About Us

Bhutanusa.com, a non-commercial blog, is a small effort of a team of Resettled Bhutanese folks around the globe launched considering the increased exodus of the Bhutanese worldwide. The need to bring them together is felt essential and we deem this possible through an electronic media where each one of us will find a common home to share our every-day lives and feel a sense of togetherness visiting this site. The site encourages every one of you to contribute with your articles, community news, photos portraying the resettled lives of the refugees in different countries including the US, literary writings, and news and happenings in the refugee camps back in Nepal.

We give more preference to those news and information that are related to Bhutan and the Bhutanese refugee community both in Nepal and abroad in terms of publishing here. We don’t publish the items with no specific names and the full address of the contributor/ writer neither do we recommend direct and personal criticism in this site. vulgarity is discouraged throughout and participation is exclusively voluntary.The Editorial Board humbly requests all our valued contributors and visitors to submit their publication materials in clear and concise writing with inclusion of original sources(if needed).

http://bhutanusa.com is an entirely a non-profit site operated with a view to serve the Bhutanese Society around the globe.

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