Missing Bhutanese found in Denver.

Mar, 06, Colorado,Aurora police have found a resettled Bhutanese with vocal and hearing disability Thursday evening who went missing last Monday.

TulasiNiroula, an elderly male in his early 40s lost his way back home as he came out of his rented apartment located some six miles east of downtown Denver. As he cannot read, speak and understand English he could not trace his way homeward. According to his niece, he went to a house with the hope to getting help but to his despair the owner came out to see an abnormal stranger knocking his door and immediately called the police. Upon arriving at the site, police guessed the missing man to be mentally incorrect and rushed him to Rose Hospital. He is brought home unharmed.

This unmarried man came to Colorado through resettlement program some six months ago from Bhutanese refugee camp, Beldangi-I.
Now Niroula is physically and mentally alright and is with his family members as per the information provided by his relatives.


2 Responses

  1. It is better to teach them signboard reading

  2. thanks police department for taking care of Mr Niroula.

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