Rizal appeals SAARC Leaders

April. 17, Bhutanese human rights activist and senior leader  Mr.Tek Nath Rizal has sent a letter  appealing  SAARC leaders and the observers of the summit  to take immediate initiations for the repatriation of Bhutanese  from the refugee camps in Nepal.

Addressed to the SAARC Chairman and Prime minister of Bangladesh, Madam Sheikh Hasina Begum,  Rizal’s letter has brought to the surface reality  the issue of protracted refugee crisis which none of the SAARC nations seem to have discussed seriously  towards resolving it.

He has reiterated the fading reality of gross human rights violation in Bhutan that forced some 100,00 genuine Bhutanese of Nepalese minority out of the country in the early 90s.  At times when Bhutan is  lending its deaf ear towards finding the durable solution to refugee problem, Rizal has written this letter requesting rest of the SAARC member nations to pressurize Bhutan in matter of taking its citizens back in dignity and honor as soon as possible.

The letter has also been sent to observers of the summit — People’s Republic of China, Japan, Korea, United States of America, Islamic Republic of Iran, Mauritius, Australia, Myanmar and the European Union.
The 16th round of  summit is  scheduled to take place in  the country capital, Thimphu from 28 to 29 April, 2010, which Bhutan  is hosting for the first time after a quarter century of the  evolution of SAARC.

(Information source:APFANEWS.COM)

11 Responses

  1. Why not Tek Nath be appointed Nepal Prime Minister and Dr. Bhampa a president of nepal…….because we already have good PM and King in Bhutan. Just my suggestion…..

  2. who are you? why you are every where.

  3. rizal taile chai saknu sakiss….

  4. “Shame on you all” Jee:

    I admire the way you have defended your leader, Mr. Tek Nath Rizal.

    I am also very much admirer of Tek Nath Rizal, and I think he deserves to be new Prime Minister of Bhutan, after suffering emotionally and physically for almost 10 years in Bhutan jail.

    I admire Mr. Rizal because he refused to sell his dignity and pride, and chose jail over a luxurious life. He could have avoided his suffering for 10 years just by giving up his struggle for rights for his people.

    I have heard that his 3rd wife ran away with another man. But that is his personal issue. Nobody should criticize him for having 3 women.

    Mr. Rizal held high-rank positions in Bhutan Government. He was member of Royal Civil Service Commission, Royal Advisory Councilor, Member of the Cabinet and Coordinator of Nationwide Investigation Bureau. Mr. Rizal spent 10 years in jail in Bhutan. I think Mr. Rizal desrves to be compensated for all the torture and difficulties he experienced after he left his high-rank positions in Bhutan. He sacrificsed all of his wealth, luxerious life, power and authority and everything because he loved his motherland Bhutan.

    I hope other senior Bhuatnese refugees leaders like D. B. Rana Sampang, Tara Mukarung, Narad Adhikari, Dasho Thinley Penjore, Balaram Poudyal, and all other leaders and oridinary citizens, who have been suffered and have sacrifised for their motherland, Bhutan, should be compensated by the Bhutanese Government.

    When Indian Border Security Force officers used Laathi Charge, tear gas and guns to stop thousands of Bhutanese refugees from marching towards Mechi bridge, near Indo-Nepal border on May 28, 2007, and killed a refugee Mr. Saha Bahadur Shewa (Darjee) from Sanichare camp, it was Dr. Bhampa Rai who was there to support and help refugees, and took the body of Mr. Shewa to Mai River to pay respect to the departed soul. And many of readers are calling Dr. Bhampa Rai a criminal, a bad guy?

    I want to ask those readers who call Dr. Bhampa Rai a “Criminal”, what crime has he committed? If Dr. Bhampa Rai is a criminal indeed, why local Police are letting him walk free? Why Police never arrested Dr. Bhampa Rai, if he was responsible for the killing of Mr. R. K. Bhudathoki, Mr. Shanti Ram Nepal, Mr. K. B. Khadka and others?

    However, I wonder why Mr. Tek Nath Rizal, and Dr. Bhampa Rai do not want to live in a refugee camp with other refugees, and how they became so rich?

    Probably, the King of Bhutan will not appoint Mr. Tek Nath Rizal as new Prime Minister of Bhutan, given the fact that he has health issues and suffering from bad kidney, Asthma and diabetes. The King will appoint Dr. Bhampa Rai as new Prime Minster of Bhutan instead.

    I also would like to ask other writers “Anupandrew”, “Raju Rai”, and “Bhotangey”, what evidence do they have to prove their claim that Mr. Tek Nath Rizal, and Dr. Bhampa Rai are “fraud”, and that they destroyed their motherland, and have damaged Bhutanese community or have done many other bad things?

    Just making accusations against others is not enough. Those readers, who accuse Mr. Rizal and Dr. Bhampa Rai, must come up with some kind of details and evidence to support their claim.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  5. Our weakness even our leader don’t know to whom he should appeal that issue letter. I have never ,ever heard that leader of next country solved the critical issues of next country.

    I am sorry that if there is people,there is country and leaders. But regarding to our situation majority of people are opting for third country ressettlement process, to be your honest they are not willing but this is demand of time and situation they spend and past.
    In the past time most of leader did very crazy things that creat confusion and fruadential atmosphere.

    Regarding our leaders they used to take Bhutanese Refugee issues whenever they need financial assitance,even observe the Tek Nath Rizal. Their issues are like seasonal fever that comes a year and goes.

  6. What a drama you all are showing to the world. The hateful comment you write is read by the world. Bhotangay and Mr rai, so mean is your mentality, so wicked is your thinking I feel shame that your brain has rotted to this extreme.
    Wnen TN Rizal was arrested and you all marched in Bhutan with the slogan TN Rizal Zinda Bad and Dao tshering Murda bad.
    When he was in the prison you all sat for hunger strike, and many of your affiliations got opportunity to travel the world and get money in the name of human rights. This to at the cost of poor Bhutanese living in the camp.
    When he finally came out, you all became so worriedabout loosing your money minded leaders ship and income source and you advise him wrongly.
    What yuo are doing now??? resettled in the west or being moraless chamcha??
    At least TN is living there and doing something.
    Who will you bring as alternative leader?? The real bhotangay who that inflamatory book in 1970s.

    What you know about the movement??Just yapping and attacking or do you haev anything?
    Your mean minded mentality is well read by the world and this will be a bonus to Bhutan which will see you fighting among yourself inside the bakhara ko Khor… will only reflect how worse the Bhtanese Nepalese are.

    Now come and throw what you have to counter me.

  7. Rizal is a fraud. He should stay away from the refugees. We don’t need him. We never did. All he did was destroy us and our credibility.

    And this idiot should stop sending appeals to an economic body like SAARC. 20 yrs should be enough for even an ignoramus to realize that ours is a political problem.

  8. he fled from bhutan because many of the southern bhutanese chickens were stolen by him… so the our southern bhutanese people has chased him away from our country…. you go away! hungry fox! foever and lets allow us to live happily……………..

  9. Mr.Shahid Pasha,
    Thank you very much for the information of fact for Teknath and Bhumpa.
    They are the people to instigate to destroy mother land Bhutan to the best of my understanding.Now time has come to punish these people for their crime.Parsha I respect your understanding of Bhutanese struggal for democracy.

  10. Anupandrew Ji:

    All I know about Mr. Tek Nath Rizal is that he was arrested for working against the government and jailed for almost 10 years. He claims that he was declared innocent, and that is why he was released. But I think he was released from a jail in Bhutan after international community pressured Bhutani government to release him.

    One thing I do not know why he is not living in refugee camp and where he got so much wealth from?

    Mr. Rizal is 67 years old and he is a patient of acute diabetes, bad kidney and asthma. He had three wives but one of them ran away with another man. At present he is living in a luxrious house in Birtamod/Kathmandu, Nepal.

    I know the fact that many Bhutanese refugees hate both Tek Nath Rizal and Dr. Bhampa Rai, but I admire both of them for leaving comfortable life to help the refugees.

    Dr. Bhampa Rai treats Bhutanese refugees free of charge. He has no child and he loves his wife and never tried to leave his wife for another woman to become a father. And that makes me like him more than I like Mr. Tek Nath Rizal, who obviously feels that just one wife is not good enough to satisfy him.

    I have feelings that Mr. Tek Nath Rizal will be appointed as new Prime Minsiter of Bhutan in near future.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  11. To the best of my knowledge ,Tek nath is a bhutanese national as per his back ground history.So I would like to know from Bhutanese govt. that why he is not allowed to stay in Bhutan?Is it that 1) he is declared non bhutanese because of luxrious house in Birtamod , Nepal ?If it is so , then He has no moralrality to be a bhutanese leader. 2) He is coward and fled away after his release from jail ?It this is another reason then he should have learned lesson from Aan san Syuki of Burma who even sacrificed to meet her husband when he died.In both the situation I feel Rizal BABU should go for RETREAT in the name of Martys.This action will make the national movement pure.

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