Burglary occurs at a Bhutanese apartment.

(April, 26) A group of burglars entered the apartment of a resettled Bhutanese located on the 3100 block of Coolidge Ave. in Oakland, California and took their valuables and some money yesterday at around 3:30 Pm. The thieves broke into Devi Charan Dahal’s apartment when the Dahal family had been out of the town for a day long excursion organized by their resettlement agency-International Rescue Committee(IRC), according to the victims.

“When we came back home at around 4PM, we found the doors latched from inside, our clothes and  stuffs scattered all around the floor”, Devi Charan, who looked hopeless, said this morning.

The thieves broke the iron rods of a window at the back of their apartment and entered into their house. Until this morning the traumatized Dahal family were not sure of the exact amount of money lost. But, Devi’s Octogenarian mother said the thieves had taken around one thousand dollars that she had kept under her pillow.

In a bid to pacify the fear and shock  inflicted by the incident, several Bhutanese including the members of the BACC and BASCO  had reached Dahal’s residence shortly after the incident. “This is a small incident but we have to take it seriously”, BASCO’s executive director, Mr. Rajen Giri said.

“The window was totally broken and everything was messed-up, we didn’t sleep, we desperately waited for the police officers to reach us early but unfortunately they showed up only after 8 hours of the incident at mid- night, despite our multiple calls to the Oakland Police Department”, Devi said. I want to talk to IRC to make necessary arrangement to move us to another apartment as soon as possible, he further added.

Devi Charan and his family had arrived Oakland on December last year from Beldangi-1 Refugee camp in Jhapa, Nepal.

18 Responses

  1. Dear I, am:

    Responding to your question, “How would you feel like living without identity for such a long time”?, let me express my feelings.

    I am a Muslim, and everybody living in USA, knows the facts that we Muslims are being targetted and harassed since the September 11 attacks, all thetimes. We, the Muslims are viwed as “Terrorists”, almost everywhere here in America. Many of my Pakistani and Muslim friends have been arrested, and have been deported back to Pakistan and their other native countries. And you think you Bhutanese refugees are the only ones who ever been suffered in the history of the world?

    Thousands of Muslim refugees are still living in 61 camps in Bangladesh since 1971 (Almost 61 years), and UN, Euoropean Union, USA, and other powers ignored them probably because they were Muslims and preffered you, the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, and brought you here in USA, just because you are Hindus. Do not you think it is unfair that you are here and they are not?

    In your camps in Nepal, you had almost every basic facility, and Christian charity organizations gave you a lots of money and everything. Go and see those Muslim refugees living in camps in Bangladesh who do not have many basic facilities like clean water and electricity.

    During my visit to refugee camps in Bangladesh few years ago, I was attacked by a refugee woman. An interprator told me she was frustrated that Word Community representatives and Human Rights Activists (like myself) visit the camps but do not do enough to get them out of those cages (small huts). Few minutes later, she apologized for her being so aggressive and invited me her home for dinner.

    I have gone from hut to hut in those camps, and I know exactly how it feels to be living in a camp. This is why I want to visit refugee camps in Nepal, and then to meet with the king of Bhutan hoping to bring an end to miseries of Bhutanese refugees still living in camps in Nepal.

    Your other complaint is that, “We are fed up with leadership or something like that therefore we hate to talk about our dark past”. Well, no matter how painful your past is, it is still part of you and it always will be part of you, and no nation should forget its own past and history.

    And if you are fed up with your leadership, you have to produce new leadership. I know many Bhutanese refugees hate Dr. Bhampa Rai and Mr. Tek Nath Rizal for some reasons, but who else would like to become your leader if you start accusing every leader of being a fraud and criminal, cheater and even a murderer?

    I think those Bhutanese refugees who already have resettled here in USA and other Western countries, need to help those refugees only who want to go to Bhutan. Those refugees whose applications already have been approved, they do not need any help because they will be here soon, and they will be living in large homes and will be receiving a lots of money from the governments.

    I will not deal with those refugees who have accepted resettlement option, because they do not need my help. I will deal with only those Bhutanese living in Nepal who want to go back to Bhutan. I surely will meet Dr. Bhampa Rai and Mr. Tek Nath Rizal during my visit to Nepal, because they are the leaders and they have been representing Bhutanese refugees for many many years, and I think these two leaders are suitable candidates for the new leadership (Prime Minister and Presdient) of new Bhutan.

    You have suggested me to use a peaceful approach if I am honest. Well, I think I am on a right track because I am using a peaceful approach. Dialogue, discussions and talks are the forms of a peaceful approach.

    I am confidant that I will be successful in my sincere efforts to bring this refugee crisis to an end, and all I need is, support of those Bhutanese refugees currently living in camps in Nepal, who want to go back to Bhutan.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  2. Dear I am:

    Having sex with animals is never been a major issue in any country in the world. Nobody does that except handful of crazy and immature individuals.

    I think in the United States, some states did not even find this issue important enough to make laws on this issue. But that does not necessarily mean those states are not against it. Probably, those states never bothered with debating over this issue, and that is why they do not have any law on this issue in writing.

    You also have commented on issue of refugees and you feel that I am not mature enough to discuss refugees’ issue with the leaders, and that someone needed deeper understanding of the crisis.

    Your claim does make sense. However, I must disagree with you, because I feel that sincerity is the most important tool to solve any human issue like Bhutanese refugees issue.

    If a refugee leader who himself has been living in a refugee camp for almost 18 years, but is not sincere to his people, then what is good having deeper understanding of the issue?

    I have been studying Bhutanese refugees issue for almost one year and I think I do have enough knowledge that I needed to discuss this issue with the leaders of both Nepali and Bhutanese governments.

    Many of United Nations representatives who are white Europeans, have discussed the Bhutanese refugees issue with both governments in the past, and also at present, most of United Nations officials working in Nepal are whites and Americans or Europeans. Why none of Bhutanese refugees ever raised any objection over them being someone other than Bhutanese refugees?

    Why some writers have expressed their concerns over my proposed peace mission, and are not willing to approve me for that job?

    Is that the reason behind their opposition is me being a Pakistani and being a Muslim?

    Probably, to those who oppose me, it is OK for a Christian white man to represent them, but it is never acceptable to them because my ethnic background and my religion bother them?

    I have never claimed that I surely will go to Nepal and Bhutan, but as a matter of fact, I have stated clearly that I will go to Nepal and Bhutan only after receiving approval from 4 parties, United Nations, Bhutan Government, Nepal Government and United States Government. I am afraid that US Embassy in Katmandu will not approve my peace mission and will not grant me their “Aasheerbaad” (Blessing).

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

    • Dear Mr Pasha
      I agree with you that sex with animal has never been major issue in any country the instances of it are only a handful of crazy perverted. The phenomena has been existed since the Biblical time which it was termed as crime, harrassment, adultry and assult.
      Some cave painting in the European countries depicts penetrating animal. Therefore it never is a new thing. From the religious perspective none of the major religions of the world accepts it. Every major religion regards adultry and unnatural.
      I would like to make you clear that we have a history of long lasting religious tolerance. We( Bhutanese-Nepali) are not conservative to discriminate under the grounds of religion. Our crisis or fate as a refugee has put our future nearly to a gentertion back. How would you feel like living without identity for such a long time? We are fade up with leadership or something like that therefore we hate to talk about our dark past.
      If I have to be honest about it I like your peaceful approach.

  3. first of all thanks to Shahid M. Pasha for all those informations ….. ur piece of writing contains beneficial informations ..i really loved and appreciated ur writing style.
    Be careful everybody…………

    • Dear Nobody:

      I hate to call you “Nobody”, because in my eyes, you are somebody, someone very important.

      Thanks for admiring my writing.

      By the way, where do you live? In Australia or in USA?

      I suggest all readers to add their current residence (City, State and country) for other readers to know.


      Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  4. Mr sonam, it is not the interest of every bhutanese to go for third country resettlement(TCR). I stayed for 18 years in the refugee camp in Nepal. What I got was discrimination,partiality,No opportunity, insecurity , violence, more labour and less pay,etc.

    Repartriation just became a dream. I got frustrated, worrried and dissappointed. I accepted one of the options as TCR.

    I know it is a challenge. But still we have to struggle.It is our fate.Now i donot have to worry about the harresment by police, authority, political parties, ……….
    You know rose has thorns, but still it gives good flower and fragnance. Hope for better and strive harder.

  5. Mr. Pasha
    Nothing is best or perfect in the world but it can be one of the best. Come down under. If you have tried in Arabia, China or elsewhere why not come and try Australia. One of the best.

    • Scan Jee:

      You cannot compare Australia with the United States. America is much larger country and many more people living here in USA.

      Australia is a rich country and compare to USA, has very small population. And of course, crime rate is much lower than the crime rate in the United States, not because that country is great, but because the number of residents living there is small. Of course, it is much easier to control small population.

      I agree with your statement that, “Nothing is best or perfect but it can be one of the best”.

      Probably, you are living in Australia and that is why you are praising your place of residence. And I admire you for loving Australia.

      No offense to your new country, Australia, but honestly, I would not want to live in Australia permanently. I would love to visit Australia for few day or few weeks but not to live there forever.

      I have visited Europe and I have seen the life style in Europe. Dirty magazines are openly displayed in stores and kids can look at pornographic pictures when they go to stores to buy candies.

      Prostitution is legal and selling and buying drugs is legal. 16 year-olds are legally allowed to drink and are free to engage in sexual activities with whomever they like.

      Only native whites are treated better and non-whites and immigrants and foreigners are treated like 2nd class citizens there.

      Many people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and other 3rd world countries living in Europe have become lazy and are collecting food stamps and other financial assistance for years, because probably the governments there want them to remain lazy for ever.

      There are beaches all over Australia and Europe where men and women freely walk around 100% naked. Sounds like no morality, no culture, no religion, and no decency exists there.

      For another reason, I would not want to migrate to Australia or any European country is that the system there encourages kids to become rude and disrespectful to their parents, and in result, kids from other countries, cannot keep and retain their cultural or religious values.

      I also have heard that in Australia, it is completely legal for a brother or father to have sex with his sister or daughter as long as she allows him to do that. May be that is not true, but I have been told by many people that in Australia, any man can have sex with any one, even with animals, and it is completely legal.

      I am happy living here in America. America is leader of free world any way. What status Australia holds in the world community? Can someone please tell me?

      Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

      • Mr Pasha first of all I am not in a motive to have a debate with you but i want to make you clear that Incest or Bestiality is one of the horrible crime and it is not tolerated in any circumstances and in any developed country with a constitution. It is the same here and certainly the same there.. What you have heard is absolutely false and i request you please never ever believe in such fake figures unless you have seen it or sure about it. Have you got any legal or written statement to justify what you have said? Then how did you find out it is true? What we hear cannot be the reality.
        For your kind information public nudity is illegal here and think it is same there. But in some beaches cloth is optional and i think there are such beaches in the US too where clothing is opional. I am confident that there are more such cloth optional beaches then here in Australia. for your ref here are lists of such beaches: American River,CA. Blacks beach San Diego, Bonny Doon Beach ,Deep Creek Hot Springs,Garrapata State Park,Devil’s Slide ,Laguna Creek Beach, Land’s End,
        Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort, a family nudist resort near Denver, Colorado,Moshup Beach…….. and many more. Therefore everyone of us is messed but we dont realise it. Therefore self judgement is better then criticism. World is the same everywhere. There are good and evil everywhere and in a good ther is some evil. Lets be positive instead of commenting others bad .The time has come for us to guide our generation cos we are amongst the vulgar. corrupted, materialistic era.

      • Namaskar Pasha Jee
        I read most of your comments in Bhutanusa.com and I agree with most of your thinking. I found some of your ideas are more about thinking onself better or pure and it is lacking factual representation or justification.
        In one of your ideas you have talked is about sex with animals. Please do not think your country pure and blame other. There are some states in the USA where bestiality is legal. For your kind information here is the link http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/192288314
        About incest or sex within the same blood i want to add that i think the person, either thinker or doer is no less than a beast. This is the matter of human civilization more than a countrys law. I dont think there are such countries where incest is legal.
        In some of your comments you talk of meeting the refugees leaders and The Bhutan Government and discuss about refugee problem. I th\ink the person who talks and gives such statements is not mature enough to discuss about the issue that lasted nearly two decades.Going out or talking with a group of resettled friends doesn’t mean that you feel and understood their pain. A dying man does not needs a sympathy but he needs a life. You need a deeper understanding of the problem. I want to ask you that how long have you been thinking about bhutanese refugee problem?

  6. This is not only fall on Dahal’s family it will come to all Bhutanese those who were living in America where you told Heaven. this is my question to all bhutanese those who are in America don’t you have right to protest against such crime ? while campain here you people told that America is such a place w
    here we get every right. what happen today? now you have only alternative left behind that is face what ever the
    situation comes

  7. mr pasha is right .. america is not really safe place for despite of tight security .nearly almost bhutanese are afraid of bad people who had beaten up more than two hundred bhutanese already.so many were robbed looted .
    it is very very very sad thing for a simple bhutanese . this all because of those bad and stupid leaders who failed to do right kind of movement for going back to homeland . otherwise refugee would never have to resettle anywhere like this . in my view very few are happy to be resettled .if we ask onyone he or she will say”this is our fate .. we never like to go anywhere rather we like to go our own homeland but ,,we either can not go back and we had nothing in nepal too . this is all our plight. we have had no choice other than to resettled . ”
    monip tamang

    • Sonam and Monip Tamang Jee:

      Please do not be so disappointing. Do not even think of leaving America. This is your country now. You need to understand the fact that bad things happen everywhere. Crimes take place everywhere in the world. You will never find a “Safe Heaven” anywhere in the world where no crime ever takes place.

      Few incidents of burglary did take place while I was living alone, and nothing expensive stuff was stolen. Thank God, after I got married, and my Pakistani wife started to live with me, only once she awoke me in the middle of the night and told me she feared some thieves were in the basement. Only thing I had to do was, just dial 911. About a dozen of Police cars appeared in less than 10 minutes. Police officers searched all over my house and found nothing suspicious.

      Now, you tell me where you will find such a quick response from local Police anywhere in the world?

      You try Russia, and call Police there. I think there you will have to wait at least 5 hours before any Police officer arrives at the scene. Or may be no Police officer will ever show up. Try China. Try Saudi Arabia. Try any country in the world, and you will find the fact that America is the best country in the world.

      I am not a Police officer or a private investigator, but I suspect someone from Bhutanese community had something to do with this burglary. Only close friends of this Bhutanese family knew about house being unattended at that time. So there is a possibility that someone from Bhutanese community broke into that home.

      I have heard an incident of burglary where a great amount of cash was stolen. Later, it was proven that a very close friend of that Bhutanese family, who himself was a Bhutanese, was a thief. He admitted steeling the money and begged that Bhutanese family not to notify the Police because he was afraid that he would be arrested and eventually he would be deported back to Nepal.

      If a Bhutanese refugee resettled here in America, gets into a car accident, is it the fault of America?

      Why some Bhutanese want to protest against crimes against them? Are they only ones who are being victims of the crimes, and no other people living in America are the victims of crimes?

      Why US Government should make special arrangements only for the safety of Bhutanese people?

      US Government is responsible for the safety of all the individuals living on the soul of America, not only Bhutanese people.

      All I have to say to my Bhutanese friends is that they should be thankful to US Government for pulling them out of small wooden huts and resettled them here in large homes and provide them with all the basic facilities free for at least 8 months.

      If a Bhutanese refugee resettled here in USA does not like to live here, he/she is completely free to go back to refugee camps in Nepal whenever he/she wishes to do so.

      We all know the fact that no Bhutanese refugee resettled here in USA would ever want to go back to Nepal.

      Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  8. I am sympathized with Devi Charan Dahal’s family. However, I must say to them that they should thank God for the safety of their family members who fortunately were not at home at that time. Otherwise, it could have been worse.

    Loss of money is a great loss but family members physical safety is much more important. I have heard many incidents in which the thieves raped the female members of the family while male family members were tied with ropes and they were forced to watch women and girls being raped. In many cases, thieves shot and killed some family members even after family members gave their money to the thieves, because thieves did not want to leave any witness behind and did not want to get arrested later.

    If Devi Charan dahal’s family members think about all of these possible tragedies, I am sure they would feel much better. Money comes, money goes. A human life is more important than money and other stuff.

    I suggest Devi Charan Dahal’s family to start working harder to cover their financial loss. I also suggest them to install home security alarm system for safety in the future. They also need to get their home insured. They must not leave a lot of cash and other valuables at home but put them in bank.

    If this family claim that they lost more than $50,000, then Police officers can ask them where that money come from and probably government will cancel their food stamps and other financial assistance, and will start an investigation to find where that money come from.

    One thing I do not understand: Why local Police took 8 hours to get there? Normally, Police officers arrive at the sceene of a crime within 15 minutes or less.

    Bhutanusa@com needs to inform its readers what is BACC and what is BASCO?

    Why Bhutanusa@com reporters and editors assume that everybody already knows BACC and BASCO stand for what?

    Bhutanese refugees resettled here in USA need to understand that now they are living in a country where incidents of burglary, rape, assault, killing and other violent crimes take place more than any other developed country in the world.

    America is a great country but it also can be the worst country in world in many ways.

    I have been robbed at gunpoint many times. My cars have been stolen. My home has been burglarized. But now, news of burglary does not surprise me any more.

    People just have to be aware of their surroundings and must be careful at all the times.

    I have seen many of Bhutanese friends leaving their home doors unlocked all the times, thinking that America is a great country and nobody will rob them. This is not a wise attitude.

    Well let us hope we all will be safe, here in America.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  9. I am so sorry to read the above article.I have sympathy upon the dahal’s family. But it is so ridiculous to know that police arrived after 8 hrs despite several calls. Is not it the carelessness of the security? How can burglars enter through window? Is the apartment isolated?

    There must be something hidden behind this case. Police should always reach to the spot within a second as soon as they get the message. But what did they do till 8 hrs? It is time for BACC and BASCO to work out and pressurise the concerned authority. lf it is the case of negligency, some police officers are sure to loose their job.

  10. Very sad news to hear. hope those “loco” guys will be behind the bar soon.
    Let almighty God help Dahal’s family in such situation for consoling their painful heart.

  11. i am shocked to hear the burglary in the daylite. life in the camp was worse but if we don.t be cautious its gonna be worst here.hope this news opens the eyes of many resettled bhutanese who feel they r safe.

  12. Sorry for the family. Please do not loose your hearts. Hope you can track those crazy bugs soon.

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