Senior Citizens Group (SCG) Completes An Interaction Programme

Feb 26.The Bhutanese refugee Senior Citizen Group (SCG) interacted with the refugees in all camps who are willing to head homestead in a peaceful humanitarian basis through repatriation process organizing an interaction campaign program for almost a month.

Led by a senior Bhutanese refugee, Harka Jung Subba, the five-member delegations toured the seven refugee camps in Jhapa and Morang of Nepal unswervingly to maintain a direct chatter with them. Issuing a press release, Mr. Subba said that the interaction program successfully completed yesterday with a brief discussion at Belandgi-II refugee camp.

According to the press statement, the campaign which started from the 2nd of February not only provided an opportunity for social converse and interaction between people , but also helped them create basis of understanding and break-through to express their opinion to repatriate to their long waited dreamland, Bhutan, in the noble grounds of freedom of choice, right and social will. ‘The programme was a grand success to help Bhutanese express their views and interests of repatriation’ Subba has referred to as quoting so in his statement.

Media have reported that the program was largely supported by political and non-political organizations of the Bhutanese refugees of different genres, ages and groups. ‘The last interaction program was concluded after a discussion held yesterday at Beldangi I and Beldangi II extension’, the press release has a statement.

Mr. Subba is a Bhutanese activist who from time to have been urging UN to open up doors for self endorsed repatriation for durable solution of the long-stood Bhutanese refugees’ political crisis. During the May-June 2009, Mr. Subba launched an application form for those Bhutanese who were opting to repatriate, in which as much as more than 8,000 refugees were found to have filled the form, Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) had a statement then.


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