regurgitating the bitterness!!

Success and failure are the two opposite faces of a coin. when one appears other remains off the stage and vice versa. The story of success is full of glory and pride. But, failure has the same kind of story but full of pessimism, repentance and dissatisfaction! there might have been a certain time period in the previous epoch of history when failure had its prosperous reign.But today it has to be the focus of the worldwide condemnation and hatred like Saddam Husein, the ex-tyrant of Iraq, who the History knows, have been sent to gallows to pay the debt of his tyranny and atrocity. Despite the fact that history doesn’t have any such record when failure had turned to be a tyrant, still it has to be neglected, deserted and dumped. This is in fact the sad story of this ‘innocent’ creature.
It is a humanly nature that they love to be succeeded over over thing they do,in any plans they endeavor to execute. Unfortunately, ‘success’, today has been a measuring rod of an individual on ground of his capacity, strength and caliber. How efficient a person is, how effective are his deeds and thoughts all depends on what success he had achieved in his yesteryears. A successful man is the center of attraction, matter of the public gossips. He is cheered, held high and shown a high reverence by all. Success, in this sense has got a calm place some where in the fold of the wallet of a man, if not in his pocket. man deserts his dear wife, leaves behind all his kiths and kins but can’t remain aloof success even for a couple of seconds.A thinker of Renaissance Age opines -Success is a lady around which the whole world, whole universe revolves, of which there is talk in the street, for which people are ready to sacrifice any thing else in this world. The success spreads a wave of joy, springs with multitude of hope and enthusiasms and delights everyone. Indeed there is no one in this world who doesn’t like to rest by the soft shadow of the mighty Success. It itself bursts with sparkling lights and sets rays of hope in the hearts of many millions once it reaches their threshold as a short term guest. So,success, today, has been an ‘apple’ to million eyes round the globe. It can be compared, in terms of popularity and fame, with the present president of the United States- B.Hussein Obama.
But, sadly, we don’t realize that everything we see around has a dark shadow behind. we are materialistic believing in a short-reign pleasure, so we forget the reality that our adorable success begets from the bitter roots of failure, meaning every failure we suffer are milestone to the foundation of a pyramid of success.we forget the dark nights that gives birth to the bright days, we neglect old torn mango trees that conceive sweet fruits. Similarly, we don’t care failure and keep worshiping and wishing each other for the ‘monsoon’ of success. thats the reason exactly that one of the English writers has said
“….the crowd waved this minx, but her old mom was far lost among the oblivious throng… after all the lady who the crowd was welcoming and waving was a true daughter of that old and meek lady who was lost in the emotionally insane crowd. Alas, we don’t have the habit of seeing the dusky sun- we all admire to see the sun in the dawn instead.
Failure too, is robust, strong and possesses equal energy, but it doesn’t have that spell to hypnotize the strangers as the success. Philosophers have categorized success and failure as the sons of a same,….(to be concluded in next edition).