A Cancer victim appeals Dr. Bhumpa Rai

A resettled Bhutanese refugee here in USA who has been suffering from Cancer has appealed a Bhutanese Organization  for  his treatment.  Dilli Ram Biswa formerly from Beldangi-2(ext) refugee camp, sector A/4 who came to the United States last December through the Third Country resettlement Program  has sent a letter to the Chairman of an exiled formed Bhutanese organization, BRRC, Dr. Bhumpa Rai today requesting the latter to manage necessary resource for his treatment.

According to the letter written by one of his siblings in Nepal, Mr. Damber Bahadur Biswa,  Biswa was diagnosed with cancer while he was in Nepal but the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) staff assured that the treatment would be done by the resettling agency after his relocation  in the US. However, no organization has taken care of his condition. No information regarding Biswa’s health insurance in the US has been mentioned.

The letter further reads that initially he had severe toothache and with the assistance from the health workers at camps he had his tooth taken out. He was hopeful that he would feel better but the things went other way adding to his ailment. AMDA hospital in Damak, Jhapa  could not detect the cause of his dental problem so Biswa was referred to B. P. Hospital in Dharan, Ghopa in October, 2009. Doctors at this hospital declared that he has cancer.  He went almost hopeless that he would get treated. Because of this he sought help from the resettlement agency.  IOM told him that the resettling agency would take care of his disease but he is still desperately waiting to see if any agency can extend its remedial hand. The letter reads:

(Information Courtesy: Titopiromitho.com)


21 Responses

  1. You honestly outdid yourself this article. Well done

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  4. I appreciate comments made by a reader, “Jog”, who has appealed Bhutanese community for unity and harmony in their struggle for a better tomorrow.

    I also would like to offer my help, in any way, I can, to Bhutanese cancer patient, Mr. Dilli Ram Biswa.

    Too bad, Bhutanusa@com is still keeping its readers in dark by not letting us know where in the United States this cancer patient lives.

    Hopefully, almost 80% all of the total 96,617 Bhutanese refugees, formerly or currently living in the Nepali camps of Beldandi-1, Beldangi-11, Beldangi-11- extension, Pathri, Khudunabari, Goldhap, Timai, Damak (Jhapa) and Sanischare (Morang), will be resettled here in the United States, and Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia and Norway, by the end of next year, or may be a lot sooner than that.

    About 80% Bhutanese refugees support third country resettlement. Remaining about 20% of minority opposes that option and wants to go back to their beloved motherland, Bhutan. Remaining about 20,000 Bhutanese refugees will be left behind in the camps.

    These 80% and 20% of Bhutanese community members always have been fighting against each other for many years and are still fighting in the camps.

    On May 29, 2007, two refugees were killed in clashes between these two opposing groups. Nepali armed Police had to intervene to curb the violence and to maintain law and order. Refugees were ordered not to leave the camps after 7:00 pm.

    These 80% and 20% are part of each other and are brothers and sisters, and they need to respect each other’s choices. The 80% majority should leave those alone who do not want to go to any third country.

    I am sure the United States and the rest of International community will take very good care of that 20% minority. I have feelings that they will be allowed to go back to their homeland, Bhutan, with respect and dignity, in near future.

    I think Bhutanese refugees senior leader, Mr. Tek Nath Rizal will be appointed as Prime Minister of Bhutan, and Dr. Bhampa Rai and some other Bhutanese refugees leaders also will be offered high-ranking posts in Bhutan’s new Government.

    Hopefully, the United States and Bhutan will establish diplomatic relations and will send ambassadors to capital of Bhutan, Thimphu and capital of the United States, Washington, D.C.

    And that will be the happy ending of the Bhutanese refugees crisis.

    Until that day comes, all of the Bhutanese community members must stop opposing and hating each other, and start helping and loving each other, or this crisis will never come to an end even in next 100 years.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01089.

  5. its is very bad news to know about ur suffering :Dili Ram jee

  6. Oh bhutanese when will you stop fighting over the comments like hungry dogs over a piece of bone. When the world is looking for and struggling for better tomorrow.
    Try to sit back and think oh you all of little faith

  7. Era Ji:

    Why are you trying to make it look like I oppose Bhutanusa@com for posting a news on a Bhuatnese cancer patient?

    Why are you trying so hard to prove that I have no sympathy with that cancer patient?

    Please raed my comments again, and you will find that I was just making a point that the patient himself should write appeal to others, and if he is unable to write or read himself, he should put his signature on the letter or sign on a “Power of Attorney” document so that other person or relative will have full legal authority to represent the patient.

    I am just trying to help Bhutanese refugees resettled here in USA by making them aware of laws of this country so that no one gets in trouble.

    Here in America, no Doctor is allowed to release medical information on his/her patient without his/her patient’s written permission. And even a father or husband or any close relative is not allowed to get medical history of a patient without that patient’s written permission. This is the law, here , in every State and in every city in America.

    Bhutanusa@com also needs written permission from the patient, in writing before it posts medical history on this patient or any other patient. . Probably nothing bad will come to Bhutanusa@com, but whenever someone violates the law, possibility of getting in trouble with law is always there.

    I know many Bhutanese refugees resetlled here in USA do not like these laws and find them strange, funny and stupid laws. But we have to follow all of local, State and Fedreral laws, regardless of liking them or disliking them.

    Here is an example: A Bhuatnese refugee arrived here from Nepal just about two months ago. He went to a grocery store to buy grocery. There he saw two young boys of age 5 and 10. He touched them in a fatherly way of showing love and affection and hugged and kissed them. Their mother started screaming and asked other people around to save kids from that Bhutanese man and told people that he was trying to kiss them in a sexual manner and was trying to rape and kidnap them. Police arrived in just a few minutes and arrested him. Video of this man kissing boys was showed on TV and many American people started to think Bhutanese men are dangerous for American children.

    Bhutanusa@com also published that news in 2009.

    That Bhutanese man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for trying to kidnap and rape the boys. To the best of my knowledge, he is still in jail, and probably he will be sent back to Nepal after he completes his jail time.

    I am sure that Bhutanese man was not a bad guy and he had no bad intention of raping those two young boys. He just forgot the fact that now he is living in a different country where laws are different than laws in Nepal. And he paid a very heavy price for not making himself aware of American laws. May be it is OK to kiss or hug a child in Nepal, but here in USA, kissing someone else’s child can create a big problem.

    Some readers have said things to the affect that that I should mind my own business and that I am an outsider and I do not have right to post comments on this website. Some of the readers have insulted me and insulted my native country, Pakistan.

    Honestly, I do not have much spare time to write long comments on websites. I do that because I enjoyed visiting this website, and I like Bhutanese/Nepalese people and I like to help them. But if they do not want me here, I easily can kiss Good Bye to Bhutanusa@com and spend my precious time doing something else good for my own life. I am sure not all of Bhutanese readers hate me, but some of readers have hurt my feelings by insulting me. I am glad to see that there are more Bhutanese readers who admire and appreciate my comments and I am very much thankful to them.

    In the end, I must urge all of the Bhutanese refugees resettled here in the United States to try to become familiar with American laws, and try to follow them. This is the key to their sucess. If someone wants to hate me because I am a Pakistani-American, and I am a Muslim, that is their choice. Their hatred towards me, my native country and my religion will not do any harm to me, my native country, Pakistan, or my relion, Islam, but as a matter of fact it will harm them and their own mental health, because hate is not a healthy thing for any one.

    I wish good luck to all of Bhutanese/Nepalese people living in here in America and living anywhere else in the world.

    Mr. Shahid Mohammad Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  8. Roshan Ji:

    Please do not be angry. And if you do get angry, please do not attack my Janam Bhumi (Birth Place), race or religion, because only Buzdil and Darpok (Coward and Scared) people do that. When they cannot find anything else to say, they just start attacking other people’s race, religion or country. By the way, I am not from India. So please do not suggest Bhutanusa@com’s administrator to change this website’s name to Indiausa@com.

    India went on war with my native country, Pakistan, four times, and took East Pakistan away from us, and turned it into Bangladesh. Thousands of Bangladeshi, Nepali and Bhutanese girls are being forced to sell their bodies in the flesh markets of Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and many other Indian cities, every day. India is a Hindu country, and Indians should help their Hindu brothers and sisters living in Nepal and Bhutan. But I think Pakistanis love their Bhutanese and Nepalis friends more than Indians do.
    I am an American citizen and I am proud to be a Pakistani-American, and proud to be a Muslim.

    I am sorry if any of my comments have made you and some others unhappy.

    I also offer my apology to Bhutanusa@com for using tough language and for talking about their website being shut down. God knows I like this website so much and I just do not want to see this website getting in any trouble.

    How can I help that ill person and pay him out of my pocket if I even do not know where this person lives?
    Bhutanusa@com has never posted his city and state in USA. I promise you that I will offer him any help I can, if he asks for, but first I need to know where that patient lives. But I am sure he does not need any financial help from anyone, nor any medical help from Dr. Bhampa Rai, because this patient is living in the strongest and richest country in the world and the United States Government will never leave him helpless. I am sure he will get best medical care and treatment, and all of his medical bills will be paid.

    I am willing to visit his home and I am willing to give him suggestions and advice on how he can receive medical insurance benefits and Governmental assistance regarding his illness.

    Even if Dr. Bhampa Rai sends this patient his prescription, no pharmacy in America will ever accept that prescription, and will never sell medicine to him prescribed by Dr. Bhampa Rai or any other foreign Doctor, because any prescription issued by any foreign Doctor living outside of USA has no legal value in USA.

    Dr. Bhampa Rai is not an ordinary person who just sits in his clinic in Damak all day and waits for patients to come to his clinic to buy medicine from him and make him rich. He is not only a Doctor, but also is a leader. He never forced his patients to buy medicine from him. He never accepts any consultation fee from Bhutanese refugees because he loves Bhutan and he loves his countrymen. Dr. Bhampa Rai is a very rich man. He does not live in a hut in a refugee camp, but he lives in a large house, and does not receive any food or money from anyone. His wife was never able to produce a baby. Dr. Bhampa Rai coulda have marry one more woman to get a baby but he chose not to do so because he loves his wife.

    I plan to meet with Dr. Bhampa Rai in near future, at his clinic in Damak, Jhapa, Nepal. I will ask Dr. Bhampa Rai why some Bhutanese people hate him so much?

    Roshan Ji, ask Bhutanusa@com, if I ever have hindered their good work, and I am sure they will tell you I have never created any problem for Bhutanusa@co. I have criticized Bhutanusa@com few times, but I think a good friend always expresses his true and honest feelings towards his friends. The editors and reporters of Bhutanusa@com are my friends. Whenever I felt that Bhutansa@com was doing something wrong, I told them frankly, and they know the fact that I do not kiss butts.

    Anyway, I am sorry again to you, and to all of those who are angry with me, if I have offended you in any way.

    I have written so many comments and I think now I should take a break and I should just sit back, relax and just read other people’s comments quietly.

    I love Bhutanese people”. “I love Nepalese people, because they are good people”.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085

  9. Mr pasha, ur comments i do appreciate. but u seem going little bit further than what it ought to be.i want to ask u one question? what will u do if u have such problem like mr biswa has now?
    i think u will remain quiet and sit at the corner and let the death be ur final choice. isnt it?
    why i wrote this one, u know?
    u r explaining a lot about the laws of usa and helping the Bhutanese folks. thanks for that. u have opened the eyes of all the people telling that it is bad/it is good. But here comes a saying …”and can be charged for the news published here”. BUT WHY?
    but don’t you kno that something is better than nothing
    coz, mr biswa is now in hope and less condition. so we came to know about him. whats is wrong about it. people will know and talk about and help him. Have you ever imagined from his place for a while? how he is feeling.
    he is feeling that if any one can help him right now he will be very glad and thankful. he is in need of your help.. our help. try to think positive.
    people pay money for the advertisement for asking the help in the news for resolving their problm. instead of explaining the laws, think of how can we help him. i thank personally bhutanusa.com for ur message, as i know now and can do to my best for him.
    mr biswa cant be unhappy for this news and he will not be upset for his personality. u know why, personality comes after his disease is cured, GOT IT.
    we are after all bhutanese, we better try to remain clustered than scattered.
    rest is in god, the almighty.

  10. A reader, Dashi Tara is right by saying that this issue is not the issue of treatment.

    Another reader Om Rai has told me using a harsh tone that this was not my business.

    I do not know where in the USA, this patient currently is residing, but I know for sure that this issue will eventually be resolved and the patient , Mr. Dillie Ram Biswa, will get best medical care in the world, and it will not cost him a penny. Some donor agency, organization, insurance plan ,State , or the Federal Government will pay all of his medical bills.

    Patients all around the world come to the United States for a better treatment, and in my honest opinion, this patient does not need any help from Dr. Bhampa Rai. Dr.Bhampa Rai is a great Doctor but he earned his MBBS in Dhaka,Bangladesh, over 20 years ago. Now, here we have the best Doctors in the world, and many of them are more experienced and have more knowledge and better technology than Dr.Bhampa Rai has.

    This patient just needs a little patience, and his siblings Mr.Damber Bahadur Biswa, needs to talk to someone in the United States,not some political leader in Nepal.

    Another issue is that here in the United States, we have laws to protect a patient’s privacy rights, and no website, magazine or newspaper can post or publish a patient’s medical history without getting written permission from the patient.

    Dr. Bhampa Rai will never respond to this patient’s relative’s appeal on this website because he is a smart man and he knows it will be wrong for him to discuss a patient’s medical history on a website.

    A patient and a Doctor must discuss medical issues in a private, secret and confidential manner,not on a website.

    Few months ago, Bhutanusa@com and a Bhutanese reader from Massachusetts, USA, threatenned eachother with law suits against eachother. The reader was angry that Bhutanusa@com had posted photos of some Bhutanese individuals without their permission, and threatenned to have Bhutanusa@com shut down for breaking American laws.

    I was glad to learn that both parties reconciled and decided not to go to court against eachother.

    I am a big fan of Bhutanusa@com, and I love this website, and visit this website almost every day. I would like to suggest Bhutanusa@com that it should be very careful when posting any patient’s medical condition in details.

    Medical condition of movie stars, politicians, public servants, and public figures, is a different matter. Mr. Dilli Ram Biswa is a private citizen / resident of the United States, and Bhutanusa@commust needs to get a written permission from the patient himself , not from his parents, brothers or sisters, or uncles or aunts,before posting patient’s medical history on its website.

    I am afraid some of this patient’s immediate family members would get upset to see Bhutanusa.com is posting that patient’s medical condition without getting a written permission from the patient. As a matter of fact, any resident of the United States, can alert Fedral authorities or file a complaint against Bhutanusa@com for violating Federal laws, and Federal authorities can shut down this website for violating Federal laws. I would be terribly sad to see that happening.

    Bhutanusa@com is based in the United States and it must follow the laws of the land.

    However, the hospitals in Nepal, where this patient was being treated can help by sending this patient’s medical record and history to his treating Doctor here in the United States.

    Mr. Shahid Pasha, Westfield, Massachuseets, USA 01089

    • Shahid pasha,
      If you don’t like this news, it is your own bussiness but posting the news in here is a great thing.Dr.Bhumpa Rai is not a big person that he don’t get time even to go through this website.If even he don’t get time then other people who visit him will definitely pass him this message of appeal.
      Regarding the privacy of patient,i think it is better not to blame bhutanusa.com coz this covering world and updating bhutanese with new fresh news.So for now,according to pasha,Bhutanusa.com should not publish news of Bhutanese coz it is their privacy,let bhutanusa.com writes about pasha’s country and his citizens.I don’t know where is pasha from? but i think he is from India, so dear administrator of Bhutanusa.com,please make this website as indiausa.com not bhutanusa.com….Third party always hinders the good job of bhutanese refugee and so as pasha did.I love to hear from you pasha.If you are a real man,then you will help this ill person from your pocket…

  11. I dont think this is the issue for treatment, in every states,the donor agency arrange for medical treatment.

  12. You neednot have to agree with anybody else Mr.Shahid??Mind your business!we dont care,,,,bhutanusa is one of our media coverage in usa,,,he deserves to request the media to understand his sufferings.This is a medical issue,,not the human and Dr.Bhumpa is a medical surgeon who could understand his sufferings and advise him for the solution.Simply writing an appeal is not something like asking money only.

  13. its sad to know about mr biswa’s problem. but why dont he urge to the agency. they will help him if he “insist” and “plead” instead of bhumpa. nothing is perfect but need to make it better. keep asking help to agency, church, etc.they will certainly help. keep faith in urself. mr biswa. god be with u. dont delay.
    thanks bhutanusa.com for ur news

  14. I am sympathised with the cancer patient, a resettled Bhutanese refugee here in USA who has been suffering from Cancer, but I do not understand why his relative has appealed to Bhuatnese refugees leader, Dr. Bhumpa Rai, and what kind of help does he need from Dr. Bhumpa Rai, medical or financial?

    Another thing I do not understand is why the patient’s reative has sent a copy of his letter to Bhutanusa@com to have it posted on its website? Is he trying to put pressure on Dr. Bhampa Rai?

    I think this is a human issue,not a political issue, and it should not be mixed with local politics of Bhutan and Nepal. Any human or any social organization can get involve and offer help to this patient. Why should we go after Dr. Bhampa Rai and try to force him to help this patient?

    This letter was not written by the patient, but by one of his siblings in Nepal, Mr. Damber Bahadur Biswa. Obviously, the patient’s relative does not have any legal permission (Letter of authority) to write letters to others on patient’s behalf.

    I suggest Mr. Damber Bahadur Biswa that he should let this matter handle with someone living in the United States, because someone cannot do much by living in Nepal and writing letters to political leaders in Nepal.

    I have heard that Canada, and many Euoropean countries offer a better health service plans to most of its citizens and residents. But uufortunatley, here, in America, not all medical insurance plans cover everything all the times. Millions of Americans who were born here, do not have any health insurance. Many of Americans do not have full coverage of all their medical needs.
    I appreciate comments made by readers, Ghana Dulal and Ram Rai. Their views reflect the reality, however I do not agree with other reader, “Til”‘s’s statement, “…..we came to the United States for a better future but what I have seen here is that there is is no life (health) insurance”.
    I think if any individual does not like this country for its services offered to its residents, he / she is free to apply for migration to Canada, Euorope or any other country in the world.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01089

  15. it is sad to learn this issues of our bhutanese

  16. we came here in united satate for our batter future.so when new american came from bhutan will get the benifit of health insurence for eigth months.and also children below age of 18 will get that insurence for more than 12 months.but than also refugee agencie will help him

  17. I agree with Ghana Dulal. Refugee is eligible for health insurance for first eight months.The resettlement agency should take care of him any way.

  18. Well, every body should understand the fact that this things will tarnish the resettlement program as a whole and create negative impression to the entire world. He should be treated before its too late,

  19. Every Refugee is eligible for medicaid at least for the first eight months and families with children under 18 years get a transitional medicaid for the next 12 months. If the sickness is curable not very cronic, treatment can be done with in this time period. Again if he /she has to be under medication for ever, he /she will be eligible for disability medicaid. So the guardian has to explain every thing to the agency and the caseworker as early as possible to his doctor during the health screening and it will e followed up. Here in Utah, and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help you.

  20. As we know that we came in united state for the betterment of our future but what i have seen there is no life insurance

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