Bhutanese Maoists to meet Chinese officials.

Feb. 26 The Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) is trying to meet and discuss its issues with the officials of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal according to Nepali news portal, Ghatana Bichar. BCP (MLM) has been trying to arrange an informal meeting with the Chinese officials, the portal quoted the Chinese embassy as saying. The embassy told the news media that the party attempted to meet with the officials two weeks ago but the embassy source made it clear that it has no direct link with the leaders or cadres of the party although indirect relations have been established . Continue reading

BCP(MLM) publishes press release- doesn’t seem to bring any such effect.

Nirdosh (S).K.
(Bhutanese Refugee camp, Nepal)
The exile-born Bhutan Communist Party (MLM), an under ground outfit that believes in resolving the Bhutanese refugee crisis through armed revolution in Bhutan,has issued a press release today and warned the camp Secretaries of all Bhutanese refugee camps not to make visit to the ‘core group nations’ supporting the resettlement program. The press release came forth as a reaction to submission of the  applications by the camp Secys to the UNHCR and IOM offices requesting them to make an arrangement for their visit to the resettlement ‘core group nations (USA,Canada,Australia, Denmark,Norway and Newzealand) to know the situation of the refugees after resettlement in these nations. Continue reading