YOB attends World Congress

YOB delegates with the out going IUSY President and other representatives(Photo/Rajen Giri)

Youth Organization of Bhutan(YOB) attended the World Congress 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden from 25th to 28th March. Three member delegation of the organization including the president, Mr. Rajen Giri, YOB’s European focus person, Aakash Budhathoki and woman representative, Miss. Dhan Maya Ale had reached the Swedish capital at the invitation of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), the August world forum of socialist, social democrats and the labor youths. Continue reading


पर्देशी तारा
(बफेल्लो सिटी ,न्यू योर्क )
झोला भयो जिन्दगी स्वदेशमा
तोला भयो जिन्दगी परदेशमा

बर्षायममा बग्दै जादा सुकी जाने
खोला भयो जिन्दगी मदेशमा Continue reading

Bhutanese Culture reaches Australian Community: Harmony Day Celebration

Bhutanese Community in Australia Inc(BCA) from Albury, Wodonga and Melbourne participated in a  number of functions to celebrate the Cultural Diversity Week and Harmony Day on 21st March 2010. Victoria is the only State in Australia which celebrates and promotes the rich cultural values and traditions on Harmony Day by organising hundreds of activities across the state. The mega event on the Cultural Diversity week and Harmony Day is annual Premier’s Gala Dinner. The event was hosted by Victorian Premier Hon John Brumby. Among the VIP guests, Opposition Leader of Victoria, Mr. Ted Baillieu, other ministers, politicians, and senior government and non government representatives, and the community leaders from across the state attended the function. Continue reading

Heartfelt Condolence

We would like to express our heartfelt condolence to the great Nepali leader and freedom fighter, former PM of Nepal, Girija Prasad Koirala who passed away at his daughter’s residence in Kathmandu today due to chronic respiratory disease.

We pray to the Almighty God that the departed soul rests in perfect peace in heaven forever.

(Bhutanusa.com family)

Shrimadh Bhagawat puran in Damphu

Mar. 19 In a nation that claims itself to be exclusively Buddihist in religous instinct, a seven-day Bhagawat recitation and illustrative explanations of its Sanskrit verses have begun in Damphu starting March 19, 2010. It is one of the biggest Bhagawat ceremonies held anywhere in Bhutan. It is conducted by Hindu Dharma Foundation of Bhutan, the only Hindu organisation of Bhutan that was formed last October. Continue reading

European Bhutanese reach Geneva for Lobby

Kathmandu, March 17: Representing over one hundred thousand Bhutanese in exile, a four-member delegation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum Europe (BAF -Europe) has reached Geneva earning this morning to lobby in the 13th Human Right Council meeting in Palis des Nations. Continue reading

A Cancer victim appeals Dr. Bhumpa Rai

A resettled Bhutanese refugee here in USA who has been suffering from Cancer has appealed a Bhutanese Organization  for  his treatment.  Dilli Ram Biswa formerly from Beldangi-2(ext) refugee camp, sector A/4 who came to the United States last December through the Third Country resettlement Program  has sent a letter to the Chairman of an exiled formed Bhutanese organization, BRRC, Dr. Bhumpa Rai today requesting the latter to manage necessary resource for his treatment. Continue reading

Missing Bhutanese found in Denver.

Mar, 06, Colorado,Aurora police have found a resettled Bhutanese with vocal and hearing disability Thursday evening who went missing last Monday. Continue reading

More than 36,000 granted exit permit

The government of Nepal has issued travel documents to more than 36 thousand refugees. Since the beginning of the third country resettlement programme, as many as 36,138 individuals of 14,687 families have been granted the necessary exit permit for resettling to third country. ‘At least hundred people a day are granted the exit permit, who have completed their necessary phases of process for relocation’, said Damberballav Gadtaula, one of the three-member representative of the Home and the External Affairs ministries of government of Nepal. Continue reading


Following the assassination of a senior Bhutanese refugee and an erstwhile social worker, former camp Secretary of Beldangi-one, Ramesh Subba a couple weeks ago, there has been multitude of reactions on it. Various speculations have been made as to who had hands in such a heinous and maligned act.The incident hasn’t only left Subba’s family in lurch but many in the camps are dismayed and felt insecure. The common innocent people have started manifesting their fear if the camp was once again heading to be a battlefield in the illogical dictates of those who intend to taint peace and harmony. Continue reading