YOB attends World Congress

YOB delegates with the out going IUSY President and other representatives(Photo/Rajen Giri)

Youth Organization of Bhutan(YOB) attended the World Congress 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden from 25th to 28th March. Three member delegation of the organization including the president, Mr. Rajen Giri, YOB’s European focus person, Aakash Budhathoki and woman representative, Miss. Dhan Maya Ale had reached the Swedish capital at the invitation of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), the August world forum of socialist, social democrats and the labor youths.

According to the press release issued by Mr. Giri here in California, YOB also held two separate meetings there- one with the Norwegian Labor Youths and the other with the members of the Asian Pacific Committee consisting of members from Thailand, Australia, Phillipines, Myanmar and New Zealand. “During the meeting we urged the participants to build the plan of action to exert pressure on the Govt. of Bhutan with continuous advocacy on Bhutanese cause”, their release reads.

The delegates also asked the IUSY through Asian Pacific Committee to design mechanism to protest the gross human rights violation by the Royal Government of Bhutan during the SAARC meet which is scheduled to be held in Thimpu next month.


28 Responses

  1. Hey Madan ji, dont come the raw prawns as you know it well that everyone has the right to privacy. It is their right to disclose or keep their personal matters and in any circumstances to give an anonymous comment. Forget about the goddamn debate as it is endless and waste of time. My humble request to you please think twice before you post anything. This statement …”Back biting has become very common especially in US” is really biased…you should not be writhing. This is what we call cheating than giving an anonymous comment.

    • Dear Dip Jee,Its you to understand my language.Lets leave this issue as everyone has rights for privacy,i understand that but at the same time we write comments to know the viewer about what they think.Its not that i have wasted time but instead i have uti;ize my innocent ideas only to reflect among my friends and one of which is you too.I dont think that you are the right person to ORDER ME to think twice.I have my own rights to comments and its not offensive too.I know that i have not used provacative words claming anyone else.Cheating or writing the facts is different and i have not given any wrong info regarding myself in the comments.I am always open and frank.

  2. Hey Guys,Put your sense as it works,,,not necessarily needed to inofrm all about any organisation but everyone deserve to claim the organisation.organisation is not something like a popcorn which people buy before entering to watch the movie.One who applies its common sense does the work.If you are BRAVE and BOLD enough why dont you write your name and email clearly so that we can have a open debate.It seems like everyone is cheating when writing a comment.Back biting has become very common especially in US.Friends ,,,the world is small now and everyone is smart.I am Madan Kumar Giri and i live in Charlottetown,Canada,please if you have any comments let me know,,,,

    • hi madan
      I am sorry to say that people like you made YOB like popcorn. We have no issue with YOB but the with the leaders who have been leading so commercially since its establishment. If YOB can’t represent all the Bhutanese youths why has it been running with ‘Bhutanses” tag. Why did they use Bhutanese refugees as source of income?Why did they say they needed the fund to help Bhutanese refugees in international forum?These leaders were funded to travel around the world to represent Bhutanese people but not only YOB members. I don’t believe YOB members dug the pocket to travel around the world so far. YOB is not a personal organisation as we understood. If its some one personal i don have to say but if its of Bhutanese people i think there should be dramatical change in leadership.

      • Hello Iarmar Jee,First of all are you a Bhutanese too??If not thats fine,,if so,,,you are highly welcome to form an organisation as per your capabilities and everyone has rights to do that.It dosent mean that any organisation has to represent all bhutanese whether of not or,,,,Its an indivisual choice,Noone has taken the entire responsibilities of being a leader or to represent anyone else,every indivisual is a leader today had all deserve to wirite whatever they think and do.My opinion was just leave it!!! let them do what they like,,,like me??Its not that we are under any pressure to join anyone else.If you say that we have leaders for our guidance to return back to Bhutan,,,for me thats wrong,,i dont have any leders representing me that could lead to Bhutan.Sorry i wont be in Bhutan even in my dream.If someone thinks about that,,,thats their choice.Lets have a debate,,,feel free to come,,,by the way visit our web too,,,its http://www.hamibhutani.com

  3. Rajen,
    Leader and members of YOB and IUSY ,belives in democratic values,discussion and debate.YOB and IUSY as organisations are fighting to abolish dictator and establish peoples rule.Now I think YOU must either ask fro appology or resign as a president on moral ground for the better growth of organisation.BPP as a parental party should ask for his explaination.You have let down all your great work and tarnished your Image.

    • Anup Andrew,
      Firstly, I do not believe in anonymous comment which possibly could have passed from a agent of Bhutanese government. Secondly, YOB is a organization not ‘ the ‘ organization of Bhutan. There are other student’s and Youth’s organization still exist in exile – hope I do not have to name every single one if you have lived in regugee camp. On top of that YOB is a membership based organization. Only its member has right to represent YOB in local, regional and international forum. I believe all membership base organizations work in similiar way. In terms of advocacy YOB has right to advocate our common cause because we are all victims too. Not only organization , every bhutanese has it. If you want – you can advocate our issue too ,I wlll appreciate it. So, I still say YOB is a membership base organization, hence, no one becomes the member automatically without going through its membership process . That is why it does not represent all youths because all youths are not members. It would not be fair to other youth organizaitons if I say YOB represents all Youth of Bhutan. I prefer to be honest on what we are rather than giving good pose on media.

      • I am sad to see blunt leader leading the noble organisation .I would suggest you to read once more what I commented.I understant it is very difficult to be a good charismatic leader.Before writing any comments in public,please use your commen sense and diplomacy if you really have a vision .Challanging with negative thoughts is the result of empty brain .Wake up,I respect you and I know that you can make a difference but you must sharpe your brain .Think before what you say and write for your better tommorrow.I suggested you because I am also the member of YOB.If you know my name you will be suprised.
        All the best .

  4. Hey Rajen ji
    You stated that YOB only represents its members which is absulately absurd. How dare you call it by that name if you do not represent refugee youths as a whole. If you really want to represent only your member folks then better change it to Rajen Membership Forum.
    If you had thought to represent youths then how many refugees huts you ever went saying about the organisation and its aims. In fact it is clear from your opinion that the organisation never ever represented Refugees youths.
    I also want to make you clear that youths are not merely young member but people of any age can be youths if they are member or not. Rajen ji why can’t a man in his 70s be a youth? Because he is not a member… or something like that. I m quite not sure why you stated YOB only represents its members.
    I am really embarassed by ppl saying YOB sold bhutanese refugees, its really offensive. We should be satisfied from them because being not able to represent all bhutanese they represented their members.

  5. Well done…….. you guys, (YOB team ) I saw some comments on this site, really this persons are useless, they are doing anything for the community, they just point to the others. they may be chamcha from Bhutan or they don’t love country, may be landless people, so that they ……….

  6. Dear Friends,Some of the comments are so offensive and provacative which i think that someone might have written just to waste time and make the misuse of internet.Offcourse YOB doesnot represent all the youth from Bhutan but what happened to you all??Cant they attend seminar or social gathering without your consent?Let them do their Business as other organisation and indivisual are doing!!!!lLets use American sense here not the old rhyme.We are out of that now and every indivisual deserve that rights.Lets not critisize only.

  7. Hey,
    Lets create our mind positive. Something is better than nothing. Lets forget about past. What YOB did in past is a history. Lets stick to present. The conference in itself is commendable.

    We must keep rolling our efforts to counter Bhutan. Kudos Giri and his entire team.


  8. Dear Reader,Please do understand that YOB doesnot represents all the Bhutanese Youths from Bhutan.This is an organisation formed by the selfish youth of Bhutan in late 90’s just to make the people fool and earn foreign dollars selling the name of bhutanese refugees and sending their folks abroad in America as well.These people have never ever thought that Refugees would have been settled in America today??Their is nothing to worry its meeting,gathering or any kinds if seminar.Its also a wing of Bhutan Peoples Party.An organisation related with any party cannot represent all bhutanese refugees youth.As of now our youth are everywhere in the world and nobody to going to hear them since everyone understood the third world.

    • Ofcouse it does not represent all youths. No organizations do in democratic world. Rekha, you are one of the foolest if you think one organization represents all youths. I have been mentioning that YOB only represents its members and continue to advocate the common cause of bhutanese( in and outside the country). Come out of your timidity and do something positive rather than whining out of jeolousy on the others good work.

      • If you don’t represent all Bhutanese youths then it should be ” Youth Organisation of Rajen Giri’ not YOB.

  9. Dear YOB team in IUSY,
    You all have done a excellent job of advocating the issue of Democracy and Human Rights in Bhutan. Your mesage through this international youth forum reaches to different parts of the world. Keep up such good works.
    Durga Giri.

  10. Hi,
    Hats up you guys, keep doing well…
    Jasko demaak ma jati cha taiti nai bol cha. Donot bother them , they r virus of our Community . Jun goru ko sing chaina, tuo goru ko namm tikhay.

    • I don know who is Rajen or Ale but iam a bhutanese youth.How can i believe they will represent me whom i never heard of? May i know what did you do for our community as being have dherai dhimak or antivirus of our community.

      • For iarmar ji, I represent YOB and its member and advocates the common cause for which all bhutanese has right to do so. It is understandable t that you said you have not heard about me but If you say you have not heard about YOB then I doubt whether you a Bhutanese. If you are not a member of YOB , you are or will definitely not be represented. You can also represent yourself if you ever can or have courage to travel around the world by yourself. I would appreciate if you can manage to look into yourself what did you you do? Plain critisism is nothing more than your ignorance and narrow thought.
        And for P.K Ghimirey – YOB is a membership base organization and I have the mandate from its members to represent YOB in any global and regional forum. If you are not a member and asking mandate then its your stupidity. FYI I grew up in refugee camp and you think its bhutanese refugee’s community issues , then its my issue too coz I am a refugee aswell.

        • Hi Rajen, first of all you can’t catogarise me as bhutanese or not.Second, I know YOB and its activities of using refugees’ as merchandise to earn dollar or dinar since long.Third, please don’t represent me this time for you already have sold me and the refugees like me many times.Fourth, you mentioned as”If you have the courage to travel around world yourself”. Actually, i like this line very much.I believe you have courage to travel around the world as you have been travelling for many years using my name and you are travelling this time again.Do you “REPRESENT “or “TRAVEL”? Sixth, i could not do anything but stayed in camps for entire 19 years. I confess and regret infront of you that i did not join YOB or else i would be travelling with around the world since many years back.Thumbs up YOB. Go ahead, Hope next conference will in HAWAII

          • Be worry free Iarmar , since you are not a member you will never be represented. In regards to your accusation of using your name and selling you – let me know the details for how many times you have been sold and for how many times your name have been used – I will give your price I have to owe anything . You are considering yourself a commoditity that can be bought and sold , so I have no further time to repond you – since I only deal with human being who has no price tag.

            • People like you made us commodity and this is my only concern forever. Otherwise its just the same for us whether YOB OR YOC.

      • Hey Lamar: antivirus is a good thing, just so you know. You should take a trip to Europe and the Caribbean yourself. They say they are nice places. This ‘andolan’ thing will always be there. So, don’t sweat it. Even if nothing comes of it, you get to travel.:)
        and yes, as rajen says, he has the right to do just what he pleases. So do you. He travels and meets important people. You just complain. Not good for health. Your health, that is.

  11. I don’t know whom they did they represent and how did get they the mandate to represent the Bhutanese youths.It is sure that these are the self appointed leaders or reprensentatives from the community.These guys do not represent the youth of Bhutanese Refugee Community.It is really a issue of us.

  12. Dear Rajen,
    Infact you have done a wonderful job so keep up the hope.
    General Secretary
    Youth Organization of Bhutan

  13. Good job guys. Keep it up. Do work with the international comunity and stress the Bhutan govt to take back its citizens. I think YOB should also think for some alternatives to raise voice about the Bhutanese refugee issue in the SAARC sumit.
    Houston, TX

    • Hi Amar,
      Are you moved to Huston frm Bel-1? If so, I am your friend presently resettled in NY. So, plz do make a response in an ID– pardeshitara@yahoo.com la.
      And thank you @bhutanusa.com for letting us this previllage to reunite through your esteem site. I owe your presence when there was unification absence.You guys are doing great. Go ahead……

      YOB guys, great job, Congrats ! Wish to hear more from you guys in the days to come. Just carry on your job.All the best .

  14. Wats YOB all about. When i was in camp i used to know this YOB use to some fly some lucky people to America, Germany or somewhere.Again here in America i hear the same story as this and tat are flying to Sweden or Phillipine or else. Seems.YOB your magical…finger cross always.

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