photo exihibition in Refugee camp

Submit your photos,click here


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for everone who has been pasteded picture which gives rebembrance of native camp which make me young
    thanks you

  2. I think this is what diet my wife is using, but I am going to order the trials for her anyway. She looks great

  3. dude. we really need to finish our english project. i would like to get some slideshows please. this is a sweet website. i love blogging…

  4. […] अमेरिका स्थित पुनर्स्थापित भुटानि शरणार्थीहरुलाई सिबिरमा भन्दा दु:ख छ भन्ने भ्रमक समाचार शरणार्थी सिबिरमा फैलीरहेको बेला उक्त कार्यक्रम यू एन एच सि आरद्वारा सिबिरमा रहेका शरणार्थीहरुलाई तेस्रो देश पुनर्स्थापनामा उत्प्रेरणा जागोस भन्ने उदेस्य लिएर गरिएको हो । अन्य फोटोको लागि यहाँ थिच्नुस् […]

    • Thanks for the teams of bhutan .com. iam really surprised to see me on the photo exhibution programme. iam also shock to see differnt people in the camps.But i have my question why i was not informed about the display of my photo. over there.

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