Shrimadh Bhagawat puran in Damphu

Mar. 19 In a nation that claims itself to be exclusively Buddihist in religous instinct, a seven-day Bhagawat recitation and illustrative explanations of its Sanskrit verses have begun in Damphu starting March 19, 2010. It is one of the biggest Bhagawat ceremonies held anywhere in Bhutan. It is conducted by Hindu Dharma Foundation of Bhutan, the only Hindu organisation of Bhutan that was formed last October.



The event on its opening day brought some 1500 ‘purana lovers’ to the site, a Hindu-Buddhist restful temple. Yoga, Cultural programs, bhagawat recitation, purana explations will be the main attractions for the program that will last until 25th instant of this month.It is believed that the ceremony will promote country’s rich heritage and pray for peace, prosperety and the well being of the country, its king and the people.

“We’ll recite religious epics like Bhagwat Mahapuran,” Said Pundit Dr P L Niroula, the executive member of the foundation.. The epic, he explained, would educate people on the importance of being a good human being and teach the basic principles of dharma. “Love, compassion and unity are its main principles,” he added.

Speaking in the opening ceremony, Dr. Niroula briefed the people on the importance of cultivating love and respect for the tsa-wa-sum. He also said that the foundation is conducting such religious functions in six southern district and are collecting data as to how many Hindu temples, priests, Pathsalas and Sanskrit students they have in the country.As he told the media that the data collected will then be submitted to Lhengtsho that will help improve Hindu religion in the country with more of such activities in future.

Tsirang lam neten Wangdi said, “religion was an important component of gross national happiness and the Constitution guaranteed religious freedom to all citizens. “It’s important to respect all religions,” the lam neten said.

Notwithstandng what the lamas and the pundits said, the question of religious tolerance was one of the root causes that gave rise to political unrest in Bhutan early in the decade of ninties.


4 Responses

  1. Another Drama in the lost Shangrila…………Chaos and confusion…………….What it means to Druk regime is SAARC reharsal to close the mouth of banished innocent ones and double banished clever ones. While, good work Punditji, afterall, hope you pray for people like us also in USA, doing what we had heard people do it!!

  2. it is a wonderful thing happening here.It will definitely bring GNH if only known well that gautam buddha was son of hindu and only oldest religion lived.whom do you respect first a father or son ?

  3. yes…i find the story good, religious tolerance has to be there in a civilised society or among the people of this millenium….

    But if such acts are just to overrun other minority religion like Christian, then….

  4. what a lovely news. after double of decade the druk expelled his people mostly celebrating hindu, is now helping hands in hands showing the religious tolerance. let this continue in future and bring unity among the people of bhutan with different religion. i hope this is the step of peace in progress. let it not go in vain. let them carry on this tolerance on and on, forever……..
    lets hear peace in bhutan forever. god bless bhutan

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