Closure of A press release


( USA, March 02/2010)

Despite ever-growing traffic of visitors/viewers to, the time  has come for the site be closed down for an indefinite period of time following the technical and managerial issues that has crept into the site recently.

The reasons arise out of the fact that the time period of the registration of this domain has run out and the web page designer(Himalayan Web Info. Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal) that was entrusted with the task of developing the site to its final form and hosting it with a different domain,, cheated us badly letting us not to blog about what we have been doing for nearly one and a half years.

Back in 2008, we conceived the concept of having a place in the internet to blog about the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and a vast majority of  Bhutanese folks all around the globe.Well, we came up on the final day of December 2008 with the idea to have a  web site on the issue, in fact the first of all diaspora sites for Bhutanese created over the past  with different intellectual perspectives and scholastic efforts. We do not claim ourselves to be so scholastic and precisely perspective thinkers in regards to working with but we did have a successful story in the past with an ever-increasing influx of visitors, viewers, well-wishers and above all, our advisors who, in some way served as beacon for our responsibility-laden ship to head its way surviving the Doldrums  on a vast ocean of socio-political criticism and diverse ideological Tsunamis. In a nutshell, prospered well ever since it was conceived  by resettled Bhutanese from third countries.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned reality about the success of the site, we have been now coerced into a most difficult juncture of technical and socio-political complexities associated with it. These left us, despite all our endeavors, incapable of keeping it up-to-date. We manage all efforts  to survive but things went other way round and we are compelled to close the chapter for an indefinite period of time.

Our thanks are due to our valued visitors, our senior Bhutanese reporters, Bhutanese intellectuals who supported us during hard times and above all, our team members, who, amidst the busy and hectic schedules of their daily living, worked devotedly to bring things updated on a regular and timely manner. Rationally speaking, we always stand hand in hand working together for a common cause of peace and happiness for people who are deprived of it. We still have a long way to go together and not to end with this.

We regret the inconvenience caused on the part of our valued readers, visitors and viewers as a result of its closure. Once again, we anticipate the valuable suggestions from our supporters on this subject.

We are once again sorry to say that the site, will be completely down on 8th May at 12.00 Mid night.

Editorial Board,

21 Responses

  1. dear editor n readers it is not the time for us to become sad and depressed,from the very begining our print papers n e paper has been rising,gaining heights n losing their poularity,if u r really editor n writers n try to imparts information to the people n struggle for freedom of expression n speech then by any means u will come with lots many alternative because writers are only one who keep on discovering new ways n new idea which will lead our society towards the land of freedom

  2. Dear Editorial Team,
    I appreciate you guys always. Whatever you did till today is outstanding and unprecedented job. You guys have built up a good relation all across the globe. Hard work and dedicative service towards your community is reflacted at your favor and honestly it is the milestone.
    Now, You guys are in differnt advanced country. You could get a life time web site here. You need not have to depand upon those cheats. If you wish to collect some donation, we are always ready to contribute some help because we want “YOU” to come again. God bless you guys.
    If the visitor want to kow me, email here…
    Thank you.
    Buffalo, NY, USA.


    We tried a lot to withdraw the decision of closure of this site and go on with the normal routine, but to no avail. So, the site will be closed from today. We are very grateful to the following Individuals for the direct/indirect/moral support to the family:
    Mr. T.P. Mishra
    Vidhyapati Mishra
    Shahit M. Pasha
    “Pardeshi”Tara Tiwari.
    Mitchel Bonner
    Tek Misrha
    Arun Khimfung Rai
    Rama Rai
    Parsu Ram Luitel

    And all the Bhutanese in and out side the refugee camps. For you kind information let me give you the details of that THUG:
    Rabindra Yadav
    Himalayan Web Information Pvt. Ltd.
    GPO Box: 8973 , NPC: 633
    Shantinagar Gate, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. ( Near Space Time Network Pvt. Ltd.)
    Mobile: +977-9841386332, +977-9803890504
    Email :
    URL :

    (This person can be found in facebook with the same name). Let us know if you can do any thing to help us track this man coz he is lost, totally out of contact since December last year.

  4. dear readers,
    its really the sadest n ever sadest news for all of us coz of closing news. But dear frens its crystral clear n not to be worry, terms will find the alternatives as black goes n white comes.

  5. Dear all readers:

    It appears that the administration of Bhutanusa@com has decided not to accept any help from its well-wishers like Mr. TP Mishra and many others. Probably, the staff members are just depressed or uder a lot of stress and pressure, and that is why they are not answering any phone calls.

    I really want this website to stay open because like other millions of readers, I love this website.

    I called the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Promod but received no answer.
    Later, I called Mr. Tilak Poudel Chettri, an Editor of Bhutanusa@com and left my message on his answering machine.

    I saw and contacted Mr. Tilak Poudel Chhetri on Facebook website but he appeared to be unintersted.

    Anyway, respecting their decision, I will not call them again.
    I am sure they love , value and respect all of their fans, but probably they have some valid reasons for their decision.

    I am still hoping for a miracle to happen, and I hope Bhutanusa@com will stay open even after May 8, 2010.

    I thank Mr. TP Mishra and all of those who have appreciated Bhutanusa@com and have offered their help to Bhutanusa@com.

    Let us not give up our hopes. Let us prey, because it works.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

  6. Dear Editorial Team members,
    The news of shut-down of this news blog was in full swing at a time when the whole world was busy celebrating the World Press Freedom Day, May 03. This is a sad side for those struggling to exist as a medium to promote public’s ‘right to information,’ particularly amidst various challenges.

    No doubt, the decision to close the site at a time when its further existence was largely felt, has left the entire Bhutanese community feel sorry. Not to an exception, we also like to take your side at this crucial hour. As a leading news agency/media regulator body in exile, we the team members at the Bhutan Media Society/Bhutan News Service have decided to help you fully to host your existing site, if possible, or help you create a new site.

    Citing your continuous endeavor to work for public’s right to information, on behalf of BNS/BMS, I would like to assure your editorial team members of possible technical and other needy support for the continuity of the news site. We would be happy to coordinate with you to help you to work independently, as you are doing until today.

    Personally, I have been trying to contact the editorial team over phone to discuss about our team’s decision to support your site, but to no avail, thus, finally I am posting a comment. As you said the site will be entirely down on March 08, I believe we should start working instantly before the down-deadline knocks our door.

    Technical part, for sure, is a little difficult task but we are proud to have one of the experienced webmasters in our team, who says it would be always wise to work before down-deadline to save all of our contents well.

    TP Mishra, USA,
    Vikram Adhikari, Australia,
    Vidhyapati/IP Adhikari, Nepal,

    TP Mishra
    For Bhutan Media Society and Bhutan News Service
    New York

  7. Dear Bhutanusa Team Members,
    It is really a matter of sadness to learn that is getting closed from 8th May. I had started looking this page right from it was launched as a personal blog. The success you have achieved in being No. 1/2 Nepali blog in the global dashboard of wordpress is still motivating.
    With whatever reason is getting closed, I request the team not to make this closure indefinite. has announced its closure when another site,, launched with similar motives, is busy for publishing its First Anniversary Issue on 7th May. I, on behalf of, extend my greatfullness for the enthusiasm of the team members for every effort, especially covering the current affairs, they have made for informing the fellow Bhutanese across the globe and hope to see Bhutanusa bloosm again in the nearest future.

    Ramesh Gautam

  8. thanks team for ur lovely, interesting, bold and praise worthy articles that came along the west to the east and lend us the breeze of news and making us known about the brothers and sisters all around the world.

    it feels unusual to hear that is closing down for the indefinite time which has made the readers, visitors and well wishers of this site not only sad but very sad.

    and hearing that due to the technical problem and cheating done by Himalayan Web Info. Pvt. Ltd. kathmandu, has made me and us upset and deeply hurt. hope in future they will get their lesson for deceiving. no one can go beyond the world. one can fly but has to land on the ground at last. one day we gonna get him.

    once again thanks team members for ur time and care given to the dear readers till now.

    and i still believe that u folks are the best of all and the web site too.

    i believe in near future u folks will come up with much more better and sharp site.

    “‘khuda sada aaplogo ko saath dae, har kadam pae.

  9. is my motivator, a noble teacher, a guide, a helful friend, a philosopher and a favorite newspaper . In other way, it is my ‘shcool’ where I visit regularly to acquire wisdom and knowledge, sense of understanding, rights and duties, friendship and love. However, without garduating, I had to leave forever. I am deeply sad and considered myself as a unlucky guy to miss my favorite site that I have ever had visited.
    Let you once again get life and grow up in the hearts of millions all around the globe.Let you speak our interest by being able to taccle with the circumstances. May The Almighty help you guys to find some other alternative measures in bringing some other medium to reach your readers. I wish you all the best of luck.

    Last but not the least, I hereby would like to thank everyone who have read my gazal “ghola bhayo jindagi” in one of the colum of the site. Thank you too for letting me to reach the heart of readers and welwisher by publishing my gazal.
    I humbly salute to dear’s team members for being so hard working, positive and dignified towards your job and commitment. I am always at your side.
    Thank you.

  10. Dear team,
    It is very much shocking news in the history of Bhutanese Press. In short period of time your site had earned good reputation globally. A successful site to connect Bhutanese globally.
    Similar to others suggestion Media Network Bhutan would like to request your team to see possible ways to save the site being closed. Or you can register same site, bringing minor change in domain name in western country, where many of our friends are designing and hosting the site.
    Don’t loose the reputed site, we are with you.

    Dadi Ram Antim
    Media Network Bhutan

  11. Dear Webmaster,
    I am sorry to hear that this website is shutting down.
    I am a simple blogger in blogspot,
    Just an open suggestion.
    In blogspot there is an option to import and export blogs. If your hosting provider have such facility, you can directly move your site there in Blogspot.
    And regarding domain name, you can always ask Himalayan Web where it is been registered, and also for account name and password.
    I can still see an alternative on this.

  12. Its so bad to hear this news. Is there any possible way to dig out the way to reinstate the website? Remember Bhutanusa team, if you can reinstate this site this will take a huge turn in the coming years globally. My best wishes for its come back. And thanks a many for the work you did in the past.
    Come back Bhutanusa with more radiantly.

  13. Hello Admin Team,
    Why you have to be so worried all about this. Just save the template of this web and assign someone to create a news web from US.
    Since you have so many clients, I don’t think there is a problem to do gold coin donation in each reason.
    You have your reporters in each country, ask them to collect donation of one or two dollars and design new page.
    Who is this Himalayan web info pty limited?? If they have really cheated you, we have to name and shame them using other web anf blogs in every opportunity. But please confirm us that they really cheated. We will from our end brand them as cheaters in every opportunity and we should not tolerate their unethical behaviour.
    Just look for new ways and you will be supported by all.
    Happy to support if opportunity arises.
    Thank you

  14. Why can’t you reregister the Bhutanusa site? Who owns the Bhutanusa site?
    You can always create a new Bhutan site, and have someone in the US design a webpage for you. You do not need to look in Nepal for a webpage designer.

  15. It is very sad to know the closure of the site “ I know it is a hard decision, but still I request the Board to find ways to continue the site. This is my favourite site to get informed of the happenings or events around the world.I stand in your favour.

    Hom Pokhrel

  16. Hello,

    Really sad to know this was always coordinating for any matters..but it is very difficult for us now if the site get closed..Hope you will withdraw the decision and continue the site again.. we are always with you.


  17. Hello Editorial Team,
    I am very sad to know about the site closure..Isn’t it possible to take another step for continuing the site..using same forum and same team members and after all Bhutanese community. has played a vital role in informing Bhutanese community. It doesn’t sound good if these sort of Sites get closed..Really sad to learn this..!!

    Tri Bikram Adhikari
    BNS, Kentucky

  18.’s this step has adversly affected whole bhutanese community. there r some bhutanese like me who cant stay away from visiting this site. resettled bhutanese haru ma number one site thiyo but its going off. sayad uniharu ko failure ho ya simplicity ko kasaile faaida liyeko le ho i dont kno. hope that other bhuanese media harule sakto help garera yo desison withdraw garaauna sakun. i also request the editorial board to specificaly mention reasons for this step. iam saddnd to hear this bad news guys.

  19. Very Very sad to know this word. Are you going to back this website back or it is gone. I am guessing that we all Bhutanese most need a website to communicate the news and history of us for the future reference so, what did you think about having this website back up again or create another one.

  20. Dear Editor, this is the most unfortunate news for all media persons in exile. I am really sad and stand by your side. Is there anything that I can do for saving the site? What role do I play to discuss the matter with Himalayan group? Let us work together. Vidhyapati Mishra, Kathmandu

  21. I am deeply sad to learn the news of losing my favorite website, Bhutanusa@com.

    I am still hoping for a miracle to happen and Bhutanusa@com to stay open.

    Too bad, Bhutanusa@com administartion did not request its readers to help it by sending donations. Or may be it is too late to do anything to keep this website open, now, anyway.

    Cheating by own Bhutanese/Nepalese countrymen, that is sad. Whoever cheated Bhutanusa@com and caused closure of this website, has/have not hurt only bhutanusa@com, but also has/have hurt millions of fans of this website like myself.

    This also shows that sometimes, our own brothers and countrymen can hurt us more than the ones who are different than us, follow different religion, and speak different langauge.
    Here is a lesson for all of us to learn: Your friend is not the one, who speaks your language, but your true friend is the one who does not hurt you, and it does not matter he/she is a Bhutanese or a Pakistani or a Chinese or an American.

    What is good being a Bhutanese/Nepali, if he/she stabs you in your back?

    Let us all all promise to ourselves that we will start loving those also who are different than us, and who speak different language.

    I hope Bhutanusa@com posts photos of all of its staff, especially Mr. Promod and Mr. Tilak Podel Chhetree before this website closes on May 8, 2010.

    I also must say to Bhutanusa@com adminstration that closure of their website, is not a failure on their part, but Bhutanusa@com is completley innocent victim of deciet and cheating. This closure must not be a permanent one, but the staff should come up with some new website in near future.

    Being cheated is 100 times better than cheating others. Bhutanusa@com has nothing to be ashamed of because it has never cheated anyone.

    I salute Bhutanusa@com’s all of staff members for their hard work and honesty, and I hope to see them starting a new website in near future.

    Bhutanusa@com Zinda Baad (Long Live Bhutanusa@com’s adminstartion).

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA 01085.

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