पर्देशी तारा
(बफेल्लो सिटी ,न्यू योर्क )
झोला भयो जिन्दगी स्वदेशमा
तोला भयो जिन्दगी परदेशमा

बर्षायममा बग्दै जादा सुकी जाने
खोला भयो जिन्दगी मदेशमा

कृष्ण हुँदा पनि सुदमको जस्तो
भोला भयो जिन्दगी उपदेशमा

बुद्ध बोक भन्ने बाटै देश दुख्द
सोला भयो जिन्दगी सन्देशमा

स्वदेश भित्र द्वन्दा मात्र पर्देशीले देख्दा
के होला ? भयो जिन्दगी द्वेशमा

25 Responses

  1. It is sure and certain that we do had to to follow the politician n we had to beg some thing like begging beggar in the deserted kingdom in jhapa at the refugee camp . Now a days we have every thing we r free and full of anxity in an open air or environment . khahako Indra Gandhi khahako kharkiny Ammmoi khaha ko refugee life khaha ko bidasi life khahako suki janay kholcha khaha ko urlindo bhayal ho tara ghajal akdom mon chunay 6 keep it up in the future to i will tried to bless u thanks

    • Thank you Purnaji,
      I wish, let ur blessing bring me with better knowledge of understanding and successful career of life. Let you rather keep on blessing without trial yar. You are superb and interesting dude. Carry on your job!
      God bless you.
      Pardeshitara ,USA

  2. Namaskar Dai,
    good job ! you have reflected your potientialities.
    I know, you can do what many have not done yet. Go rocking…and Happy new year 2067 too.
    May I know, where are you in this days? :-bd

  3. Bhai,
    Kabita ko khani ta USA ma rrahechha,berthai Australia chhirera kabita lukaiyechha.Aaris lagera marey hai mata.
    Thir Thapa
    Hobart Australia

    • Darshan Dai,
      Marera auta suru gardai chu dai. Prerana chai Australia ma chhireko sahitya ko sansar bata nai ho hai dai. Prayas jari rakhne chu tapai ko thau ma aai pugna .USA ma bhayeko kabita ko khani sayed tya (Australia ma) lukaiyeko rachana bata sri Ganesh bhayeko hunu parcha… Dai, ma ta jhan k bhannu……………..marre hai daaha le.
      Thank you so much dai for your inspirational appreciation.

  4. oh, wonderful kaka sri.you started very good job ,by which you will be known to all by your gazal.i found a good meaning in your gazal.i like so much.keep on writing you will bring out many more in days to come.

  5. Sir, Your style of writing is unique and interesting. Apreciated much !! Wanna see more from you. Plz publish your poem ” phul” (flower).
    Your x-student.

  6. I really appricate ur gazal,your perceptive n thoughtfulwords are needed in these times!Of poetry i speak;have a book awaiting pen,Do create it!
    hi pardashi , i support susil’s saying too.coz ur dashi one .

  7. wondorful gajal. it casts ur shadow.

  8. Hi Pardeshitara, Are you Tara dai from Bel-2 previously? whosoever, never mind. The gazal is superb!! It is rhythmic, emotional and interesting. How could u rhyme the beginning and ending of “Missara ea sani” in every verses? This is the most interesting part I have read about here. Congrats dai!! and do bring some more creations related to our cause and whereabouts. You will get the worth of being creational.
    Thank you bhutanusa.com for publishing such a interesting gazal.

  9. Tara,
    U r not pardeshi yar. U r really the deshi one.

    Anihow it is the wonderful creation of urs. Keep it up man! I feel like reading more of this type.

  10. hi solta, its really wonderful creation i have had ever read. keep on creating the same type of gagals . one day u will b in the summit of nepali gagals. best wishes to u

  11. dada Iam surprise reading all gazal and also I am so prode of you. Its so interesting. keep it up.

  12. Hi pardeshi Tara, Its really interesting. I wiss you can send me your all gazal everytime you write.
    Thank you

  13. we all expect more from you…. it’s really nice gazal….. keep on writing u will be the gar8 writer than other… wish you all the best…


  15. hello k6 khabar .i hope there all bhutaness r well n fine in usa . here i also doing my best of luck to came tere i like good this all program that held in usa . lots of thanks .bye

  16. hi pardeshi Tara,
    It’s really awesome gazal, i really apprecated your creation, i enjoyed reading your article and wish to read more from you in days to come.
    Best of regards.

  17. Really nice gazal.Appreciated and i like it.Expect more from you dai.Thanks bhutanusa.com for publishing such an awesome gazal…

  18. धेरै पछाडि घुम्दै आइयो ! गजल रमाइलो छ ।

  19. hi pardasi tara i appricate ur gazal but i do like it.

  20. dai really interesting gazal keep on writing u will bring out many more.

    • Bhai, Thank you for your appreciation. Sure! hoping not against the hope,I do. Let me try.

  21. nice article.

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