Following the assassination of a senior Bhutanese refugee and an erstwhile social worker, former camp Secretary of Beldangi-one, Ramesh Subba a couple weeks ago, there has been multitude of reactions on it. Various speculations have been made as to who had hands in such a heinous and maligned act.The incident hasn’t only left Subba’s family in lurch but many in the camps are dismayed and felt insecure. The common innocent people have started manifesting their fear if the camp was once again heading to be a battlefield in the illogical dictates of those who intend to taint peace and harmony.

Meanwhile, a senior leader, Bhampa Rai smells Bhutan’s hand in this crime and said that Subba’s death was a master-plot to adversely affect the repatriation movement. At the same time, a few other Bhutanese leaders, condemning the incident, have opined that such criminal acts rulling one after another were simply fostering to breed enmity and animosity among the Bhutanese brothers thereby bridging a divisive gap of difference and making them vulnerable at the hour of rush when all had to stand in unison for a common cause.

Whereas, a few celebrated the killing of late Subba. They termed it as a victory. However, wheresoever each individual’s perception in relation to this case be aligned to, either accept wholeheartedly or discard publicly, it is indeed by virtue of human ethics, conscience and rationality that violence can never bring happiness and contentment in people so as crime can never be proven instrumental for victory and justice.

Reports are there that late Subba was lately involved in the underground outfit that was blamed to have carried out a number of explosions inside Bhutan, killed refugee leaders including K.B Khadka and Santiram Nepal last year and disturbed the peace and harmony of the refugee camps. But, at the same time, death can’t be the final punishment to any culprit. Aptly to an adage ‘To err is Human, and to err is devilish’ are like human mistakes. Human beings by nature make mistakes but are instrumental tools if these mistakes are based as the foundation stones for new success thereof.

Looking back to his recent years’ deeds, if things are true as what has been said, late Subba and his organization has made a number of such mistakes. But, there are other ways to correct them. Killing of Subba doesn’t really say that those mistakes are now wiped out rather it might tempt and entice his colleagues towards committing mistakes of greater magnitude. On the other hand, the one who killed must have a heart much different from the rational being. There can be someone with rationale who might have directed the plot of killing Mr Subba but the one who directed the gun towards him can be one with an abnormal sentiments and that it can be of danger to anyone any time for he or she has a conscience that comes into play for ill intention alone.

Consecutive killings of three Bhutanese within a short span of ten months have revealed that the nightmare of impunity is what the innocent refugees have to live in. It is the grass-root people who are compelled to be sandwiched between death and threats. It is the common people after all to suffer and get suffocated in the conspiracy and defiled plumes of air, whose beginning prayers for peace and justice never get an iota of opportunity to rupture into a blossom of hope. Only are they left with, is an option of nightmare life full of impunity, threats and trouble. Looks like the refugee camps are mere sand banks with no human existence. The status of social security is dire as the growing murder, robbery; arson and the like have tightened their grips. May be there are voices in support of the recent killing of Ramesh Subba but in the ethical sense of human existence to conceive murder as the solution to any problem is like living in the barbaric era far away from the civilized 21st-century world.

As a human being we have greater responsibilities towards creation of fair, just and peaceful place on earth than to paralyse ourselves in an ever-growing flame of wrath coming out of our quick-made decisions. From the mouth of each individual the slogan ‘STOP KILLING, START LOVING’ should echo right now. This could only be what would pave a credibly positive way for the generation that is following our footprints.
(Prepared by reporters)


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  1. Pardeshi Tara, Tenzin, and Amar/Immortal and myself, all of us readers felt that Bhutanusa@com should not be using heavy English words, and should use easy to understand English language when addressing directly to common Bhutanse people. Unfortunatley, Bhutanusa@com has simply refused to change its ways when it comes to using its “High quality English”

    I suggest Bhutanusa@com that it should not try to discredit its readers by trying to tell them that we (Readers) are wrong and they (Bhutanusa@com) are right.

    There is no need to change the language of beautiful article, “Stop killing, start loving” now, however, it will be nice on part of Bhutanusa@com if it asssures its readers that it would use simple and easy to use English words, in the future.

    Bhutanusa@com’s Editor-in-Chief and other editors and reporters have my support. However, being a true well-wisher of Bhutanusa@com, I must criticize when I feel it is violating ethics and rules of journalism. And I think Bhutanusa@com is being wrong by defending its mistake.

    If Bhutanusa@com was right by using heavy and big words of English language, then why so many readers are complaining about it?

    I also would like to tell those two commentators who have misspelled my name as Parsha, that correct name is Pasha, not Parsha.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085

  2. Wow ! what an article !
    Both thumbs up guys- for bringing such an article when it is required. I can’t stay sound without saying THANK YOU to bhutanusa@com.
    I haven’t read such a weighty article written among us.However, the decree of understanding differs when the language application has a higher volume. It may not be accissible for the common people.So, I completely agree Parshaji’s suggestion to the bhutanusa@com. for this article.
    Let this slogon ‘Stop Killing, Start Loving’ florish far and wide to establish eternal peace because.. ‘Where there is peace, the head helds high”

  3. I’m also a welwisher of this site and wishes for its betterment. As many of the Bhutanese are already resettled abroad in many countries and many still under process. Lets too share the actual way of life in abroad and how are we coping up with the new life and adjusting with the situation. Especially in different states in US has different laws, we can mention some of the specific or uniquiness of any state where we live so that it may help us in many ways.

  4. Thanks for the article “stop killing ,start loving”. its a good msg for all who love peace n prosperity but the words should be more simplified in such so that everyone could easily understand else it will be bored.

  5. The content of the article “Stop Killing and Start Loving” is really an interesting one. The disease may not be eradicated until we achieve purity in our heart and sacrifice for the goodness of everyone as we know money is root of every evils for which everybody is crazy for and dirty politics too. Worse circumstances,worst environment, scarcity of every thing, hatred, jealous,disease, disunity, dirty politics without ideology, weak leadership, materialistic view, ,greed, racisms, etc,,etc,,created such activities.May be bad omen for our future generation. Lets Unite,,,Unite,,,Unite…for Love, Peace, Progess and for better society and nation and be an example to the world!!

  6. hello, you are with great mission. your prospective towards human civilization is visionary. for our society your suggestions are worth enough to be counted each moment by every individual. it is certain that the world of war never exist. where there is love, peace, and unity there lies oneself, society and land as a whole. i do reguest everyone to follow the way peace.
    ‘stop killing, start loving` great and right slogan. thanks for your weighty artical.

  7. I, as a regular visitor of the site from Sacramento appreciate the msgs you guys are spreading. The article has meaning in it but as one of the visitors said here, the language used needs to be simplified in order to make it more meaningful. Remember guys- the use of big words doesn’t ensure greater meaning rather it confuses the readers. Any ways I found the quality english here too. keep rocking.

    Dear amar ji,
    Thanks for appreciating our write-up. Well, we don’t feel like we have used such ambiguous words that confuse our readers. Every things look simple,comprehensible and specific.

  8. I salute Bhutanusa@com for spreading the message of peace around, “Stop killing, start loving”, I think this is the message Bhutanese community members need the most at present.

    I suggest Bhutanusa@com should use simple and easy to unerstand English language words when addressing directly to the Bhutanese community. Obviously, a vast majority of Bhutanese refugees currenntly living in the refugee camps in Nepal, is not college or university level literates. It is a beautifully written article, but what good is it if majority of Bhutanese readers are unable to understand it?

    Another thing Bhutanusa@com staff members need to understand is that this website was basically established to reach as many as Bhutanese readers as possible. Bhutanusa@com cannot reach and approach to most of Bhutanese people if it does not bring its level of English language down to the level of common Bhutanese people.

    Of course, this website is also serving as a bridge between Bhutanese people and the rest of the world, and the use of heavy words of English language is fine but at least when addressing the Bhutanese community directly, Bhutanusa@com needs to use easy to understand simple English.

    I also would like to suggest that Bhutanusa@com should add the Bhutanese language translation of this beautiful article so that the most of Bhutanese people living in the refugee camps in Nepal and around the world also will be able to understand the message.

    I hope Bhutanusa@com’s staff members do not mind my suggestions and do not feel that I am trying to dictate them or trying to tell them what to do. I am a well-wisher of Bhutanusa@com, and as a reader, I am just trying to help Bhutanusa@com.

    Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

    • good hey ! salute your thoughts… really have a good attitude …..constructive criticism…..once again salute you coz you deserve it…………..we need other more people of your same knowledge and attitude!

    • Mr. Pasha,
      Lots of thanks for the valuable suggestions. We always take positively the constructive comments and feedback of our valued visitors like you. We have tried our best to make this piece of message simple and understandable.

  9. Why to cry for the split milk ….. yes u r right.. we have to appreciate anybody whether good or bad after death as we have been doing since ancient civilization and u did today.But in whichever or whatever way u say anything good about the late Subba…. nobody believes it… and everybody used to dislkike him …
    Anyways…. ur suggestion is good…..

  10. I really appreciate for you suggestions.

  11. I want to give my gratitude congratulation for the suggestion from bhutanusa reporters.Meanwhile human being can analyses by themselves coz it conscience that we are human being but not the animals.And also we may passed one day……Journey is very long but we do not know our own destinations congratulations bhutanusa reporters.

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