Bhutanese community in california, Refreshing

If you are in photo and want to be removed then please write down.

submit yours,click here


7 Responses

  1. It’s the realy good job and we proud to have such a ppl in our socity.we all bhutaness would like to pay you an ample of thanks.common keep it up.but you must be alwz truth and transpreant to all and every feild and be careful some time you need to show the proof for kind of news.and point out the hellest thing wat they does you should have such a power

    • Thanks for comment, but, by the way, Binod ji, let me inform you that we don’t publish news and information untill and unless we have a strong base and proof to furnish it. We are not paparazzi reporters goin’ against someone with no logical reason as such, neither are we professional scribes as well. This is a general blog that is being assisted with news and information by Bhutanese and Nepalese friends and seniors from different nations around the globe. Well, with regard to the transparency, we hope to be as transparent as glass.. Your suggestions is appreciated. and also encourage our interested writers and contributors for more news and informations.But sorry.. all support are voluntary.

  2. It is good ……………… Can u pleaseee came n snap mine and post in this coz i too Bhutanese.

  3. Is it indoor web blog or common to all bhutanese? It needs to be made more reliable to every one to use easily?

    • No seems indoor web blog only.So,these guys engaged in this web can do sometihng extra to them.But l don’t like specially pictures posted over here.Coz we are fed off with all these activities.l want them remove these pictures soon.Otherwise something unbearable consequences may come on the way.Though lam not one of these pictures but lam one of the Bhutanese.

      • hey kale what do you think of yourself. you have learned some new words in English and you are threatening them. what unbearable consequences can come? it would be better if you don’t teach them. why do you care about others? just think of yourself and your future.

      • kale is right.that’s not good idea to post such type of pictures or photos in this’s better to remove it out, just now, right. do fast hai.

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