Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal

All the photos are taken by Natalyasha in her visit to different Bhutanese refugees camps in Eastern Nepal.Natalyasha got more photos in flickrs account.We will post her flickrs link soon and you will have a easy time to visit camp through Natalyasha’s beautiful photos.We published these photos with permission from Natalyasha.


18 Responses

  1. search camp and write news what are bhutanese do.Write what are bhutanese poltical leder do to retune to our country bhutan.

  2. The pictures posted in the site have taken back to my teens.Even I see my 20s in the pictures. As a whole, i see around two decades of my life in the scenes. Thank you for capturing such memories in the sites. Do post some more. I appreciate you guys.

  3. what a lovely memories captured. thanks for these. i m glad coz i saw satashi dham’s mata in an oranhe gown, which reminds of the days passed by, memorable……………….

  4. thanx for picture

  5. hello,how kill to our sir kb.khadkha .he is good is sad to hear to me.iam om iam from usa vermont .i miss my all friends which r in nepal and usa any where .please do not kill each other please live peace make our beldangi one a big city.ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Hi i am Hem Gurung, all the way from North Carolina. I am so glad to see photo of Camp. When i saw it, i fell my self in camp. And i want to say to all my people of camp is that, to leave as a refugee under other control is to difficult. I fell my self as a freedom in USA. Any way my life in USA is fantastic, well n fine. At last HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2009 TO ALL.

  7. I am so glad to see photo of Camp. When i saw it, i fell my self in camp. And i want to say to all my people of camp is that, to leave as a refugee under other control is to difficult. I fell my self as a freedom in USA. Any way my life in USA is fantastic, well n fine. At last HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2009 TO ALL.

  8. heyyyyyyyyyyy……….. iam laxmi i wanna tell thats who kill the kb hamro samajsaby kb ju lai marna lai fasai hunu paro ani taslai ghsasri kb lai 100 barsa sajaya hos ra tasari nai tai ghatna istal ma mirtu bhako sunna paiyos ra dhakna paiyos ok thanks fr bhutan usa .com from usa rhode island providence sumpurna prov basi acharya familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy laxmi andhai give me fasi to laxmi maila yo lekhna ghalti gharchu hai ba byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. thanks for bhutan usa for showing photo

  10. Thank you for the means of communicating the message to all.This is the best way of spreading the news prevalling in the bhutanese refugee camps and in other countries,as whole in the countries where we the bhutanese refugees are resettled.Besides i would be very greatful to you and your good office if you and your good office also do write little more about the peoples living style of Australia and the more informations about the people resettled on Australia.
    Thank you
    Thakur Acharya

  11. It is pretty much good to see the photos of Refugee camps. Thanks Natalyasa for potraiting the miserable life in Refugee camps in your camera. I am very much eager to view other more photos. It reminds me of some bitter and sweet memories of my life back in Refugee camp where there we were force to live in small rickety hut. Thanks administrator for giving us a one more chance to live the life of camp through Internet. Your effort to explain is speechless!!!!!! Go ahead……to quench the thirst of the site viewer with your truth and fact news..

  12. my commant is happy dipawoli to all bhuttnese and all my neiboure and happy deosurey to all i remember the all bhutnese of usa and other 3rd country resttlement prosesss happy dipawolyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. when i see the photos of my camp, i feel i am still in there. It was bad time in camp but still the memories of childhood are so sweet and these photos really take back me in my childhood. It feels like a mixture of happiness and sorrow in these photos. In hectic schedule of american life we sometime forget of our past and these photos really bring back to past. Thank you very much who uploaded these photos.

  14. hi im mr gopal from usa taxes. i m here from last 6 month ago n i got the news about our refugee camp n about the murder of kb we r in sorrow n pray to almity god to rest his soulin heaven. i would like to request u to send me the data of refugeewhich r already settled in third country. ok bye

  15. no comment

  16. Dear sir,
    I am one of the Bhutanese who have resettled here in canada 2 months ago. could u please give informations about the bhutanese Refugees in canada to the Bhutanese refugees in the camps back in Nepal? If possible please do that, so that they can learn about us here in canada.

  17. Sir
    I am a Bhutanese national who have not been registered as refugee.What can I do to register myself and my family as a refugee.I have all papers to support my claim of a refugee and have been living in Nepal for the last Ten Years.

  18. Concerning resettlement to the non-Asian World, most Bhutanese would prefer to go back to Bhutan. But since the Bhutanese Government is unwilling to reaccept the Bhutanese-Nepalese refugees (possibly because the Gov’t is afraid of them), then the Bhutanese are left with 2 choices:

    1.) Stay in the refugee camps in Nepal for many years with nothing to do, no work, no solutions, etc.

    2.) Accept resettlement to another country, like the US, to build a new life, to work, get an education, and preserve your culture in a new country.

    Political problems and instability in Nepal may make the situation in that country unsafe for the refugees to stay in Nepal.

    If any Bhutanese have any questions about US customs, government regulations, and way of life issues in the San Francisco Bay Area, send your questions to me, and I will try to answer them or tell you which organizations to go to get help.


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