Unemployment hits Pittsburgh- 50 Bhutanese laid off

Bhutanese at lunch break at Quality Driven Copack/post gazette

By Bhanu Phuyel
(Pittsburgh, PA)
“Having trouble finding a job in other states, you might give Pennsylvania a try”  this has been a popular saying among the Bhutanese resettled in different parts of the United States since the  employment situation of this state is said to be comparatively better. Dreaming for an entry level job to survive in this dire economic condition, Bhutanese refugees who were relocated in different US states are moving to Pennsylvania, particularly Pittsburgh.  But, this ‘Keystone State’ is no more a  favorable destination for us now.

Though the  Pennsylvania Department of Labor and  Industry recently brought forth a report saying  there was a healthy employment growth in the first quarter of the year, 2010, yet, the unemployment rate has  swelled up one tenth of a percentage point to 9% in March this year. As a consequence,  stories of more and more lay-off have frustrated the residents, especially the newly resettled Bhutanese.

Quality Driven Copack, a  food-packing plant factory nestled on a small hill in North Charleroi, a producer of breakfast sandwiches, chicken patties and other frozen foods had  employed more than 80 Bhutanese refugees some  2 months ago through a staffing agency called “Taste of Asia, LLC”.

About 50 families moved to Charleroi to get a  job in this company from different parts of USA, mostly from Idaho. Unfortunately,  50 of the Bhutanese working in the company were fired on April 26  without any reason. Many believe the company laid them off as the sales declined.

They came  here from other states with a prospect of finding a stepping stone and are now compelled to  stay idly at home. The time is hard for them to pay rent, buy food for their children and survive.

These days its very hard to find job even in Pittsburgh, the city that was included in the Top Ten  for job growth by Forbes in 2009. “I have been trying in different companies for a job, but still the situation doesn’t seem to be in my favor”, said a Bhutanese refugee in Pittsburgh who moved to this city from another state with his family a few months ago.” “The present job situation in other cities of PA might be good but not of Pittsburgh”, he added.

“If you are trying to move to this place hoping to find a job, please think twice before you make a decision”, another resettled Bhutanese in Pittsburgh said.

(Mr. Phuyel reports for Bhutanusa.com from PA)

9 Responses

  1. Hello, I am sorry hear about this. You know why this problem happend in PA Coz to many people move to from other state. Is very bad. I got one solution go to this Web side http://www.craigslist.org . Watch on jobs side. What kind jobs you want it. You can look over there. You get any kind of job over there. I got jobs from craigslist too.

  2. Hello all, Namaste.

    It’s very sad to see some of our fellows being laid off from their work. How are things with other resettled folks? Are you guys finding jobs? What kind of challenges are you having in finding jobs? May Pashupati Nath bless you all.

  3. Hi,
    I wonder why the company had to lay off so many at a time. Is the lay off only for the Bhutanese or were there workers from other communities as well.
    I dont think any employer can fire or lay off without citing any reason..
    The friends laid off could make a joint approach to find reason/take steps to find other jobs or in the mean time file for unemployment insurance benefits.
    Sad to hear the news though!

  4. iam sorry to hear the news and cant imagine wats going to happen to the laid-off people……

  5. Hey guys of Pensylvania
    I want to know what is there in PA so a large number of Bhutanese are flocking in every day from other parts there.Is is the fact that every one regardless of their capacity get the job in PA? I am surprised that if this way Bhutanese keep moving out to Pensylvania one day there will be Bhutantown and druk avenue if not Harka Bahadur street or Birkha Singh Park there.

  6. It is true. we are helpless now. But our own bhutanese kale did this things. we know this Kale.

  7. i am one of the resident of pittsburgh,PA. i just moved from another state.when i was in another state i heard that we can find a good job in pittsburgh,PA then that of other state in u s a .ya it is fact that there was lot of job before in pittsburgh,PA. but now it has been difficult for all bhutanese in pittsburgh to mantaine there regular life.

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