नन्दीखरेलको शब परिवारलाइ हस्तान्तरण गरिँदैछ-दाहसंस्कारकालागी आर्थिक समस्या

अमेरिकाको मासाचुसेट्स राज्य अंतर्गत चेल्सीनामको सहरमा हिजो अगस्त ०६ तारिक बिहान हृदयघातका कारण देहावासन हुनु भएका पुनस्थापित भूटानी शरणार्थी नन्दीकिसोर खरेलको शब आज अपरान्ह स्थानीय हॉस्पिटलले पोस्टमार्ट पछि परिवारजनलाइ हस्तान्तरण गर्ने जानकारी त्यहाबाट मृतकका छिमेकी श्री राकेश काफ्लेले हामीलाइ दिनु भएको Continue reading

हरी अधिकारीको दाहासंस्कार हिन्दू परम्परा अनुरूप सम्पन्न

ज्याकसनभीलमा हत्या गरिएका हरी अधिकारीको दाहा संस्कारको कार्यक्रम आज बिहान स्थानीय समय अनुसार १० बजे सुरु भई करीब १२.३० बजे सिद्दिएको छ। अधिकारी परिवारका छुट्टीएका आधा परिवार हिजो दीउसो २.० बजे ज्याकसनभील आइपुगेपछि आज उक्त कार्यक्रम गरिएको थियो। Continue reading

Resettled Bhutanese Introduces their Community in Syracuse.

Resettled Bhutanese in Syracuse, NY, organized a Cultural Program yesterday for the first time ever since their settlement there according to a participant of the program and a Bhutanese student, Puja. The program was organized at Franklin Magnet School basically to introduce the new Bhutanese community to others in the city. Continue reading

General Scenario of the resettled Bhutanese in California.

Tek Mishra
The Golden State of California was once a good place for immigrants and aliens,particularly for those who enter US to take refuge due to the fear of being persecuted in his/her native land. Earlier records reveal that this state has alone resettled about and 14.0%,12.5% and 13.9% of the total refugees admitted to the United States in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. If we look back, we see that even our Bhutanese Refugee intellectuals who came to USA have sought asylum in California, the act of which speaks for itself that this far western state of the US was relatively a better place for the refugees and asylees.The Bhutanese who settled here some years ago say that it was easier to get asylum in California. Plus, the job and security situation were favorable for the newcomers in California. Continue reading

पुनस्थापित भूटानी शरणार्थीको गोली हानि ह्त्या

अमेरिकाको फ्लोरिडामा पुनस्थापित एक भूटानीको हत्या भएको छ। ज्याकसनभील सहर अर्न्तगत स्टोन मोन्टमा २६ जुलाई आइतबार राती स्थानीय समय अनुसार करीब ११:३० बजे आफ्नै अपार्टमेन्ट बाहिर फ़ोन गर्दै गरेको अवस्थामा २१ बर्षीय हरीलाल अधिकारीको अज्ञात समूहद्वारा चलाईएको गोलीबाट घटनास्थलमै मृत्यु भएको छ।

Hari Adhikari who was shot to death(photo:firstcoastnews)

Hari Adhikari who was shot to death(photo:firstcoastnews)

यस अघि बेलडांगी २ सेक्टर बी/३ छाप्रा नम्बर १४६ बस्दै आएका मृतक अधिकारी तेस्रो मुलुक पुनस्थापना कार्यक्रम अर्न्तगत करीब ५ महिना अघि आफ्ना बुबा,(टिकाराम अधिकारी), आमा, दाई र भाउजू सहित उक्त राज्यमा पुनस्थापित भएका हुन। परिवारका अन्य केही सदस्य बेलडांगीमै रहेको पनि बुझिएको छ। Continue reading

Capturing a few memorable moments in my Kodak

The Summer School program organized to help the elderly refugees to learn something ended last week. This program was run for three weeks at Franklin Elementary School in Oakland, California. More than 75 Bhutanese and a few Iraqi and Burmese refugees participated the program. Here are a few photos of their Graduation program on June 17, 2009. Continue reading

Vermont refugees get help with cooking skills

Anya Huneke, Winooski, VT – A cooking class in Vermont is targeting a new type of student. The class, which teaches nutritious cooking on a budget is filled this session with students who are new to the area, and to the country.

"We're quite new here- we're learning about American food- we don't know much about American food." Kamala Kuikel,  aBhutanese refugee resettled in Vermont.(info. and pic. source: necn.com))

"We're quite new here- we're learning about American food- we don't know much about American food." Kamala Kuikel, a Bhutanese refugee resettled in Vermont.( source: necn.com))

Kamala Kuikel has always liked to cook. But the 32 year-old refugee from Bhutan wants to improve and expand her skills in the kitchen. Continue reading

Most Bhutanese against repatriation.

Kumar Luitel
Twenty-thousand Bhutanese refugees want to return home, a survey conducted at the refugee camps has shown. A group of senior refugees had urged the compatriots to fill out a form, asking them to indicate where they wanted to return to their homeland. Their campaign started on May 4 to pressurise concerned bodies for the refugees’ repatriation. Continue reading

Bhutanese refugees begin new life in Arizona

By Bill Frelick
(June 22, 2009)

Ganga Baral is among the first of thousands of Bhutanese refugees who will be arriving in the United States during the next several years. She and her family arrived this Spring in Phoenix from a refugee camp in the farthest eastern reaches of Nepal, a landlocked country known to Americans, if at all, as the location for Mount Everest. Ganga, a 32-year-old mother, has lived most of her life in that camp, a place called Beldangi II. Her child has never known life outside the camp.

Bhutanese Refugees at Bhadrapur airport packing up for Kathmandu Exit House.(photo:flickrs)

Bhutanese refugees at Bhadrapur airport in Eastern Nepal.

I met Ganga in Beldangi II when I was investigating camp conditions for Human Rights Watch last year. Ganga and her friend Pingala ran a center for children, a thatched hut called the Friendship Library, in which they provided toys, books, and activities to stimulate their minds and give an outlet for their curiosity and creativity in what otherwise could be a stagnant and hopeless existence. Continue reading

Repatriation or resettlement for Bhutanese refugees?

Over the past year thousands of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal have resettled in third countries – mainly the USA – but many others, especially the elderly, hope only for repatriation to Bhutan.

Like many elderly Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, 96-year-old Pahalman Bhattarai wants to return to his homeland(Photo: Naresh Newar/IRIN)

Like many elderly Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, 96-year-old Pahalman Bhattarai wants to return to his homeland(Photo: Naresh Newar/IRIN)

Pahalman Bhattarai, aged 96, is Nepal’s oldest Bhutanese refugee. “I’m getting old. My dying wish is to return to my home in Bhutan,” he told IRIN at the Beldangi refugee camp in Nepal’s southeastern Jhapa District.

Like many elderly Bhutanese refugees, Bhattarai has little desire to live in either the USA or the other six countries (Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Canada) involved in a third country resettlement programme now being led by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Continue reading

भुटानि शरणार्थी तेश्रो देश पुनर्स्थापना,एक बाध्यता

यस्ता कार्यमा संलग्न कतिपय कायर शिक्षकहरु आफ्ना छोरा छोरीका साथीहरुलाई उक्त अपराधीक कार्यमा होमाएर सपरिवार अमेरिका आइपुगेका पनि छन।जे होस, आन्दोलन निर्णायक हुँदैन र त्यों सही तरीका पनि होइन भन्ने सत्यातालाई यिनीहरुले ढीलै भए पनि अङगाली सकेका छन।

प्रकाश पौडेल

राष्ट्रघातीको षड्यन्त्रमा फस्न सफल भुटानि शरणार्थीहरु भित्र कती पिडा अनी दु:ख छ भन्ने धेरैलाई अवगत नहोला। अमेरिका, क्यानाडा,लगायतका मुलुकहरुमा पुनस्थापित भइसकेर पनि अझै भुटान नै फर्काए जाने चाहना छ भुटानि शरणार्थीको। बाहिरबाट हेर्दा भुटानि शरणार्थीहरुलाई स्वर्थी देखिन्छ, किन कि उनीहरु लडेर भए पनि आफ्नो देश जानु पर्ने अर्काको देशमा गए। युगौ देखि रगत र पसीना बगाएको आफ्नो माटो भुलेर बिदेशिए। तर यो कुरा बुझ्नु पनि उत्तिकै महत्वपूर्ण छ, बर्सौ सम्म भूटान फर्कने झिनो आशा लिएर बसेका उनिहरुको तेश्रो मुलुक पुनस्थापनाको निर्णय रहर भन्दा पनि बाध्यता थियो। आफ्नो मुलुक फर्किन भुटानि शरणार्थीहरुले के गर्न चुकाएनन होला।आफ्नो गास टुटाएर ए.एम.सि.सी.को भुटान फिर्ती आन्दोलनमा गरिएको सक्दो सहयोग मात्र नभएर स्थानिय नेपालीहरुको खेत खनेर दसैं छेक्न ल्याएको पैसा आन्दोलनका लागि भनेर तत्कालिन समाजमा बिद्यमान भ्रस्ट नेताहरुलाई दिएका थिए। घर फिर्तीकै लागि हाम्रा भुटानि भाईहरुले आफ्नो प्राणको आहुती दिए तर पनि उनिहरुको त्यागले नेताहरुको बैंक ब्यालेन्स माथि उकास्न देखी लिएर उनिहरुका छोरा छोरीहरुलाई महँगो शिक्षा दिलाउने क्रममा बिदेश उडाउना सिबया केही हुन सकेन/ केही गर्न सकेन ।

पुनर्स्थापनाको लागि  अमेरिका हिंडेकाहरुलाई बिदाइको हात हलाउदै भुटानि शरणार्थीहरु

पुनर्स्थापनाको लागि अमेरिका हिंडेकाहरुलाई बिदाइको हात हलाउदै भुटानि शरणार्थीहरु

अत: उनीहरुको बलिदानको कदर भएन,उनिहरुका परिवारले न त क्ष्यतीपुर्ती नै पाए न त साहरा नै। खोक्रो आश्वासन बिच आफ्नो एक्लो छोरो गुमाएका ति आमाहरु शरणार्थी सिबिर भित्र भुटान फर्किने आशामा बसिरहेका छन। यस बेला न कुनै नेता नै वहाँहरुको घरमा जान्छ न कुनै भरौटे क्रान्तिकारी नै। छोरो हुँदाको उज्यालो दिन सम्झन्दै बसेकी ति आमाहरुलाई सन्चो बिसन्चो सोध्ने फुर्सद पनि हाम्रा नेताहरुमा छैन।

ए.एम.सि.सीबाट सुरु भएको आन्दोलन देखी लिएर पछील्लो पटकको मेची पुलमा गरिएको ससक्त आन्दोलनले पनि कुनै गती लिएन। सबै आन्दोलन निर्णायक हुन सकेनन। सबै प्रयासहरुलाई असफलता नै पुरस्कार मिल्यो। Continue reading

Bhutanese Couple Resettled by U.S. Bishops’ Program to Speak at United Nations’ World Refugee Day Event

June 11, 2009:
WASHINGTON, DC (MetroCatholic) – Khagendra and Ganga Baral, Bhutanese refugees resettled in the United States in 2008 through the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ refugee resettlement program, will speak at this year’s World Refuge Day event on June 18, hosted by the UN Commissioner for Refugees and the National Geographic Museum.

The theme of this year’s celebration, “Real People, Real Needs,” highlights the human story of refugees and their needs. The Barals’ story embodies the tragedy of “statelessness” that hundreds of thousands of Bhutanese, mostly ethnic Nepalis, face after being forced to leave their own country.
“I’m Bhutanese born and was brought up in Bhutan,” says Khagendra. “I still have fresh memories of my beautiful country and peaceful environment growing up. Then one day, I was forcefully evicted from my homeland with my family and left to become a refugee.” Continue reading