Welcome to photo gallery, you can enjoy photos here.Photos are published in the following link.Click on the link you would like to view.Photos are first displayed in medium size(300×225),click on the photos to view bigger sizes.We will update the slide shows later which will help you to browse photos easily.Any digital materials in this section may not be replicated in any form without the written permission of

1)Bhutanese Reefugee camp under fire and some Refugee peoples

2)Photo exhibition in Bhutanese Refugee camp

3)Bicycle give away programme by BACC

4)Bhutanese /Refugees in America California

5)Himalayanfair in Berkeley California

6)Memorial day celebration by Bhutanese in CA

7)Bhutanese community in Colorado,USA

8) World Refugee Day celeberation by resettled Bhutanese

9)Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal

10)Adult program by BACC in East Bay

11)Dasain saajh by Bhutanese American community center in Oakland

12)Dasain program by BASCO in Bay Area

14)Bhutanese Resettled in Australia

15)Tihar program celebration in Tasmania Australia

16)Tihar Celebration in Colorado

17)Bhutanese in Boston,MA

18)Bhutanese culture reaches Australian community Harmony Day celebration

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