More than 36,000 granted exit permit

The government of Nepal has issued travel documents to more than 36 thousand refugees. Since the beginning of the third country resettlement programme, as many as 36,138 individuals of 14,687 families have been granted the necessary exit permit for resettling to third country. ‘At least hundred people a day are granted the exit permit, who have completed their necessary phases of process for relocation’, said Damberballav Gadtaula, one of the three-member representative of the Home and the External Affairs ministries of government of Nepal.

The significance of the exit permit ceases with the departure of refugees from the Kathmandu International airport, so does their information of registration as refugees, date of registration, their family designation and qualification details from the database of UNHCR and government of Nepal. Of all refugees who have owned the exit permit, 27, 333 have been resettled so far in seven different countries. The process for each individual is carried out in different phases, while, as many as 84, 447 individuals have opted for third country resettlement filling the forms till date.

America has welcomed to host the largest number of Bhutanese refugees, 24,142, whereas only 122 refugees have reached to the Netherlands so far, the least of all to host among the countries proposing to provide new homes for Bhutanese. Australia has hosted 1,049 Bhutanese occupying the second place after the US followed by Canada who has welcomed 904 Bhutanese individuals so far. Similarly New Zealand, Denmark and Norway have provided homes for 371, 326 and 319 individual Bhutanese refugees respectively.


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  1. I am a regular user of this website and it is so impressive for me. Thank you all for this great work.

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