropriate but bcoz it has unfortunately been directed to SPAM.

    • Hi Admin,
      Thank you for your reply and apologize if any inconvenience is caused.
      Much appreciated

  4. first of all iam thankful for MR. Shahid pasa for being so much interested in bhutanese politics.
    but i would like to tell him one thing that please judge a person to whom u are commenting and whether it is worthful to comment or not. it seems that he is not perfect in judging the people comment and might feel proud to comment on others opinion . this might never be true in all case ok man.

  5. This under ground outfits can bring no change in Bhutan. The use of force and violence is hazardious always. It can never bring a long lasting peace.The bikalp and Birat things should understand the fact that a handful of supporters can in no sense be helpful to over throw the Ruler as they said.

    Once i had a direct interaction with Bikalp when he had come in Pathri camp in onr of the dasai festivals. I told him their movement can never gain momentum with this meagre supporters. He arrogantly said to me that they have a huge supporters in the camp and a large number of fighters which is not true. This is a blind believe and a sense of egoism. The situation is not in their favor specially after these three consecutive killings of refugee figures.I always hate the use of voilence, so i even request Bi-kalp/rat to give up all this stuffs and sneak to the foreign nations thru tcr as one of your frens did.

  6. what the hell are these communist party going to do as they have no support from any one in the camp. in my view nothing new is going to happen . either china or nepal is not going to support bhutan communist party. previous so called leaders are now in usa and in some other third countries .yes ofcourse there are two fractions .. but one being led by bikalpa is already in connection with bhutan .it betrayed birat fractions . , birat fractions will be finished by bikalpa group one day or the other . infact this bikalpa(tumbe hang limbu) is man with dual citizenships . he is both bhutani and nepali .
    yes everybody loves motherland . but it is refugees fate to choose one among three given options .
    good luck .

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