A Bhutanese refugee kills his wife

FEB. 19 – A Bhutanese refugee attacked  and killed his wife with khukuri  in Sanischare refugee camp located in  Morang district of Nepal on Friday morning. Continue reading

Fire in Beldangi-I destroys 140 houses

20 Jan. A huge fire  broke out in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Beldangi-1 at around 9:40 local time, Wednesday.  Assumed to have started from Ghataney’s hut from a candle flame, the fire has gutted about 140 refugee huts  located at sector A/3. Continue reading

Resettled Bhutanese hangs himself to death

Late Jit Pradhan

UPDATE:(01/10/2010, 10 PM) Late Pradhan’s funeral is going to be held on Jan. 11, Monday at 11 AM. His body is still in Allegheny County Hospital. Catholic Charity of Pittsburgh has stated that it is going to cover all  the necessary expenses for the ceremony.

A recently resettled Bhutanese refugee in Pittsburgh, PA committed suicide at 4:30 am. yesterday. JIt Bahadur Pradhan, 60 was found dead hanging himself at his neighbor’s laundry, according to our PA correspondent, Mr. Bhanu Phuyel.

The resettlement of the Pradhan family is sponsored by the Catholic Charity of Pittsburgh. Their initial housing arrangement, as Mr phuyel says, was made with the family of Om Prakash Chhetri in which ten people had to share a three-bedroom apartment located at 903 Vermont Avenue, Pittsburgh. Continue reading

Another Earth quake hits Eastern Bhutan

(Oct.30) An Earth quake of 5.2 magnitude on Richter scale shook eastern part of Bhutan once again on Thursday, according to the online news portals from Bhutan and India . With the epicenter around Mongar-Trashigang border, its effect was felt even in some places of Northern India. Continue reading

Three Speedy cars hit a Bhutanese lady.

Narvada Timsina
(Updated)(Oct. 28): From family source it is learnt that only one vehicle was involved in the accident.

(Oct. 27) BREAKING NEWS: Three speedy cars hit and severely injured Narvada Timsina,a 23 years old Bhutanese in Kent city,WA, today at 5:30 AM(PST),according to Gopi Dhaurali, their relative from Seatle. Miss Timsina was on the way to her work when the cars knocked her down at 22400 block of the Benson Highway, just a few meters away from her apartment.

She was immediately taken to the Harborview Hospital located in the Down Town Seatle. She suffers multiple injuries all over her body and so condition is learnt to be critical. Continue reading

Blast in Sarpang injures two RBA soldiers

An impoverished explosive device planted in a bunker at Gaden village in Sarpang exploded this morning at 6:30 AM(BST) injuring two Royal Bhutan Army.As the bunker was being used by the army during the day only, the incident occurred when the RBA soldiers were back on their regular duty today. Continue reading

Resettled Bhutanese hangs herself to death in Australia(updated)

BREAKING NEWS: Mon Maya Bishwokarma, a Bhutanese refugee resettled in Adelaide in southern Australia committed suicide on Tuesday, the 6th Oct. hanging herself from the ceiling of an empty house near by her apartment,according to our correspondents Devi Ghimire and Guna Majhi in Australia. 29 years old Bishwokarma was resettled from Bhutanese refugee camp,Sanischare, in Nepal on March 18,2009. Continue reading