European Bhutanese reach Geneva for Lobby

Kathmandu, March 17: Representing over one hundred thousand Bhutanese in exile, a four-member delegation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum Europe (BAF -Europe) has reached Geneva earning this morning to lobby in the 13th Human Right Council meeting in Palis des Nations.

“We have received accreditation into the UN meeting with effect from 17th March until the session on Bhutan concludes,” said Durga Giri over telephone from Germany before leaving to Geneva.

The delegation is scheduled to meet the representatives of member states and appraise about the true human rights situation in the country, and will attend the session on Bhutan which starts at 18.00 hour on March 18.

Issue of Illegal immigrant as raised by the regime on the Bhutanese refugees in the Universal Periodic Review meeting is baseless, Giri said. “Our delegation will draw the attention of the international community to the real political issue of citizenship Act of 1985 which has disenfranchised tens of thousands of southern Bhutanese.”

According to him, the team will lobby the possible international community on issues like establishment of human rights commission, inclusive democracy and governance, release of political prisoners, repatriation of exiled Bhutanese and international aids in Bhutan among others.

Led by Giri, other members of the delegation included Ram Bahadur Karki, Tej Man Monger and Hem Rizal, who is also a former political prisoner of Bhutan.


5 Responses

  1. i feel you are quite right too , Mr. Bikram. Yes..yes… 20 yrs have passed that way.

    Now lets come to a rough conclusion…after answering these questions?
    1. Will 100% bhtnese refugees accept 3rd country?
    2. If no, will the remainder be accepted then by Bhutan?
    3. If no again (likely probability), what will happen to these people?
    4. Will RGoB regualrise the existing STATELESS people?

  2. Dear “reader”,
    International comunity has accepted their proposal to attend the meeting? Does that make sense??? International community remained as a silent observer for almost 20 years.No news we heard during the time of two decade that they stressed Bhutan to take bak their citizens except some Nepalese corrupt leaders like KP, CP and the like. Many a time we raised voice against the druk regime’s ethnic cleansing strategy. Several were killed during the demonstrations. Did this creature(so called Int’l community) do anything. Now they see that most of the refugees are resettled thereby lessening the burden. So they are trying to shed Croc. tears which these guys never realise. Now they also know that resettled people have to work here unlike in the refugee camps so they give allow them to attend those meeting as they are sure that a very negligible numbers can show up whose voice just can’t even come out of that building. I don’t mean to say that Bhutan is not our motherland, but repatriation at this point, for sure, is a rare prize when Bhutan is saying that less than 50 percent of those in exile are genuine Bhutanese. Well, I agree that those in Bhutan are still facing a lot of problems as you pinpointed. “MAY BE” has understood and realised my words. Thanks Buddy.

  3. No need to laugh. As the Intl community has accepted them to attend the meeting only implies its seriousness.
    Different people have different opinions. Yes, majority may go for third country settlement. The rest, though less, are likely to be in tens of thousands. Do you think any GOVERNMENT or any community will JUST KILL them. IF not what would happen to them ?
    But gain, Bhutan may not accept repatriation that easily as they have NOT yet regularised EVEN those who have been in Bhutan ever since their birth and have attained around 40 years of age. I see them running from Ministries to Gewog level and they are made to keep on running till they are exhausted (time, energy and money). WILL ANY ONE COMMENT ON THIS!!!?

  4. Perhaps, there are some true words in your mockery.. but many will criticize you as the odd man out to go against the movement and fight of 20 years.
    Criticizing alone and challenging is only one side of the coin, unless there is an attitude developed to see the both sides of the coin, we will continue this generation after generation. The only true change will come once the people living inside Bhutan stand up like we are doing, until then.. i agree with you that we are wasting what not..

  5. Hahahaha… again another joke!!! Why these guys are spending time, energy and money for nothing worthwhile? Stay back, work earn and live. why are u shouting!!
    Do you think that your effort will be heard by the government of Bhutan or the international society? NO. We did a lot when we were in Nepal.Right from AMCC’s appeal march to cycle rally, Mechi bridge sit in to ..blabla…But did international society hear us? Instead, they tried to resolve the crisis by sending us to the thrid country. So, its the wastage of time and energy to again shout for repatriaton. Fellows, lets not talk about movement, repatriation, bhutan, druk and all these stuffs, we he Bhutanese are tired of these nonsense words. let us breath some fresh air.

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